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DIY Spa At Home

We’ve created an easy DIY spa session for ultimate skin hydration and pampering!

Posted on January, 8 2018
Written by: 100% PURE®
100% Pure Spa

Nothing is better than being able to relax and get pampered. It calms your mind and body, fights stress, and clears your skin too! But not everyone has the time or convenience to frequent a fancy spa. Not to worry though! You can have a fabulous spa day in your own home, and we’re here to give you tons of tips on how. Ready to jump into your most heavenly DIY spa experience ever?

Prepare for Spa Day

One excellent way to hydrate and detox your body is your BFF4L good ol’ H2O! But if you want a super spa experience, you can take this a step further by making your own spa water. There are tons of different recipes, but one of our favorites is adding freshly sliced cucumber and mint leaves into a pitcher of water, and storing it in the fridge for a cool glass of spawesome whenever you need it.

Set Up Your Space

To get a great spa vibe going on, create a relaxing atmosphere. Dim the lights and use clean burning soy wax candles for pleasant lighting. Another option is to diffuse essential oils and benefit from the soothing and relaxing aromas. Our favorite scents for relaxation and soothing are eucalyptus and lavender. If you enjoy relaxing music, find or create a spa playlist. Bring out your most luxurious towels, slippers and robe so you’ll have everything you need ready to go for the perfect pamper session.

lavender trees

DIY Facial

The skin on your face is particularly delicate, plus it’s fully exposed to the elements during your everyday adventures, meaning it needs some extra TLC. To help you get the most out of your facial session, we’re going to focus on products that soothe and hydrate your skin for the long week to come.

Step 1: Cleanse

Start out with the cleanser of your preference, such as our Coconut Oil Cleansing Milk. Take time to massage the cleanser into the skin in small circular motions. Pro Tip: don’t forget the neck and decollete, these delicate areas need special treatment too!

Step 2: Toner

Next, apply our Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner to the skin, either by patting it in with your clean hands or by using a cotton round to gently apply to face. This toner contains algae and sea kelp that help to remineralize and temporarily tighten the skin as they draw out impurities. The amino acids help to enhance elasticity and conditioning of the skin. The seaweed used in this product is sourced from unpolluted seaweed farms, so they contain the purest and safest minerals.

Step 3: Serum

Apply Restorative Sea Culture Replenishing Serum to your hands and press/massage into skin. Take care not to pull or tug. This serum is lightweight and feels silky on the skin. The algae and kelp remineralize, and draw out impurities. Seaweed polysaccharides hydrate and plump the skin for a more youthful complexion.

Step 4: Moisturize

Finish with our Restorative Sea Culture Extra Riche Cream. This cream is a luxurious and rich cream that deeply moisturizes the skin with nutrient rich sea minerals. Gently apply to face and neck to lock in hydration for more supple, healthier skin.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Facial Massage

Giving yourself a relaxing facial massage has multiple benefits. The first is that it stimulates the blood flow in the skin for a smoother complexion. Second, it can help move and drain lymphatic fluids to reduce swelling.

Using your first two fingers on both hands, start at the sides of your nose and continue pressing and releasing as you move your hands towards the tops of your cheekbones. Using the same movement, start at your inner brow and move across your brow bone until you reach your temple. Hold at the temple for a few seconds, and then move in small circles to release tension. You can perform the same pressure movement under the cheekbone as well. When you get to the hinges of the jaw, move fingertips in circles to release jaw tension.

100% Pure Salt Baths

Bath Soak

Bath soaks can offer a variety of benefits. The salts can draw toxins and impurities out of the skin. They can also help to remineralize the skin and rehydrate. The essential oils in these salts also contain many benefits. Our Lavender Sea Therapy Bath can soothe, calm and relax the body and mind, helping to ease tension and stress. Another option is to use our Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath, with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils that help to clear sinuses, stimulate circulation and strengthen immunity.

Special Hair Treatment

This amazing Sea Algae Hair Mask is the perfect treatment for dry, brittle, damaged hair. Even if you just want more softness and shine to your locks, this mask can do the trick. Dispense a generous amount depending on your hair length into the hands. Apply to damp, freshly washed hair, from mid length to ends. Gently work the mask into hair, making sure that it is evenly distributed. Leave the mask on for at least a few minutes to get the most benefits. After applying the hair mask, leave it in while you enjoy your bath soak. Just make sure to rinse your hair with cool fresh water afterwards!

100% Pure scrubs


Exfoliating the skin is beneficial for multiple reasons. The first is that it helps to increase skin cell turnover, exposing fresh youthful skin underneath. It can also help to even out skin tone by reducing bumps and flakes. Exposure to the elements in winter along with dry indoor air from heaters cause skin to rapidly dehydrate, causing a painful flakey skin disaster! Make sure to use this scrub on especially dry areas, such as elbows, knees and feet. This scrub is amazing for making tootsies softer and smoother, no pumice stone necessary! Just make sure you apply a generous amount to feet and really work the scrub in for the drier areas.

Body Moisturizer

Finish off your spa experience with one of our nourishing and luxurious body creams, or if you prefer you can select one of our whipped body butters. Applying these creams right after you get out of your bath will help to lock hydration into your skin. Take your time when applying these luxurious creams and select a scent like our lavender or eucalyptus to keep the spa scent with you all day.

Using these tips, you can make a whole body DIY spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. Now that you’re armed with all of the knowledge on how to create your own spa day at home, go forth and pamper yourself! Looking for more self care tips? Don’t miss out on our stress relief tips!

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