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$39.00 $31.20 Ingredient of the Month
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An all natural serum to visibly reduce dark spots, age spots and traces of past acne scars. Evens skin tone with a highly effective, safe and all natural formula that is free of chemical lighteners or bleaching agents.

Ingredient of the Month Dark Spot Remover
$39.00 $31.20
$9.00 $7.20 Ingredient of the Month
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Purity Collection is formulated specifically to give you a clear complexion and to protect against future breakouts. Detoxifying essential oils kill the acne causing bacteria while nourishing seaweeds and purifying herbs protect against future breakouts. Acnegenic skin is raw and sensitive and needs skincare that is non pore clogging, gentle and effective. This deeply detoxifying yet gentle facial cleanser will wash away Fruit Dyed Makeup, impurities and leave your complexion fresh and purified. - 3 weeks if customer use once day

Ingredient of the Month Purity Facial Cleanser + Mask 0.4 oz
$9.00 $7.20
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Lightweight moisturizer treats and prevents breakouts with anti-bacterial essential oils and healing herbs. Soothing, anti-inflammatory nutrients nourish and calm while aloe and lavender hydrosol hydrates. Helps prevents scarring.

Purity Hydrating Lotion
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