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Natural Hair Conditioner

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When used in conjunction with our shampoos, our natural hair conditioners will breathe new life into your hair! The chemical-free, sulfate-free, detergent-free, toxin-free and paraben-free formulations of our hair conditioners are safe and gentle on your precious, delicate strands. Natural hair conditioners developed by 100% PURE® are made to complement the cleansing and healing wonders performed by our natural shampoos, by delivering emollient, hydrating care to freshly clarified locks.

A healing, nourishing base of Organic Aloe in our natural hair conditioners carries a plethora of vitamins, nutrients and plant-derived oils to restore gloss and essential proteins to your locks. Organic hair conditioners bring enriching infusions of Flax and Coconut Oil into thirsty, porous strands without weighing your hair down. Our collection boasts an array of natural hair conditioners that are designed to please: Burdock Scalp Conditioner, Volumizing Kelp Conditioner, Yuzu Glossing Conditioner and Honey Restorative Conditioner will lovingly treat your hair, naturally.

Key benefits of our natural hair conditioners are focused on using luxurious, nutrient rich and responsibly sourced ingredients to naturally indulge your hair. Never any chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances or synthetic chemicals in our hair conditioners that could dry or damage sensitive hair cuticles. We wouldn’t dream of disgracing your precious locks by using sulfates, abrasive detergents or any other harsh ingredients that might put your vulnerable strands at risk. 

Free of toxins and cruelty-free, our hair conditioners will always be safe and gentle on hair. 100% PURE® natural hair conditioners will treat and pamper strands with naturally derived ingredients!

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