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Say goodbye to dry, cracked, itchy hands and hello to deeply moisturized, soft and youthful-looking skin with 100% PURE™ natural hand creams and hand lotions. Aside from rescuing your hands from the excessive amounts of hand sanitizer, our hand creams and hand lotions for dry hands will keep your skin looking and feeling its best no matter what you put them through. And just like our other natural skincare products like body lotions, face moisturizers, and natural makeup, you’ll only get the best natural ingredients designed by Mother Earth herself to replenish your skin with the nourishment it needs to look and feel its best.

The Truth About Skin Care Ingredients

Our hands do so much for us throughout the day, and they deserve our thanks. So why, then do so many hand lotions and creams contain harmful ingredients like parabens, synthetic fatty alcohols, silicones, and perfumes that irritate and dry out our skin? Yeah, we don’t get it either, which is why we only stock our virtual shelves with the fresh, clean, and natural ingredients your skin not only wants but needs to thrive.

Moisturizing Natural Hand Creams & Hand Lotions

Within our hand cream recipes, you’ll find certified organic hand cream ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, vanilla, and coconut flavor. What’s more, our hand-picked ingredients contain healthy fats, potent acids, cold-pressed fruit and plant oils, and soothing aloe vera juice and flower waters for healthier, moisturized, and truly pampered skin. 

Our natural hand creams for dry hands are also fortified with superfruit antioxidants, anti-aging vitamins, and rich, creamy cocoa, shea, and avocado butter for a non-greasy, ultra-hydrating treat your hands will thank you for. 

Enjoy these luscious hand lotions and creams in a variety of different scents like french lavender, vanilla bean, and coconut.


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