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Hand Sanitizer Products

At 100% PURE™ we’re committed to giving you the natural products you need to safely and effectively protect your skin while making it look great. That’s why in addition to our cruelty-free hand sanitizer, body lotions, and hand lotions, you’ll find the natural skin care products made to support the needs of your delicate skin. From natural makeup and face moisturizers to on-the-go hand sanitization products, 100% PURE™ has the clean, pure and natural solutions your skin craves.

Hand Sanitizer Effectiveness

In this day and age, it goes without saying that not all hand sanitizer products are created equal. So, how do you know your hand sanitizer is safe and effective? Well for starters, take a look at the ingredients.

For any hand sanitizer to be effective, it needs to contain alcohol, of which there are three types: isopropyl, methanol, and ethanol (ethyl). Isopropyl is safe, but it dries out your skin, Methanol is the most dangerous and toxic alcohol, causing complications as severe as blindness, seizures, nervous system damage, and even death. Ethanol, on the other hand, is safe for topical use (denatured) and consumption (non-denatured), commonly found in beer, wine, and liquor.

Now, let’s talk percentages. The CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60% ethyl alcohol. For this reason, all 100% PURE™ hand sanitizer products contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol.

100% PURE™ Hand Sanitizer Recipes

Not only are our hand sanitizer products effective, but they’re also better for your skin! Take for example our Fragrance-Free Hand Sanitizer Gel, free from irritating synthetic fragrances and filled to the brim with aloe vera juice for soft, sanitized, and moisturized skin after each use. 

Those in need of a quick-drying Hand Sanitizer Spray will love our mixture of ethyl alcohol, hydrating aloe vera gel, and antibacterial tea tree oil for moisturized, clean hands without the sticky residue. 

For a sanitizer that does double duty, look no further than our Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray, a non-stick spray formula made with 70% ethyl alcohol and antibacterial lemon essential oil. Keep this one in your car for easy sanitization on the go! 

As recommended by the CDC, any time you can wash your hands, you should wash your hands, which is why you need our Hydrating Hand Wash!


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