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How to Use Matcha in Your Natural Skin Care Routine and the Benefits of Drinking It, Too

Learn the benefits of adding green tea antioxidants into your beauty routine and drinking it daily.

Posted on May 31, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®

Eastern influences are huge in beauty and fashion right now: we’re all about the East meets West collision of culture in everything from celebrity style to our favorite ingredients. In the fashion world, we’re still starry eyed over the ethereal Gucci kimono that Queen Bey wore to the NBA All Star game a few months back. And in beauty, our current obsession is Matcha, a superstar ingredient with Eastern origin and Western diaspora.

100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Products

Why Are We Obsessed with Matcha?

We’re swooning over this transformative ingredient because it has all star properties that will leave you with an energized body and healthy, antioxidant-infused skin. With this is mind, we’ve incorporated them into several of our most potent skin care formulas. And in line with our spirit of constantly evolving our knowledge around the different types of ingredients we use, we’re planning a visit to the Hakone Garden, one of California’s oldest Japanese gardens, to learn a little bit more about the histories and rituals associated with these plants.

Cue our mini lesson on all things matcha, and why you need these organic skin care products in your beauty routine asap.


Hakone Garden is truly a hidden (green) gem that will instantly transport you to another part of the world. Perched in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the stunning 18 acres that make up Hakone Garden have been meticulously cared for by Kyoto-trained landscapers since 1968. It recently was inducted into the National Trust of Historic Preservation for its rich heritage and in order to continue the legacy for future generations. Each secret pathway leads to another special surprise, like the Tea Garden that was created to bring serenity to guests while they prepare to enter the tea ceremony rooms. An exact replica of a Azumaya (tea waiting pavilion) is tucked away, near the Moon Viewing House, for guests to wait until they are summoned by the tea master for their tea ceremony.

Cue our mini lesson on all things matcha, and why you need these organic skin care products in your beauty routine asap.

tea field

The History of Matcha

First let’s talk where matcha all started. In the 7th century, Japanese monks visiting China to study Zen Buddhism returned home with their new discovery of matcha’s wonderful healing properties. In the following centuries, it became a staple beverage for Japanese monks, imbuing them with immediate energy and a mental focus that enhanced their meditations. Today, Matcha has developed a shining reputation for its high levels of antioxidants, which studies have shown are 60x more than found in spinach and 7x more than what’s in high quality dark chocolate (this isn’t going to stop us from eating chocolate for “antioxidants” though).

matcha cup

How to Prepare the Perfect Cup of Matcha in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Quality Matcha
    Start with small amounts of quality powder. It’s more about quality than quantity. Matcha tends to be more expensive because it’s very labor intense to grow and produce the silky green powder. We would recommend buying Matcha produced in Japan for the best quality and taste. It might be tempting to buy cheaper bulk options but the taste and antioxidant quality will be much lower.
  2. (Simple) Tools
    You won’t need the latest electric blending gizmo to achieve the perfect froth. The original bamboo whisk is the standard for a reason. Pair this with a small bowl (not a cup) to allow for easy whisking.
  3. Water Temperature
    Matcha dissolves best in hot water. Even if you are hoping to make a matcha latte, start with hot water. No one wants to sip on lumpy tea bubbles floating in cold water.
  4. Sift
    Just like cake flour, spending an extra 20 seconds sifting the powder will make for a smoother cup of matcha free of lumps.
  5. Ratio
    Under or over on the amount of matcha and you’ll either be underwhelmed by the cup or overwhelmed by the bitter taste. We recommend using 1 teaspoon per 6 ounces of water. For first timers try that ratio and adjust next cup, according to your taste.
tea leaf and matcha pile

Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha

What sets matcha apart from green tea is that you’re ingesting the entire green tea leaf versus sipping a brewed version of it.

  1. Matcha powder has 137 times more antioxidants than it’s brewed counterpart. You’d have to drink about 10 cups of regular steeped green tea to equal 1 cup of matcha.
  2. If you aren’t on the matcha train yet, you might want to join because this trending green drink is the color of health. It has an added boost of chlorophyll packed into each cup which helps detoxify the body by eliminating harmful heavy metals and chemicals.
  3. Did you know that matcha also has a high amount of polyphenols? These naturally occurring compounds are thought to get broken down in our bellies creating an increased count of beneficial bacteria.
  4. Besides a healthy gut, matcha also support a healthy mouth. The catechins have an antibacterial effect and are little plaque scrubbers for our teeth and gums, helping to prevent periodontal disease and cavities.
  5. Help stabilize your blood sugar levels while sipping this green cup. The natural sugars found in matcha protect against insulin spikes and the polysaccharides in green tea (especially in this concentrated form) has been used in Eastern medicine as treatment for diabetes.

Matcha in Your Natural Skin Care Routine

Antioxidants are a powerful piece in the anti-aging puzzle because they work to reduce inflammation and free radicals that accelerate skin aging. Matcha is a particularly valuable ingredient when it comes to antioxidants because it contains EGCG, a hard-to-find antioxidant that counters the effects of pollution, UV rays, radiation, and chemicals. A daily dose of matcha applied topically can powerfully counteract cellular damage on the face, and reinforce your skin’s natural ability to defend itself. Armed with this knowledge, we created our USDA Organic Matcha Collection, which harnesses the antioxidants of matcha, the hydrating properties of organic Seaweed Extract, and the resurfacing properties of CoQ10 and Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Antioxidant Smoothing Scrub

Step 1: Scrub
For gentle but effective exfoliation, try our Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Antioxidant Smoothing Scrub, a matcha-based scrub that will buff away dead skin and dullness, and keep puffiness at bay with its high caffeine content.

PRO TIP: Apply the scrub all over your face as a thin mask. Take a few minutes to gently massage your face before washing it off with a very warm, wet face towel.

cleanser image

Step 2: Cleanser
If you practice the double cleanse, combine with our Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Antioxidant Cleansing Foam for an invigorating cleanse that will dissolve pollutants and makeup with a super soothing formula comprised of organic matcha infused glacial water. This cleanser is formulated without sulfates or harsh detergents, and instead relies on plant derived acids and organic liquorice root tincture to clean your pores without stripping your face of natural oils.

PRO TIP: For an additional round of extra gentle exfoliation, massage with our cruelty free Facial Cleansing Brush to promote healthy skin.

100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Shielding Serum

Step 3: Serum
Continue your matcha lineup on your cleansed skin with our Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Shielding Serum, which boasts a super nutrient-dense formula that combines the skin plumping properties of seaweed with the antioxidant nutrient shot provided by matcha. This is a serum that’s been specifically designed to protect your face from free radicals caused by pollutants: apply a dime-sized amount before a day in the city to protect your dermis from environmental junk.

PRO TIP: Why do you apply serum first? Always apply serum as your first skincare layer (after cleansing) for extra nutrients and vitamins. The molecules are smaller than a moisturizer, so your serum can easily penetrate deeper layers of your skin helping to hydrate and protect more effectively.

100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Antioxidant Emulsion Tonique

Step 4: Tonique
Our Organic Matcha Anti-Aging: Antioxidant Emulsion Tonique has you covered for serious re-balancing, softening and plumping, harnessing the healing properties of green tea, seaweed and meadowfoam oil. Wondering if you should be adding an Emulsion Tonique step into your daily skincare routine? Learn more about why this extra boost of this hydration is an important step in your skincare regimen.

100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Step 5: Moisturizer
Finish your full matcha regime with natural hydration straight from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Our Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Moisturizer harnesses matcha, avocado oil with shiitake and reishi extract for a deeply nourishing treatment that will counteract previous damage from sun and toxins. Peep our Skincare Concern Guide for more pointers on dealing with specific skin issues and to see what Organic Skin Care Collection is right for you skin type.

100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

Want more green tea in your life? Try our Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder, which we like to call hair extensions for your brows. The lightweight pigment infused gel contains green tea leaf fibers for added volume and vitamin E for strengthening and growth. Read our post on quick and easy fixes for the most common eyebrow problems to help with any brow issues you might be struggling with (make sure you take a look at this if you’re guilty of being a recovering over-plucker). And while you're at it, drink a frothy cup of Matcha (we’ll count that Matcha latte) to rev up your metabolism, increase mental clarity, and protect against neurological diseases. Literally a green magical elixir.

Keep up with us for more ingredient storytelling and beauty tips. The world of organic cosmetics draws from a rich history of holistic health and ancient traditions. Nourish and protect your skin with our non-toxic formulas, and stay woke to what ingredients are in your beauty and skin care routine.

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