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Fermented Rice Water for Hair That’s Lost Its Luster

How to use this simple hair care ingredient to restore brilliance and shine

Written by: 100% PURE ®

You know what doesn’t make us holly jolly? The frigid temps of the holiday season putting a damper on our manes. Hair likes consistency and hates extremes, so the unpredictable weather during the holidays makes our hair look less than its best. So how do we restore shine and smoothness without adding a gazillion products to our hair or over-complicating our routine?

We’ve got the secret ingredient and once you hear all the benefits, we know it’s something you’ll be excited to try. Here’s why fermented rice water for hair should be your go-to winter booster for dull, lifeless locks.

Key Benefits of Rice Water for Your Hair

While icy winds and dropped temperatures can cause scalp irritation (leading to dryness and itching), we can’t blame all of our hair blunders on the weather.

Let’s recap some common winter habits: going back and forth between cold weather outside, and central heating inside. Yanking hats on and off our heads, and even exposing ourselves to wind and rain during stormy weather. These habits make it more likely that we’ll see an increase in split ends, itchy scalps and brittle, tangled hair. That’s where rice water comes into play!

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The starch that’s leftover in rice water is super softening. Rice water wastes no time in nourishing hair, sinking instantly deep into the scalp. When it applied to our hair, it leaves a silky coating that not only helps with detangling but leaves hair softened and smoothed.

Rice water contains antioxidants that help with promoting hair growth and decreasing inflammation in the scalp. Refinery29 reported on rice water hair growth benefits, quoting Dr. Neil Sadick: “Rice proteins can strengthen hair strands and seal split ends.” This cooling, nourishing liquid really soothes and balances pH in the scalp for better behaved hair – even when it's 10 below.

Rice water isn’t just good for our hair. It originally gained popularity with us in our skin care products. Rice water was first used as a beauty product in China and Japan after it was discovered that the leftover starchy water from cooking rice was full of skin-supportive nutrients and benefits.

This cloudy liquid is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E; vitamin A is powerful for stimulating new skin growth, while C is amazing for brightening as well as revitalizing suppleness and bounce. Antioxidant vitamin E helps repair and protect from UV damage and free radicals, so overall this vitamin combination is a powerful trifecta.

What Makes Fermented Rice Water Special?

The pH of our mane is perfectly matched to receive the benefits of fermented rice water for hair – better able to penetrate, nourish, and condition our hair and scalp.

Once fermented, rice water nutrition is magnified. We’ll find additional nutrients such as niacin and biotin, which you’ll likely be familiar with as one of the starring ingredients in most hair growth supplements.

Inside fermented rice water, you’ll also find a natural carbohydrate called inositol. What makes this component important is that studies have shown inositol to be reparative for damaged hair. Inositol penetrates and lingers in the hair shaft to provide repair and lasting protection. This fermented hair care treat is especially beneficial for color, chemical, and heat damaged hair.

Hair sake products
How to Use Fermented Rice Water for Hair

We get it – you want your hair care to be smart but stress-free. That’s why we have two sets of shampoo and conditioner boosted with fermented rice water for the most luscious locks you can imagine.

Looking to cut back on hair shedding, or trying to grow out those breakup bangs? As the name states, the Grow More Shampoo and Grow More Conditioner line are best for those of us who want more length and more volume. Natural ingredients stimulate growth while clarifying dirt and excess oil from your scalp, while a blend of aloe vera and rose water soothes the winter scalp itch and replenishes hydration.

Hair care products can have all kinds of frills, but if it doesn’t properly cleanse the hair and scalp, it doesn’t work, right? We kept that in mind with gently cleansing and balancing apple cider vinegar in our Grow More hair formula. You’ll see a medley of natural ingredients; mint for stimulating blood flow and thereby growth, ginseng for scalp rejuvenation and fortifying hair follicles, plus lavender for balancing scalp oil. Our star ingredient, fermented rice water or sake, brings the softness and shine loaded with vitamins to actually sustain hair health and generate repair.

For shiny, pretty strands, apply within. Our next set that includes fermented rice water for hair is our Glossing Shampoo and Glossing Conditioner. Ideal for those in need of some serious detangling or rocking color treated tresses (blondes do have more fun, after all), our Glossing hair care pair is reviving to the max.

A heavenly blend of rosemary and nettle soothe irritated scalps and control oil. Green apples aren’t just adored for their bright, tart flavor – they are a secret hair care powerhouse. This fruit helps to stimulate hair growth, assists in reducing dandruff and they’re full of vitamin content to fortify the hair.

Stimulating and strengthening ginger and seaweed collagen are included for thicker, healthier hair. The “gloss” comes from fermented rice water that contributes vitamins A, B, C, and E to our mane for a glowing, glossy crown that shines from within.

DIY Fermented Rice Water Hair Rinse

We love a good beauty DIY, and fermented rice water is surprisingly super easy to make.

  • 1 tablespoon rice

  • 1 cup water

  • Optional: fruit zest or rosemary, lavender or rose essential oils

First shampoo your hair to get rid of surface impurities and buildup. Add your rice to a strainer and rise with cool water, then transfer your washed rice to a bowl. Add in your room temperature cup of water and let that sit for a minimum of half an hour for traditional rice water.

You’ll notice a cloudiness to the water and it will feel silky to the touch. If you want to go ahead with traditional rice water, you can strain this and bottle it up or transfer to a spray bottle. Use for a maximum of 3 days, and keep refrigerated when not in use.

Fermented rice water will need much longer – a minimum of 12 hours, to be exact. You’ll then repeat the same straining process as above and you’ll want to transfer it to your container of choice. Again, your rice water will be good refrigerated for up to 3 days.

You can use your rice water as a rinse after you shampoo and condition. Leave it on your hair and scalp for 3-5 minutes and rinse out with cold water for the best results. Try this rice water rinse once or twice a week, and notice how much softer and shinier your hair appears!

Fermented rice water can have a bit of a sour scent, so add in an essential oil or some fruit zest. Rosemary helps fight hair loss, so those wanting extra hair growth may want to add rosemary essential oil to the mix. Lavender and rose are extra soothing, and offer aromatherapeutic benefits. Rose will help with itch and dandruff, and may even help stabilize hair porosity. Try out lavender for extra conditioning. Or feel free to add zest of lemon, lime, or orange peel as options to enhance your hair care DIY.

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The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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