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4 DIY Hair Soaks for Your Hair Type

How to keep hair healthy and happy with an easy DIY treatment and pure, simple ingredients

Written by: 100% PURE®

Everyone could use some ‘hair-apy’. We understand all the highs and lows you go through with your locks, not to mention the day-to-day frustrations. Whether you’re seeking hair-apeutic advice from your stylist, or talking to yourself in the mirror, communication is a key step – but not the first one. Getting down to the roots (literally) of your hair and discovering its basic traits, will have your strands doing a happy dance, instead of a breakdance.

Our first hair-apy tip: you should know your own hair as well as your stylist knows your life story. It’s important to learn about your hair’s basic traits, and where your tresses fall in the most common hair types. Tip 2: you’ll need some easy hair care to help keep your crowning jewel looking its best, and that’s where our DIY hair soaks come in.

Soaking your unique head of hair in a luxurious (and ultra easy) soak is one of the fastest, cheapest, and most effective ways to course-correct hair that’s having a bad day. Check the basics below for your hair type, and the best recipe for your special strands.

Discover the Best Hair Soak for Your Hair Type

Hair types are like a box of chocolates, and you know how that goes. And once you get one, you’re often wishing for someone else’s, who, in turn, is wishing for yours. Funny how we’re as complex as the hair spectrum is itself! But you’ll find the sooner you acquaint yourself better with your hair type, its characteristics, and how you should care for it, the quicker you’ll be on your way to better hair days. Hair yeah! Now let’s delve into the 4 most common types and the hottest DIY hair soaks!

Papaya Straight
Type 1: Straight Hair

Your hair is like an arrow, and probably does about one thing right – stay pretty much straight. On the bright side of things, straight hair is considered the most resilient of the hair types, and often reflects the most shine. A downside of this hair type is having little-to-no volume, and it doesn't hold hairstyles easily. Since the strands hang straight down from the root, oil has nowhere to go except down that hairy highway. Therefore, straight hair tends to get oily faster.

Here’s a DIY Papaya and Honey Hair Mask that not only stops that slick freeway, but also restores shine and helps with oil and product build-up at the scalp.

The recipe & tools:
¼ cup organic coconut milk, 1 teaspoon organic honey, ½ papaya, shower cap, bowl, towel, shampoo & conditioner*

Mix well (can also use blender), and apply the smooth paste throughout your hair from roots to ends. Cover with your shower cap and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Thoroughly rinse away your mask with cool water, and follow with a shampoo for after-care – straight hair types love the Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Shampoo*, which is great for hydration, gentle cleansing, and boosting shine. This hair soak will also help repair dry and split ends, and combat oily hair and dandruff.

jojoba wavy
Type 2: Wavy Hair

Your wavy locks ride down the pipeline for an enviably effortless, beachy look. Wavy hair tends to form in a loose, ‘S’ shape – essentially a very elongated version of a curl. A downside of this hair type can be if your wavy hair tends to be on the straight side, your hair may lack volume and hold lots of weight at the ends; in that case, seek the straight-hair-people problem above. If you have more in common with curly hair, frizz and dryness may be your enemies.

There are no hair-emies with this DIY Avocado and Jojoba Hair Mask that will help to hydrate your waves, add shine, and aid in volume without any potential body flops and wipeouts.

The recipe & tools:
¼ cup jojoba oil, 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon honey, shower cap, bowl, towel, shampoo & conditioner*

Mix well (can also use blender), and apply the smooth paste throughout your waves from roots to tip. Cover with a cap and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Gently rinse with cool water, and follow with a healthy hair shampoo and conditioner for after-care. We’re fans of the Glossy Locks Glossing Shampoo* for wavy hair, which is perfect for restoring moisture and movement to dry or brittle hair.

Soy Curly
Type 3: Curly Hair

Your hair is seemingly effortless. Your polished style took zero in effort, yet it looks like you’ve been in that bathroom before the birds were chirping. Curly hair includes two variations: loose and tight. The downside is that these strands can range from loose, semi-wavy curls to tight and bouncy corkscrew curls – and both can be more susceptible to damage. The former boasts loopier ‘S’ strands, and tends to get frizzy more easily. The corkscrew variety is tightly wound, and tends to be thicker or coarser and more voluminous.

We love this ACV and Soy Hair Mask for hydrating and taming curls, adding shine, and decreasing frizz.

The recipe & tools:
½ cup apple cider vinegar, ½ cup water, 1tbsp cold-pressed organic soybean oil, 1tbsp honey, shower cap, bowl, towel, shampoo & conditioner*

Mix well, and cover the entire length of hair with the mask. Cover with a cap and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, then shampoo as usual. The Moisture Drench Shampoo* is a favorite amongst curly hair types. This formula is perfect for dry or brittle hair, and will keep your curls cooperating and being loyal to thyself.

Coconut kinky
Type 4: Kinky Hair

Your characteristic zigzag or ‘Z’ pattern has your hair type at the end of the alphabet, and those with kinky hair know hair struggles all too well. It’s not only about your hair type having its own personality, but there’s plenty of times it simply refuses to cooperate without a good amount of elbow grease. Varieties of this hair type include soft, and two types of wiry.

Soft, kinky hair is more susceptible to breakage, with tight coils. There are two types of wiry, kinky hair: one with a bit of curl pattern, and another without – this type follows a stronger “Z” wave rather than a circular coil. Kinky hair shrinks up when wet, then expands when dry. Much like curly hair, kinky locks need plenty of nourishment to battle breakage.

Check out this DIY Coconut Oil and Avocado Butter Hair Mask to hydrate, add shine, decrease frizz, and tame those luscious locks.

The recipe & tools:
½ virgin coconut oil, 1tbsp avocado butter (or ⅓ oz Jamaican black castor oil), 1tbsp honey, shower cap, bowl, towel, spray bottle, shampoo & conditioner*

Mix well, and cover the entire length of hair with the mask. Use a spray bottle for easy, thorough application between layers. Cover hair with a shower cap and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes, before rinsing with cool water and following with shampoo and conditioner. We love the Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo*, which is perfect for major hydration, and restoring health and vitality to your hair.

Although our hair-apy has come to an end, know that these DIY hair soaks are now your new beginnings to understanding and loving your locks again. And don’t worry, this session is on us! Keep up with your hair education by checking out your hair type, and the best natural shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

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The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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