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100% PURE 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The best holiday gift guide for finding perfect gifts for your mom, BFF, coworker and more! We’ve also included 4 Pinterest-worthy gift wrap how-tos and a price tiered gift guide with over 20 gifts!

Posted on November 2, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®
2017 Holiday Gift Guide

There will always be those same culprits who answer “nothing” when urged to reveal what gifts they’d like to receive for the holidays. Time to make an executive decision for these overly-low maintenance gift recipients: get them something you know they’ll use, something that will improve their lives, and something that shows you care. Gifting natural skin, hair, and body care is always a safe bet -- rather than gifting ‘junk food’ for skin and body, gifting organic and natural is like loading up a gift basket with goodies from your local farmers market. Now that’s some classy gift-giving!

We’ve got the lowdown on holiday gift giving, and it’s all here to make your holiday season a breeze! Read on for a gift guide for every budget, our top picks for the top names on your list, and 4 totally Pinterest-worthy, easy as pie gift wrapping tutorials that will leave your friends and family speechless.

Holiday Gift Guide for Every Budget

100% PURE Budget Gifts

Budget ($20 or less)

These stocking stuffer sized gifts pack big gift attitude! They’re perfect for supplementing middle range to luxury gifts, can fly solo as a stocking stuffer or make a perfect 1-each gift for larger groups. Each one of these goodies weighs in between $6 and $20.

Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Shampoo OR Conditioner 1oz

Snag shampoo, conditioner, or both for the gift of glossier hair and sweet, fresh citrus scented strands. They’re the perfect size for traveling, or for someone who likes to try before they buy a larger size.

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream .3oz

This brightening, skin softening eye cream will be a fast favorite for anyone on your gift list. Potent doses of caffeine from green coffee and green tea keep eyes looking fresh and awake while de-puffing and minimizing dark circles.

Bright Eyes Mask (single)

This refreshing pair of eye masks is perfect for at-home spa treatments, extra early mornings, or a midday eye refresher that can be worn anywhere.

Vitamin A & CoQ10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream .3oz

This tube might look tiny, but there are major anti-aging and skin rejuvenating benefits in this little moisturizer. Apply all over skin to minimize dark spots, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation while deeply moisturizing.

Coconut Hand Buttercream

We call it ‘Buttercream’ for a reason! This super luxurious hand cream is thick enough to soothe and soften hard working hands with decadent cocoa, avocado, and shea butters.

Butter Soap

Our Butter Soap collection is triclosan-free and made with only a few skin nourishing ingredients, including mega skin softening oils of olive, virgin coconut, and avocado. Our fave Butter Soap scents? Sweet and mild coconut, refreshing eucalyptus, and soothing lavender.

Facial Cleansing Brush

This wood handled brush is comfy to hold and can be hung in the shower for easy access! Perfect for sudsing up with one of our natural facial cleansers for an at-home facial or ultra gentle exfoliating session.

Organic Mint Lip Balm

Made from oils of peppermint and eucalyptus and paired with organic beeswax and coconut oils for soothed, softened lips for any occasion (especially winter).

Lip Butter (Cranberry, Peach, Pomegranate, or Strawberry)

These thick and buttery tinted lip balms are the absolute ideal stocking stuffers; you can pick the perfect shade for each of your friends, or gift them with the whole set! Made with rich veggie and seed butters, and colored by real fruits like cranberry, strawberry, and peach.

Middle Range (under $50)

These gift sets are priced just right, and come packed with 2-3 items each! Take your pick of cosmetic, body care, or hair care gift sets that anyone on your list will absolutely love. Time to set the bar high and gift them with toxin-free cosmetics, paraben-free body care, and silicone and synthetic-free hair care. Their hair and skin will thank you!

Sugar & Spice

Agave Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick and Black Rose Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick create a versatile duo of lip healthy, high pigment lip color. These 2 exclusive, never before released shades are rich in anti-aging antioxidants from fruit pigments and fruit oils, and are totally free of synthetic dyes and chemicals. Agave is a warm, chocolatey nude-brown with a matte finish, and Black Rose is a cool, deep wine color with a semi-gloss finish. This makeup gift set is simply the best of both worlds!

100% PURE Gift from Provence Gift Set

Gift from Provence

Ah Provence… the picturesque French region marked by stunning purple lavender fields as far as the eye can see. This natural body care gift set spotlights soothing botanical scents of French Lavender in a Nourishing Body Cream, a soft and sudsy Shower Gel, and a hand softening Hand Buttercream.

100% PURE Gift from Hawaii Gift Set

Gift from Hawaii

The next best thing to actually being in Hawaii? Getting your skin to smell like you’re there! Scents of sweet and mellow coconut will transport you straight to the tropics as you lather up and soften skin with this luxurious body care gift set. This natural body care gift set puts the softly sweet scent of coconut front and center with a Nourishing Body Cream, a soft and sudsy Shower Gel, and a hand softening Hand Buttercream.

100% PURE Gift from Australia Gift Set

Gift from Australia

We’re taking a tip from the koalas and showing eucalyptus some love with an aromatherapeutic, skin nourishing body care gift set. This natural body care gift set highlights the refreshing and therapeutic scent of eucalyptus in a Nourishing Body Cream, a decadently Whipped Body Butter, and a hand softening Hand Buttercream.

100% PURE Healthy Scalp Gift Set

Healthy Scalp Hair Care Gift Set

Let’s face it: you can’t have healthy hair without a happy, healthy scalp. That’s why we’ve created this scalp soothing hair care gift set with suffering scalps in mind; dry, itchy, or irritated scalps will be calmed by healing, skin purifying herbs to have hair feeling and growing healthier than ever. Hair care gift set includes 8oz shampoo, 8oz conditioner, and Pro-Vitamin B5 Smoothing Hair Serum.

Intensive Moisture Hair Care Gift Set

Dry, brittle, or over-treated strands have had their day-- it’s time to restore softness and bounce! We use organic aloe vera, rose water, and seaweed collagen to infuse weak strands with lasting hydration and body. Moisturizing coconut oil locks in hydration for softer, healthier hair. Hair care gift set includes 8oz shampoo, 8oz conditioner, and Pro-Vitamin B5 Smoothing Hair Serum.

100% PURE Voluminous Hair Gift Set

Voluminous Hair Care Gift Set

This natural hair care set does more than just add body and volume: these beauties will also hydrate and purify for stronger, healthier strands. Kelp is nature’s secret weapon for thickening hair, and seaweed collagen adds gorgeous shine. Hair care gift set includes 8oz shampoo, 8oz conditioner, and Pro-Vitamin B5 Smoothing Hair Serum.

Luxury ($75 and over)

These extra special holiday gift sets are built to impress, with super limited edition combos of 100% PURE best sellers from both skin care and cosmetics. Grab these beauties before they’re gone, because these lineups won’t last!

100% PURE To All A Good Night Gift Set

To All A Good Night Gift Set

The recipient of this skin care set will have friends and family commenting on increased skin suppleness and glow-- all thanks to the most advanced plant based chemistry. This is the ultimate skin care gift set for cleansing, firming, brightening, and powerful anti-aging benefits. This gift set includes the super gentle and skin softening Blood Orange Cleansing Balm, our original collagen-boosting Vitamin C Serum, and our fan favorite anti-aging powerhouse, Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Ultra Riche Cream.

100% PURE Pure Luxe Brush Gift Set

Pure Luxe Brush Set

This comprehensive luxury brush set is a must-have gift set for any cruelty-free beauty lover. This limited edition set includes all 10 eco luxe, cruelty-free makeup brushes made by 100% PURE: eyebrow brush, lip brush, blush brush, powder brush, kabuki brush, contour brush, stippling brush, and 3 eyeshadow brushes!

Best Gifts for Your Favorites

As you can see, we’re featuring some all-star gift sets this holiday season. Check out our fave picks for a few of the biggest names on your gift list!


For mom, we’re loving anything that says “I love you… now pamper yourself for once!” For that special lady in our lives, we’re obsessed with gifting hydrogel sheet masks that can transport her straight to the spa, and will have her snapping and sending selfies to you all day long. These cooling, gel textured masks are made with organic aloe juice, and will deeply soothe and hydrate mom’s skin.


Sorry Dad, but sometimes you’re definitely the hardest to shop for. If your dad is a low maintenance dude, chances are he doesn’t have much of a skin, body, or hair care regimen. Get Dad’s feet wet with an online gift card and show him the ropes by picking a routine that works just for him. Another option is to make his routine easy peasy with a skin soothing body care set that he can suds up with and use to keep working hands and skin healthy.


Shopping for your bestie is the next best thing to shopping for yourself; you get to shop for the stuff you want, without the guilt of spending money on yourself when you’re on a holiday budget. Snag a neutral makeup palette that’s versatile enough to fit any skin tone, a sultry lipstick duo with both a glossy and matte option, and perhaps a long-lasting, Ultra Lengthening Mascara in your bestie’s signature shade for good measure.


You’re on the grind together, sharing in your goals, victories, and failures (along with a few laughs). Reward your fave coworkers with a gift that means something to someone who works hard for a living: we’re thinking spa-worthy or desk-friendly is the best way to go. To help them unwind after an especially tense holiday season, gift them with detoxifying and soothing bath soaks, made with crystallized kelp from the Brittany Coast of France. For their desk, hit them with a cute and useful duo of Hand Buttercream and Lip Butter.


If Granny is into her skin, we’ve got just the thing. Set her up with a luxury skin care set that will gently cleanse her skin with soft butters and oils, a serum that will boost elasticity and gently brighten her complexion, and a superhero PM face cream that works wonders on signs of aging and smells divine. Another safe bet from Grandma? Load her up with a skin safe, toxin-free body care set that she’ll love sharing when her kids and grandkids come to visit.

GIFTING PRO TIP: Overthinking a gift? Want to gift your BFF with a foundation she’ll love, but not sure what shade she wears? We’re so so happy to introduce our 100% PURE online gift card! Get gifting with a gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, or $250 that will unlock all of their beauty and skin care dreams.

gift wrapping sets

Pinterest-Worthy Gift Wrap Guide: Furoshiki Fabric Wrapping

This year, we’re taking our holiday gift wrap inspiration straight from Japan! You can ditch the tape, the messy rolls of wrapping paper, and won’t have to worry about running out of paper on that last fold -- this gift wrap method utilizes only a single piece of fabric per gift! You can purchase pieces of Furoshiki wrapping fabric online, but we prefer to use gently used scarves, brand new giftable scarves, or upcycled fabrics. While these may look complicated at first glance, we promise they’re much easier to tackle than origami, and they’ll stun the gift recipient with their beauty and chic simplicity.

We’ve learned our chic techniques from the sustainability and empowerment blog at 1 Million Women, an inspiring organization of women committed to bettering our planet’s future. We’ve used their helpful guide for this sustainable gift wrap method, and have tested out the gorgeous results on some of our favorite gift ideas for moms, grandmas, friends, and coworkers. Check out our super simple tutorials below!

Gift for Mom: Caffeine Mask 5pk + Bright Eyes 5pk

Furoshiki wrap method: Sao Tsutsumi

gift wrapping

Use this gift wrap method for flat gifts; these types of gifts can sometimes fall, well, flat when it comes to gift wrapping (think sad calendar wrapped in plain old paper). We stacked a little Bright Eyes 5pk on top of a Caffeine Mask 5pk, but you can also use this super simple gift wrap tactic for any square, rectangular, triangular, or circular gift as long as they’re semi-flat.

Gift for Granny: 3 Butter Soaps

Furoshiki wrap method: Otsukai Tsutsumi

gift wrapping

Use this gift wrap method for small to medium square gifts. We stacked 3 Butter Soap bars together, but you can also use this super simple gift wrap tactic for any square our stoutly rectangle gift like jewelry, watch, or wallet boxes.

Gift for BFF: PN2 + Ultra Lengthening Mascara + Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick + Bamboo Blur

Furoshiki wrap method: Entou Tsutsumi

gift wrapping

This gift wrap method comes in clutch when you’re wrapping a bundle of oddly shaped gifts! We built a customized care package for our bestie that includes a rectangular makeup palette, a long cylindrical mascara, a short cylindrical lipstick, and a round and flat Bamboo Blur Powder. Despite all of these fruit pigmented® cosmetics being completely different sizes, the end result is a neat little package wrapped with care and beautiful to behold.

Gift for Coworker: Bath Salt Duo

Furoshiki wrap method: Bin Tsutsumi 2

gift wrapping

Use this gift wrap method for a duo of taller, more cylindrical items that you want to stay together. Think wine or beer bottles, candles, or bath salts-- we chose two glass jars of fine bath salts made from crystallized kelp!

100% PURE Eucalyptus Seat Therapy Bath Salts

This holiday season, we’ve got your back. We hope you’ve enjoyed our customized holiday gift guide, and have learned some stunning gift wrap ideas that you can use for any occasion. Check back on our blog for more useful guides and helpful skin care hints!

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