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TikTok Trends for Full Lips

Can these viral beauty tips get you fuller lips?

Written by: 100% PURE ®
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The beauty TikTokers are at it again. The latest viral beauty trends to hit scrolling screens and hashtags among the platform are designed to give the appearance of full lips using non-permanent hacks and methods.

As quick as the turnaround in smearing wasabi over lips for fullness, other hacks for full lips have already gone viral. Let’s take a closer look at some of these beauty tricks and tips designed to make lips look fuller to see if they are living up to their viral hype!

8 TikTok Tips for Full Lips

If a makeup hack has been tried – whether it worked or not – you’ll find it in the TikTok universe. From rubbing pepper flakes over your lips to using eyelash glue to create the appearance of full lips (which we don’t advise!), TikTokers have gone to great lengths to create a truly memorable pout.

Check out these viral tips for creating fuller, more defined lips with as little effort as possible. No fillers required!

#1: Use Bronzer to Contour Lips
Straight out of the Kardashian lookbook is using a bronzer to contour not your face – but your lips. A little contour powder or cream placed strategically under your bottom lip – right on the top of your chin – will make your lower lip look extra full.

Using a bronzing cream stick around and outside your natural lip lines and blending it out with a makeup sponge will also create luscious, full lips.

#2: Use a Pencil/Contour Combo for Full Lips
If you’re looking for that cute bottom lip pout, this trending technique is for you! Use a slightly dark brown lip pencil and slightly over-line your lips. Place contour powder or cream underneath your chin, and right above your chin. After blending, this will make your lower lip look fuller and poutier.

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#3: Use Lip Liner to Create Rounded or ‘Doll’ Lips
Taking cues straight from the Bratz dolls, this look uses liner to overdraw lips to obscure the cupid’s bow. Instead of traditionally lining your lovely lip peaks, you use lip liner to make your upper lip as circular as possible without getting out a protractor. The result: super round, full-looking lips!

#4: Use a Black Liner to Accentuate Lip Pout
A night-out party pout – yes, please?! This is a simple but effective trick for evening makeup that works best with lipsticks of intense colors. So, break out that luscious red, outline your lips, and apply lipstick as usual. Apply black lip liner on the lip corners. Then, using a lip brush, smudge the edges toward the inside for full lips.

#5: Diffused or ‘Ombre’ Lips
From ombre hair to ombre nails, we now have the viral beauty trend of ombre lips. This monochromatic lip look typically uses two shades worn on the mouth. Pick one color that is your main lip color, and apply it around the edges of your mouth.

Then, apply a color that is either lighter than your base color (or darker) to the inner parts of the lips. Finally, blend or smudge outwards with a lip brush to create a gradient of color on your lips.

#6: Highlight Lips at Center for Extra Pouty Lips
Lip shade wizardry and fullness wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t highlighting on the flip side of contouring. Apply concealer on the outer corners of the lips, then apply highlighter (or lip gloss) to the center for a voluminous look. Highlighting there can actually make your lips appear extra pouty.

#7: Use Self-Tanner for More Defined, Full Lips
Self-tanners, popular for the added glow to your skin during the summer, are now being used to get the lips of your dreams – thanks to TikTok. Apply your favorite self-tanner onto a thin angled brush and wipe off the excess. Then, apply the tanner to the outline of your lips, going right onto the lip line.

This lip tanning technique results in a seamless fuller lip. The darker outline not only helps create depth, but it preps the lips perfectly whether you're wearing lipstick or going sans tint. Remember to read the product label first to ensure the tanner is safe to use on your lips.

#8: Purse Your Lips As You Line Them
If it’s a bit odd but an effective lip hack, it’s on TikTok – and this one is no exception! All you need is your lip pencil and a liquid lipstick or lipstick of your choice. Purse your lips together very tightly and apply the lip liner around and inside the lips.

Simply rub your lips together to get the product evenly spread, then un-purse your lips to see the results. Voila! Since your lips are stretched out, you get a more even overline more quickly and an impressively voluminous pucker.

See – piece of cake, right? These TikTok trends for full lips are written in detail, but only take a few minutes altogether when you try them. As with most viral tips and tricks that claim to give you fuller lips, we guess it’s a don’t knock it till you try it situation.

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