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Fruit Pigmented® Liquid Lipstick

For a full-coverage gloss finish lip product made from pure and natural ingredients, look no further than liquid lipstick from 100% PURE™. Available in several colors and shades, our liquid lipstick is naturally-dyed from antioxidant-rich ingredients like pomegranate oils, cocoa, achiote seeds, blackberry, and moisturizing cocoa butter for truly soft and delicious lips you’ll love to show off. 

From liquid lipstick, lip and cheek tint, and natural lip balm to natural makeup and beyond, 100% PURE™ is your one-stop-beauty-shop for lip and natural skincare products you can trust.

The Difference Between Liquid Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Although they seem similar, liquid lipstick and lip gloss are actually very different. Where lip gloss tends to offer sheer coverage and is sticky to the touch, liquid lipstick provides a richly-pigmented full coverage that’s not sticky to the touch. What’s more, lip gloss tends to need more reapplying throughout the day than liquid lipstick does. Liquid lipstick also generally comes in more shades and colors to choose from than lip gloss. The main difference, though, is the look each provides. While lip gloss provides a glossy finish, liquid lipstick meets right in the middle for a full-bodied lip color that shines.

Why Natural Lip Products Are the Best Choice

Did you know that conventional lip products often contain harmful, synthetic ingredients that are easily absorbed into your lips with each wear? That means the delicate, thin layers of skin on your lips are subject to toxic petroleum-based chemicals that do more harm than good. With so many conventional lip products being filled with things like methylparabens, polyparabens, synthetic dyes, and preservatives, why take the chance (or spend the money) on potentially harmful beauty products when you can shop clean beauty and lip products from natural beauty companies like 100% PURE™? 

Aside from offering natural fruit-dyed liquid lipsticks and beauty products free from harmful parabens and gross chemicals, many of our products are also vegan and ALL of our products are cruelty-free, giving you the clean and ethical beauty products you want without compromising quality.

Whether you’re in the market for a new liquid lipstick, need help finding the perfect natural lipstick, or wish to discover the best lipstick for every occasion, 100% PURE™ is your clean beauty oasis for discovering and learning about the wonderful world of natural beauty and skincare products.



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