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Rose Gold Makeup Palette

Our newest fruit pigmented® makeup palette serves 5 gorgeous rose gold and metallic shades

Written by: 100% PURE®

Rose Gold: the holy grail of metals (and obsession of all beauty bloggers). From jewelry to iPhones and everything in between, rose gold has certainly achieved superstar status as the most-desired shade in… well, basically everything.

Rose Gold is magical because it’s the happy medium between gold, silver, and copper. It manages to enhance warmth, compliment cool tones, and imbue a romantic quality onto any skin tone (or inanimate object, like your phone case). That’s why we’ve been working on something special: a stunning Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette! This deluxe makeup palette is fit for a queen with delicate shimmer and rosy metallics -- and you’re about to meet every single shade!

1 Makeup Palette: 5 Shades

We design our makeup palettes to be compact and complete, not unnecessarily ‘extra’. They come with everything you need to create a full makeup look: a highlighter, a blush, and three versatile eyeshadow shades. Some bigger, bulkier palettes come with dozens of shades -- but admit it: you only use a handful of them. Our Fruit Pigmented ® Rose Gold Palette is the culmination of our pigmentation technology and mastery of subtle shimmer, making it a true beauty treasure trove.

Shades Close Up


This highlighter oozes romance with a mystical rose-pearl hue. Prism is a pale, rose gold highlighter with pearly shimmer. We’re imagining soft kisses of luminescent fairy dust on our cheeks, cupid’s bow, and nose… Sigh. This highlighter suits all skin tones, and is especially stunning paired with warm tones of nude and pink.


Color us obsessed with this unconventional and ultra skin-warming blush. Primp is a coppery, rosy blush with slight golden shimmer. This shade sings on warm skin tones, whether your complexion is pale or deep. Mix it up by using this blush shade on your eyelids, for a fierce copper smolder. Blue and green eyes will glow, and brown eyes will look even warmer against this copper shade.


What’s more romantic than a rich plum undertone? Luster is a warm bronze eyeshadow with plum undertone and shimmer, and suits every complexion. This metallic twist on a warm plum eyeshadow makes this shade a stunner for a soft daytime look, or a layered evening look.


Every makeup palette needs a ‘mellow’ shade -- and Gleam makes ‘mellow’ look marvelous. It’s a pale, rose nude eyeshadow with pink undertone and shimmer, perfect for playing up the highlights in your eyes and skin. Use it as an eyeshadow base, a brow bone highlight, or even on its own for a soft and feminine ‘no makeup’ look.


Ah yes, how could we forget the title shade in a rose gold themed makeup palette? Glimmer is a rose gold eyeshadow with neutral shimmer, making it just like the palette’s namesake -- flattering on just about anyone. This shade gives a full metallic wash of rosy pigment that’s made to compliment your eyes and play perfectly with pink, red, nude, and mauve makeup.

Gold Trending Metallics

Ask the experts: rose gold is more than a passing trend. The pinky-copper shade has been around since 2015, and only shows signs of speeding up. Anyone with eyeballs can see why: it’s a near universally flattering shade, and makes for gorgeous subject matter for makeup and fashion bloggers alike. That’s why we’ve been perfecting the rose gold hues in our new makeup palette for over a year -- to make sure we do Rose Gold justice, while creating gorgeous shades that will flatter any complexion.

Metallic makeup is also experiencing a boom in popularity, and our faces are here for it. Thanks to a recent revival by makeup artists for labels like Tom Ford, Kate Spade, and Jeremy Scott, metallics are coming for 2019 in a big way. You’ll find two exclusive shades of fruit pigmented® lipstick celebrating the return of metallics, too -- and they pair perfectly with our newest makeup palette. Our Rose Gold Palette is infused with natural gemstones Australian Opal, Pyrite, Labradorite, Moonstone, and Sunstone to give a million dollar metallic finish.

Roses Pure Makeup Palette Ingredients

The ingredients in our Rose Gold Palette are just as romantic as its hues. We used nourishing rosehip, healthy fruit pigments, mystical gemstones, and rich cocoa to create beautiful shades that act like skin care while you wear them. This palette, and all of our fruit pigmented® palettes, are crafted to make your skin feel as beautiful as it looks.

Our use of exclusively natural and pure ingredients has made us one of the biggest alternative brands to counteract the damaging effects of conventional makeup. Most still use popular makeup brands that contain ingredients that they don’t realize can be damaging to both their skin and internal systems with prolonged use. Most makeup palettes contain petroleum-derived dyes, heavy metal powders, paraben-filled preservatives, and even animal fats to create eyeshadows and blushes. We believe there is a better way to beauty -- and it’s not with dyes and chemicals.

Looking to learn more about our fruit pigmented® palettes? How about a few makeup looks inspired by our Rose Gold Palette and fall eyeshadow shades? You can check back on our blog for hair, body, skin care, and beauty articles posted daily!

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