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The Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Got dry skin? Use these foundations to soothe, smooth, and refresh dry skin!

Written by: 100% PURE®
Water Foundation

Who needs a hydrating foundation? In a word: everyone! For all skin types, hydration is something you can always count on to be great for your skin, but dry skin needs a little extra help. Dry skin types should always choose a foundation that’s made to hydrate or moisturize. Layering water and oil onto dry skin is the only way you’ll keep skin healthy and happy, especially if you’re planning to wear your makeup all day!

Below, we’ll introduce you to a brand new line of foundation (with swatches of all 19 shades) that doubles down on water for hydration and oil for moisture. We’ll also highlight an oldie-but-goodie that’s been a shoe-in option for dry skin types for years. If your skin could use an injection of H2O, stick around -- we’re highlighting our top foundation picks for dry skin!

Full Coverage Water Foundation

Full Coverage + Hydration

Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Coverage: Full

Finish: Satin/ Semi-Dewy

Shade Range: 19

If you’re a hardcore 100% PURE fan, you’ve known about our super hydrating Water Foundation for a while. Our oldie-but-goodie formula delivered hydration and moisture to dry skin, but didn’t offer much in the way of coverage. This new formula delivers on hydration and full coverage. These dual benefits make it a fitting option for normal to dry skin, or any skin type needing a boost of H2O!

The satin finish of our new Water Foundation is designed to mimic the glow of healthy, hydrated skin. This full coverage foundation has a light liquid-cream texture to balance skin tone, obscure fine lines, and blend into skin like water. It’s definitely our best foundation for dry skin, or anyone looking for a barely-there feel from their full coverage foundation. No dreaded ‘foundation mask’ here, with a finish that looks and feels (and is) natural.

Did we mention that our new Water Foundation line has the widest shade range of any of our foundation collections? Curated in 19 diverse shades, this fruit pigmented® foundation collection is divided into 4 skin tone categories: cool, warm, neutral, and olive. These shades are designed to match both your skin tone and undertone, for a fit-for-you perfect match:


Full Coverage Water Foundation Shades:

Water Foundation Neutral

Neutral 1.0: Neutral foundation with peachy undertones for fair skin tones

Neutral 2.0: Neutral foundation with peachy undertones for light skin tones

Neutral 3.0: Neutral foundation with pink undertones for medium skin tones

Neutral 4.0: Neutral foundation with peachy undertones for tan skin tones

Neutral 5.0: Neutral foundation with red undertones for deep skin tones

Water Foundation Cool

Cool 1.0: Cool foundation with pink undertones for fair skin tones

Cool 2.0: Cool foundation with pink undertones for light skin tones

Cool 3.0: Cool foundation with pink undertones for medium skin tones

Cool 4.0: Cool foundation with reddish pink undertones for dark skin tones

Water Foundation Olive

Olive 3.0: Neutral foundation with olive undertones for medium skin tones

Olive 4.0: Neutral foundation with olive undertones for tan skin tones

Water Foundation Warm

Warm 1.0: Warm foundation with peachy undertones for fair skin tones

Warm 2.0: Warm foundation with subtle yellow undertones for fair skin tones

Warm 3.0: Warm foundation with yellow undertones for light skin tones

Warm 4.0: Warm foundation with peachy undertones for light to medium skin tones

Warm 5.0: Warm foundation with peachy undertones for medium skin tones

Warm 6.0: Warm foundation with peachy undertones for tan skin tones

Warm 7.0: Warm foundation with yellow undertones for dark skin tones

Warm 8.0: Warm foundation with golden yellow undertones for deep skin tones

Water Foundation

Hydrating Ingredients in Full Coverage Water Foundation

To create a hydrating, full coverage foundation for dry skin, we use gentle natural ingredients. No alcohols, no synthetic chemicals, no fillers. Our Water Foundation formula is loaded with ingredients from plants, fruits, and herbs to nourish your skin as efficiently as possible!


A high percentage of aloe juice in our Water Foundation spells relief for dry skin. That means less itching, flaking, and cracking after applying your foundation. Aloe has been a long time ally for those suffering from eczema, acting as a potent anti-inflammatory for reducing irritation. Aloe has become synonymous with ‘soothing’, making it a shoe-in for treating dry skin. You’ll find aloe at the top of our BB Cream ingredients list for the same reason!


Acai oil is added to our Water Foundation to aid in protection and moisture retention for dry skin. The antioxidants in acai help to fight environmental pollutants that can dehydrate or weather the skin. The high content of fatty acids in this little superfruit is icing on the cake.


Oil from this antioxidant packed fruit makes our Water Foundation a true hero when it comes to packing in hydration and moisture. Antioxidants help block free radicals that can dry skin over time. Pomegranates are also a great source of vitamin C, which aids in skin’s moisture retention.


Bilberry, the European cousin of blueberry, is a star ingredient in our medium to full coverage BB Cream. Bilberry oil helps to enrich dry skin with fatty acids for moisture and suppleness.

Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer

Light to Medium Coverage + Moisture

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, or Combination

Coverage: Light to Medium

Finish: Dewy

Shade Range: 9

Another great foundation for dry skin types is our original Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer, which is already beloved for its moisturizing benefits. While this one isn’t a top contender for full coverage, it’s a hit for serving barely-there makeup looks and a dewy, fresh glow with light to medium, buildable coverage. Much like our Water Foundation, this hydrating tinted moisturizer is made with superfruits like acai, pomegranate, and goji. Antioxidants from these superfruit oils, organic white tea, and fruit pigments fortify skin’s matrix against UV damage. They also help to prevent premature signs of aging from environmental damage and exposure.

The balanced hydration-to-moisture ratio in this formula makes it extra beneficial for dry skin. World famous hydrators aloe and cucumber are the first two ingredients, which also help to soothe itchiness associated with dry skin. Next up are acai and pomegranate oils to lock water into skin, for sustained hydration as long as you’re wearing this foundation. These ingredients are what give our Tinted Moisturizer formula a dewy finish, to smooth dry patches and enhance supple, refreshed skin.

Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer Shades:

Alpine Rose: Fair skin with pink undertones

Creme Ivory skin with yellow undertones

White Peach: Light skin with yellow undertones

Sand: Light to Medium skin with pink to neutral undertones

Peach Bisque: Medium skin with olive undertones

Golden Peach: Medium to tan skin with yellow undertones

Toffee: Tan skin with neutral undertones

Mousse: Tan to Deep skin with yellow undertones

Cocoa: Deep skin with neutral undertones

Add a Natural Moisturizer

Last but certainly not least, if your skin is severely lacking in hydration, be sure to choose the best moisturizer for dry skin and make it part of your daily routine. By layering a hydrating foundation over your moisturizer, you can help skin fight and survive the harsh effects of dehydration. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and waters from hydrating plants. Adding a daily moisturizer to skin will keep it soft and replenished, especially on days when you’re going foundation-free.

Not sure what skin type you have? Take a few minutes to review the common skin types and decide which set of symptoms best reflects your own skin! We’ll set you up with a skin care routine that’s right for you.

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