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Organic Makeup Ingredients

Highlighting 4 organic makeup ingredients used in our fruit pigmented® products.

Written by: 100% PURE®
Fruits and vitamins

Organic makeup, you say? We can get behind some organic makeup ingredients any day of the week -- which is why we use a few of them in many of our fruit pigmented® makeup products. They offer targeted benefits and results, with the added benefit of being certified organic.

In the world of makeup, certified organic means that an ingredient is free of any synthetic additives. This means that at least one third party certifier has recognized the ingredient as organic, made without any synthetic chemical compounds. Without further ado, allow us to introduce 4 core organic ingredients in our natural makeup products!

Top 4 Organic Makeup Ingredients

Many of our best-selling fruit pigmented® products contain organic makeup ingredients. You’ll find them listed first (or very near the top) on each ingredient panel, meaning they’re the majority ingredient in each formula. This elite group of skin-beneficial components bolster already natural formulas, for the best of both worlds. Meet our organic makeup squad!

Organic Aloe Juice

When it comes to organic makeup ingredients, we’re guilty of choosing favorites! Organic Aloe Juice is an ingredient we use frequently in our cosmetics, since it’s truly an incredible multitasker. Able to soothe irritation and redness, hydrate dry skin, and reduce inflammation from acne, there is no denying aloe’s benefits for skin. It makes an obvious choice for foundation formulas, to calm and nourish skin while you wear it all day long. Aloe juice is the star ingredient in our hydrating Full Coverage Water Foundation, Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer, and Healthy Foundation.

We also use aloe juice in our Long Last Liquid Eye Liner, Maracuja Mascara, All Over Glow, and Luminating Creme. In these sleek liquid liner and mascara formulas, we chose to use soothing aloe juice, instead of just a plain ‘aqua’ base, to create a lightweight liquid formula. In both our All Over Glow and Luminating Creme, organic aloe juice makes these liquid highlighters light, spreadable, and refreshing on your skin.

Organic White Tea Leaf

Organic White Tea is still a relatively unknown makeup ingredient, but it certainly packs a punch. Rich in free radical-fighting polyphenols, white tea contains a hefty dose of antioxidants for helping to neutralize damaging effects from UV rays, pollution, and environmental toxins. This makes white tea especially useful for makeup products that cover the skin -- more specifically, in foundations.

We use white tea as an organic makeup ingredient in some of our most beloved foundation formulas. This group includes our full coverage Healthy Foundation, our dewy and refreshing Tinted Moisturizer, or moisturizing satin Cream Foundation, and our poreless Bamboo Blur Matte Makeup.

Organic Black Tea Leaf

Easily our second most famous cosmetic ingredient (after fruit pigments, of course) is black tea, an organic makeup ingredient that we simply cannot live without. We use micronized (dried and pulverized) black tea to give a deep, midnight black pigment to some of our most famous eye makeup products.

Both our Ultra Lengthening Mascara and Liquid Eye Liner collections feature this unassuming organic makeup ingredient. Never before considered as more than a favorite beverage of the Brits, black tea has made a huge name for itself in our cosmetics. We use it in the best-selling Ultra Lengthening Mascara formula, featured in both signature Black Tea and stunning Blueberry shades. It features as the key ingredient in our Long Last Liquid Liner, to create a deep, long-lasting, and smudge-proof base for each unique shade.

Organic Green Tea Leaf

Green tea is the pale, unfermented version of the Camellia Sinensis leaf, making it a sibling of both black and white teas. Similar to white tea, it is used as a targeted antioxidant treatment with protective anti-aging polyphenols. Green tea is known for its key phytonutrient EGCG, which is powerful enough to fight the effects of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

We chose green tea as an organic makeup ingredient in both our Blackberry and Dark Chocolate Ultra Lengthening Mascara formulas. While it won’t produce the same intense black pigment as micronized black tea, it’s certainly worth using in your makeup routine. Filled with healthy flavonoids, green tea is known to stimulate hair and lash growth, making it a shoe-in for our beloved lengthening mascara.

While not every ingredient in our fruit pigmented® makeup is organic, we try our best to source organic whenever possible. When we do use organic makeup ingredients, we aim to use them as much as possible, as a majority portion or a pivotal addition to an already stellar formula. If you love organic, check out our line of high-performance skin care -- there’s something for everyone!

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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