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Makeup Essentials for Every Hair Color

The most gorgeous fruit pigmented® shades for your hair color

Written by: 100% PURE ®


Fresh on the heels of Paris Fashion Week, we’re eyeing new makeup trends to apply to our personal fall and winter lookbooks. From subtle lips and barely there makeup to rainbow geometric eyeliner, there’s enough variety to dazzle our senses. While makeup essentials vary every season, we’re looking for #lewks that can see us through to next spring in style.

We’re getting creative with our makeup game, tailoring trending 2020 makeup essentials to our most important fashion accessory: hair color. Get the scoop on the best makeup looks for your hair color below!

Makeup Essentials for BLONDE Hair

Summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean your sun-kissed glimmer has to end! A warm honey glow will accentuate blonde locks and keep you feeling the heat even in the dead of winter.

After applying primer and foundation, our Cocoa Kissed bronzer will add a warm shimmer that accentuates your cheekbones. For a one-two punch, our creamy Cocoa Berry Lip & Cheek Tint formula will keep your skin looking smooth and vibrant. Try using your fingers to apply the tint for a more flushed, creamy finish.

Layer the lips with pale nude pigment, like Mojave, Agave, Sandstone, or Cassia Cocoa Butter Lipsticks. These matte lipstick shades use shea and cocoa butters to prevent that dry, powdery feel that often haunts matte formulas. This makes them perfect for both your everyday and special occasion makeup essentials.

Makeup Essentials for BLACK Hair

To liven up your complexion in fall and winter months, try incorporating rosier tones into your makeup essentials. These lighters colors will lend lovely and soft contrast to your dark tresses, while enhancing the vibrance of your natural skin tone.

To complement dark hair, we love mirroring a creamy flush of pigment between both cheeks and eyes. Depending on how oily your lids are, you’ll want to prime with a mattifying or luminous primer. Your key essential here will be the Fruit Pigmented® Lip & Cheek Tint, used as both a blush and eyeshadow. Flattering rose and coral shades like Strawberry or Pink Grapefruit will work best with your glossy onyx mane.

For those *really* into multitasking, the Pot Rouge cream blushes can also be used between the cheeks and eyes. To build a gorgeous pink color on the lips, choose a matte nude pink to complement the rest of your soft, blushy look. Shades like Cassia, Pink Canyon, and Sahara are a versatile range of dusty pinks that work well here. Finish the look with full, feathery brows and piecey, separated lashes that make your raven colored hair even more impactful.

Our last batch of makeup essentials for black hair is a fresh-faced, fuss-free alternative inspired by Khaite’s Spring 2020 show. After going in with a foundation that has a semi-dewy finish, color your cheeks flushed with Pot Rouge in Blush, Pinkie, or Baby Pink. Adding a Fruit Pigmented® Luminizer will help you build on that rosy glow and add natural shimmer. Finish with those feathery brows and long, luscious lashes.

Makeup Essentials for RED Hair

A sultry bold lip is always in style – and redheads pretty much own a free pass for pulling off a bold lip year-round. Add a vibrant liquid lipstick to your makeup essentials, preferably in the shade Red Velvet – a smooth candy apple red that pairs well with every hue of red hair and soft-filter skin.

To achieve the airbrushed look, use a tinted moisturizer base for light to medium coverage and set with a pore-diminishing powder. A gentle touch of peach blush will add color to the apples of your cheeks. Don’t forget the freckles; if you opt for a full coverage foundation that hides your beauty marks, go back in with a dark brown liquid liner to dot some faux freckles on your nose and cheeks.

To emphasize the eyes and the warm hue of your hair, try an eyeshadow or eyeliner with a blue or green color story. To match Tiziano Guardini’s look at Milan Fashion Week, use a clear or nude lip gloss and add subtle color to your cheeks with our Pot Rouge blush in Baby Pink. A little highlighter added to the cupid’s bow and brow bone will also help to enhance the luminosity of your gorgeous strawberry blonde or auburn hair.

Makeup Essentials for BROWN Hair

Time to switch up your regular eyeliner routine, brunettes: we’re setting you up with reverse eyeliner and smokey cat eye looks!

For the reverse eyeliner technique, begin with a primer. We want to keep the attention on the lower eye but we need balance; dip your brush into a neutral eye shadow and pat it across your top lid. Afterwards, line your undereyes with a dark brown or black color: Cacao, Pewter, or Blackest work best for brunettes. To avoid harsh lines, smoke the bottom color out with a Cruelty Free Smudger Brush.

For the cat eye technique, try using a liquid liner or creamy pencil liner in a dark shade. As always, begin with a primer. Start in the outer corner of your eye, drawing a slanted line in the direction of your temples. Make it as small or big as you’d like. The next step is to create a triangle: connect your wing to your upper lash line. Fill it in and line the rest of your lid as you normally would.

Pair either of these looks with a natural-looking lip balm or juicy lip gloss. Blend a nude cream blush onto your cheeks in colors like Brandy and Ballerina. To finish the look with full, feathery lashes, brush volumizing mascara through your top and bottom eyelashes.

Makeup Tips for COLORFUL Hair

If your hair doesn’t fit into any of these categories – hello grey, pink, or denim blue hair – try these looks instead!

To mimic one of Max Mara’s Spring 2020 looks, great for any hair color or skin tone, your main makeup essentials are pastel eyeshadow and dark lipstick. A soft powdery hue will illuminate your eye area while ensuring your dusky lips take all the attention.

Colorful hair? Let it shine with natural makeup essentials. Sweep and blend a nude shade on your lids; add a light dash of pink or purple if you want more color. Add a semi-sheer balm or gloss to your lips in understated colors: think Mauvely or Pink Caramel. Separated, natural-looking lashes and feathery brows will complete your look

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