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When to Use a Stippling Brush

How and when to use this mystical, multitasking makeup brush

Written by: 100% PURE®
Brushes with Blush Powder

There are two kinds of girls in this world: those who apply their face products with brushes, and those who prefer to use a sponge. Both types of tools have a place in our makeup bag, because at the end of the day, all makeup comes off -- but there are definitely certain products that work better with specific tools. Did you know that we offer a full range of vegan, cruelty-free brushes to suit every powder product, foundation finish, and beauty look? Today we’ll be going over the must-know deets for our F10 Stippling Brush, including what it’s for, how to use it, and what results to expect.

Stippling Brush swatches

Stippling Brush 101

So what makes a stippling brush different from other makeup brushes? It’s a 2-in-1 brush, featuring a 3:2 ratio of tightly packed short bristles in the center, and longer, more flexible bristles around the perimeter.

This combo of short and long bristles allows this brush to build coverage beautifully, while blurring harsh lines that would give all our beauty secrets away. The density at the center packs on color for hiding blemishes, or just adding that extra color payoff where needed. The light outer bristles are great for blending, smoothing, and creating a seamless, airbrushed look.

When choosing a stippling brush, opt for a vegan, cruelty-free brush. Vegan brushes aren’t just humane, they’re also more sanitary. Synthetic, cruelty-free brushes won’t cause the same bacterial growths as animal-fur brushes, which means less surprise breakouts and irritation for you. Basically, a win-win for animals and you!

Stippling Brushes Still Life

How, What & When?

We get it, you’re dying to try this brush out for yourself -- but we’ve still got a few basics to cover! You’ll need to know how to use a stippling brush, and what products to use it with. Thanks to its unique and varied bristle lengths, this brush actually works great with all formulas, and many different types products. From foundation and translucent powders and blushes to bronzers, this brush can handle just about anything we throw at it.

Stippling Brush + Powder Makeup

This brush is excellent at smoothing powder blush, translucent powder, and powder foundation into the skin, and ensuring there isn’t excess formula lingering on our faces and preventing a natural finish. For example, when pairing this stippling brush with our Fruit Pigmented® Powder Foundation, this brush really transfers that velvety quality onto the skin without adding excess product, overdone coverage, or uneven texture.

To use our stippling brush with powder products, first press the brush into the powder, then press and tap into the skin, concentrating movement in the areas where you want the most color payoff. To blend out, you can use the edges of this brush in light flicking motions. In seconds, you’ll have blurred, softer looking skin with a natural flush of color or a subtle amount of coverage looking like we #wokeuplikethis.

PRO TIP:Use your stippling brush to blend out spots where excess powder tends to gather: nostrils, chin, brows, and under eyes.

Foundation Application

Stippling Brush + Liquid Makeup

For liquid products, be sure to apply directly to skin, not onto the brush. We don’t want the liquid formula to weigh down the light outer bristles of the brush! Next, choose your formula. For example, a product like our Fruit Pigmented® 2nd Skin Foundation is already pretty matte and lightweight, so the stippling brush just gives it that oomph of perfection.

Pump out enough product for your desired level of coverage and tap onto the skin, working from the center outwards. Use your stippling brush to tap over problem areas, and work in tight circular tapping motions until everything is fully blended out. The multi-length bristles help you work smarter, not harder -- so avoid sweeping or swirling. Instead, use pressing and tapping motions with varied amounts of pressure. Do the dew with our glowiest full coverage foundation yet – the new and improved Water Foundation. Featuring soothing aloe and toning green tea, this foundation-stippling brush pair is an iconic duo that can’t be beat.

PRO TIP: Liquid makeup doesn’t stop at foundation. Try using your stippling brush to blend out your primer, to get coverage into every nook and cranny. You can also try it with our Luminating Creme or All Over Glow formulas, to add subtle touches of shimmer and shine to face and body.

Stippling Brush + Cream Makeup

A good stippling brush can really make products with a cream consistency shine. That’s because cream products are solid enough to press the brush directly into the product, but heavy enough that excess product doesn’t transfer onto the brush. It can also be more difficult to blend creamy products into your skin; leaving your makeup looking unfinished or, *gasp* amateur (ouch!).

The repetitive blending and tapping motions of a stippling brush create friction, allowing cream formulas to warm up and melt into the skin. This creates a buttery, glistening finish that looks like we just had a long day at the spa. The kiss of color that melts across your cheeks when using our Fruit Pigmented® Pot Rouge Blush will have you feeling summertime-fine long into the winter. Whether your go-to shade is Blush or Brandy, this brush can diffuse the color to make it feel like the glow is literally radiating out of your skin.

PRO TIP: Prefer fingerpainting cream formulas onto your skin? No problem! Use your stippling brush as a final step for blending out your handiwork, to avoid harsh lines and blotching. This method works perfectly with Fruit Pigmented® Cream Foundation for giving a skin-like, velvety smooth finish.

We don’t know about you, but the stippling motions we use when applying makeup with this brush actually make us feel like professional makeup artists. Use your nifty stippling brush to fake the look of airbrushed skin, to rival those Instagram makeup moguls. What formula do you like to pair with this brush, and why? Share your photos on Instagram using the hashtags #100percentpure and #nodirtybeauty. Don’t forget to check out our Cruelty-Free Makeup Brush Guide for more makeup artist-worthy tips!

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The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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