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Anti-Aging Under Eye Concealer

The best undereye concealer for wrinkles and fine lines

Written by: 100% PURE®

No matter how many products we have in our arsenal, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect under eye concealer to help improve our wrinkles and dark circles. Even when we find one we like, we are often still thinking about how it could be improved. Like, “I wish it had a tiny bit more coverage” or, “it keeps setting in my fine lines”. Well, stop what you’re doing and prepare to fill your shopping cart, because we’re pretty sure we have the under-eye concealer you’ve been waiting for.

Need the best under eye concealer for fine line and wrinkles? Say hello to the 100% PURE Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer with Superfruits. Stay tuned to discover all the benefits this creamy, enriching formula has to offer!


What’s soft, smooth and even toned all over? Your skin, of course. And it will look and feel even better after soaking in all the anti-aging power of the superfruits in this concealer formula. The grapefruit seed extract and apricots are doing double time pigmenting the formula and fighting free radicals to keep skin youthful, plump and smooth. Look forward to evened skin tone from fragrant rosehip seed oil and cocoa, and also healthier skin thanks to the vitamin E within. Don’t forget about the star of the show: green coffee! This caffeine-rich star energizes the eye area for tightened skin, a boost in circulation, and added collagen support.

Eye Brightening

Unlike Queen Bey, we did not wake up like this. This time of the year, our go-to natural look requires a large pumpkin spice latte and a little (okay, a lot of) concealer. After consistent use of this concealer, you’ll be saying, “what dark circles?” Because our Long Last concealer is pigmented with fruits – superfruits, no less – and lots of natural ingredients, the nutrients are actually brightening for the eye area. For brightening power in this formula, you have rice powder, which contains antioxidant ferulic acid known to brighten the skin, acts as a natural sun protectant, and helps fight signs of aging. Our formula also includes carrot root and vitamin C along with peaches, all known for their amazing brightening properties.

Soothing and Moisturizing

We know the eye area can be a teensy bit on the sensitive side, so we made sure to include some super soothers for the skin. Lavish the eyes with comforting chamomile, goldenseal and lavender extracts. If your eye area is dry or less than well-hydrated, look forward to all the moisturizing oils in this formula. Shea butter, rosehip oil and vitamin E all support healthy skin cells, new skin and softer, better hydrated skin around the eyes.

Fully Opaque Coverage

We love how much you all are totally crushing on this concealer. With an almost 5-star flawless rating and nearly 150 reviews, this product is clearly a fan favorite. What’s loved most about this concealer between the perfect, opaque pigmentation, long-lasting wear or creamy yet not cakey formula? It is certainly tough for us to name just one favorite feature, so we choose them all! You can be sure that when you wear the Long Last concealer, it will be water and sweat-proof, oil resistant and light enough to feel like true skin.

PRO TIP: Since fall is all about layers, stack this concealer over a light layer of foundation or beauty balm for *even more* enhanced coverage and concealing. Not only does this allow for maximum coverage, but this also means you get to mix your own custom shade for a flawless match. This technique isn’t only reserved for the eye area, but anywhere you have discoloration and blemishes. Watch those dark spots and dark circles fade away right before your eyes.

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