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9 Weekends of Summer

Farmers markets ~ Strawberry Lip & Cheek Tint. The same fruits you’ll be buying at the farmers market is the same fruits used to color 100% Pure makeup!

Summer concerts ~ All Over Glow so the rockstar’s aren’t the only ones that’s shining.

Weddings ~ Pink Champagne Powder and Luminous Creme Starlight so you can look as luminescent as the bride.

Air Travel ~ Organic Aqua Boost throughout your flight for hydration and to rejuvenate

Beach ~ while lying on the beach (hopefully with some shade and lots of sunblock) paint your nails a bright summer color like Watermelon

Camping ~ bring along your favorite toner because you can use this one product to cleanse your face, body and wipe your hands

Pool ~ dab on some water resistant Cherry Lip & Cheek Stain

Picnic ~ Argan Oil SPF 30 so you can enjoy the outdoor activities without worry about being in the sun

Carnival ~ Vanilla Whipped Body Butter so you can smell yummy and be less tempted to eat all the carnival junk food

Susie Wang
Founder and Chief Creative Ambassador

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