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The Break Up

In the beginning everything was great and so new and exciting. You saw each other every day and they were a part of your routine. They enhanced your natural beauty, let you shine and they were there for you to fight away impurities when they were mean to your face. It was love at first use. But as time passed, your relationship began to change. They became old, dirty and stopped performing the way they used to. You may be in denial, but you need to face the truth and accept that it’s time to say good-bye. You appreciate all that they did for you, but you need to let them go, move on and, replace them. Well we want to introduce you to their twin! They’re brand new and will perform just as great so you dont have to go without any of the skin loving benefits that you have missed.

Konjac Sponge
Our natural facial sponge is exfoliating but gentle. Charcoal bamboo acts like a magnet pulling impurities and leaving the skin soft and clean. The sponge should be changed every 3-4 months.

Facial Cleansing Brush
This antibacterial brush will help to deeply clean and exfoliate your skin. The brush should be changed every 3-4 months when the bristles get dirty.

Maracuja Mascara and Fruit Pigmented Mascara
Our gluten free mascara gives your lashes length and volume while nourishing them to stay long and strong. Replace every 2-3 months. Since mascara is a liquid it tends to attract bacteria easily and being that it will be close to your eyes you don’t want to risk any eye infection. Old mascara will usually have a bad smell to it.

Makeup Blender
Our makeup blender revolutionizes the way you apply your makeup. It provides an airbrushed effect without leaving your makeup looking cakey. This product will last you 3-4 months, but only if you take care of it! We recommend after every use to wash it using baby shampoo. Swirl in the palm of your hand and rinse till the water is clear.

Gabby Aikawa
Bio Chemist / 100% Pure Product Development

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