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Honey Cake Soap

During my 10+ years of being a product formulator, I’ve formulated / tested / researched lots and lots of soaps. These by far are the most elaborate and most indulgent soap bars I have ever had the great pleasure of working on. It doesn’t just have royal jelly, manuka honey and propolis in them, they’re doused, immersed and completely drenched in these super healing nutrients. It has the maximum % of royal jelly, manuka honey and propolis that can fit in the formula. Here are the key benefits of why we added these very special ingredients:

Royal Jelly is rich with antioxidants, complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes; naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Royal Jelly is so dense with nutrition, it’s what a normal bee eats to turn into a queen bee. For our skin, royal jelly rejuvenates / heals damaged skin and stimulates collagen production.

Manuka honey is an active honey collected from antibacterial / anti fungal tea tree flowers. Active, meaning all the enzymes and nutrients are still alive. The UMF (unique manuka factor – the measure of the honey’s anti-bacterial property) of the honey we used is UMF 20+. Manuka honey is hydrating, rejuvenating, healing and anti-bacterial.

Propolis is a potent anti-septic / anti-bacterial nutrient that accelerates wound healing and is one of the best ingredients to treat various skin disorders including fungal infections, acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc. .

Although these bee ingredients have a tremendous amount of skin beneficial nutrients, we were cautious of using them because 100% Pure loves animals and don’t want any bees harmed. Although some people are indifferent toward bees because they’re thought of as mere insects, to us, all animal life is precious and should be respected. Bees are miraculous animals that are necessary for pollinating our food supply and so we carefully researched and interviewed our supply chain. The bee keepers we worked with explained that their bees are their partners and do everything possible to not harm them. After finding out the care they put into not harming the bees, it gave us confidence to produce these amazing soaps.

Besides the royal jelly, manuka honey and propolis, the other ingredients of these 100% natural soaps are: saponified oils of virgin coconut, extra virgin olive oil, rosehip seed oil and grape seed oil; shea butter; avocado butter; vitamin E and natural flavors.

Because of the high nutritional contents of these soaps, they can be used on the face as well as the body.

We hope you love and enjoy your honey lather!

Susie Wang
Founder & Chief Creative Ambassador

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