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First Day of Summer


Sunday, June 21st isn’t just Father’s Day but also the official first day of summer! Enjoy your summer days and look gorgeous by embracing the ‘naked’ look! Nobody does naked better than 100% Pure! 100% Pure products are stripped of all the harmful, harsh chemical toxins that are found in most cosmetics. We launched our first naked palette in 2006 and inspired the industry to follow!


Skip heavy creams and ditch your full coverage base makeup. Summer’s the time to simplify! 100% Pure’s tinted moisturizer gives you enough hydration and coverage for long, hot summer days! Plus, there’s added antioxidants and vitamins to shield your skin against environmental damage and zinc oxide in this all natural formula for sun protection.

Made popular by our cult favorite naked palette, this splendid beige-y pink blush gives you gorgeous, subtle color without making it look too obvious.

Glide on this creamy eye shadow all over your lids for a golden glimmer. Never over powering but leaves just enough golden sparkle to brighten and open up your eyes.

Although ‘Blackberry’ is a richly pigmented black undertone, there is also a beautiful hint of sparkling blackberry shimmer for a more interesting and softer look than your traditional black. Dark enough to still give your eyes definition and drama but with a glamorous iridescence.

ALL OVER GLOW – Lightly Sun Kissed
Adds radiance with just a hint of a sun kissed glow. Never too dark or orange but the perfect amount of bronze luminosity. If you want deeper color, try the ‘deeply sun kissed’ all over glow. Light reflective pigments diffuses lines, wrinkles and other imperfections while imparting a dewy creaminess to your complexion. Perfectly pairs with your tinted moisturizer, great on bare legs, shoulders, arms and everywhere else you want to highlight.

This formula is very simple – 83% vitamin E from organic rice bran and the perfect warm pink colored from berries! Berry pigments are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins for youthful lips. The vitamin E plumps your lips by drenching them in deep moisture. A stunning lip gloss that’s also a moisture rich, anti-aging treatment.

Susie Wang
Founder and Chief Creative Ambassador

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