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How to Get the Most from Your Naked Palette

Top application tips for getting gorgeous with your Naked Palette!

Written by: 100% PURE ®
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As quarantine warnings and mask mandates have continued to relax, we’re ready to make a ton of plans this spring: going out to brunch with friends, concert trips, and maybe pregame for summer with some sunshine and splashes. And for our first “real” spring in two years, you’re going to need a makeup palette that can keep up!

Enter our Fruit Pigmented® Naked Palettes: a collection of beautifully pigmented, high-performance eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter, colored only with fruits and vegetables. Keep reading for our top application tips for how you can get the most out of yours!

The Naked Palette Family

Our palettes come in a stunning trio: Pretty Naked, Berry Naked, and Better Naked. See below for a breakdown of each one including shades, undertones, and more!

Pretty Naked Palette.jpg

Pretty Naked

Behold our original Naked Palette! Our Pretty Naked Palette has remained a staple for 100% PURE since we created it. It’s perfect for creating an effortless, natural look that emphasizes your own beauty.

Created with soft neutrals for the eyes and pearlescent pinks for the face, you’ll be floored by all of the possibilities that come with the Pretty Naked Palette. And as you might expect by now, our Pretty Naked Palette is colored with vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable pigments, and no synthetic dyes.

The Pretty Naked Palette includes 5 shades (blush, highlighter, 3 eye shadows):

Pink Champagne: A pink-toned, luminescent highlighter with pearly-gold shimmer

Pretty Naked: A sheer, peachy-nude blush

Flax Seed: A pale, pinkish eyeshadow with taupe undertones

Toffee: A silver-toned, taupe-gray eyeshadow

Chestnut: A chocolatey-bronzy eyeshadow with rosy undertones

Berry Naked Palette.jpg

Berry Naked

Our Berry Naked Palette is perfect for when you want a little bit of romance added to your look. With a trio of metallic and nude eyeshadows, accompanied by an extra-delicate dusting of pearly pinks and peaches, the Berry Naked is incredibly versatile. You can use it to create the perfect everyday look. And when the sun sets, you can take out the Berry Naked Palette again for evening wear.

Of course, each signature shade is colored with vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable pigments. The Berry Naked Palette includes 5 shades (blush, highlighter, 3 eye shadows):

Illume: Pale, dusty pink highlighter with a pearly shimmer

Afterglow: Rustic peach-pink blush

Beam: Nude gold eyeshadow with soft gold flecks

Splendor: Deep, taupe-brown eyeshadow with a bronze shimmer and charcoal undertone

Vivid: Deep, charcoal-purple eyeshadow with flecks of ruby sparkle

Better Naked Palette.jpg

Better Naked

Our Better Naked Palette turns up the temperature by adding deep, rosy tones and combining them with high-performing neutrals and gilded metallics. Perfect for date nights, concerts, and maybe even creating that classic smokey eye.

And as always, each signature shade is colored with vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable pigments. The Better Naked Palette includes 5 shades (blush, highlighter, 3 eye shadows):

Fox: Beige pearly-gold, luminescent highlighter

Bunni: Rosy nude blush with warm undertones

Kitty: Golden shimmering eyeshadow with warm undertones

Bear: Milk chocolate brown eyeshadow with rosy undertones

Butterfly: Deep taupe eyeshadow with charcoal undertones

Naked Palette Highlighters

Pretty Naked
Pink Champagne: A pink-toned, luminescent highlighter with pearly-gold shimmer. Try these tips:

  • Combine with a pink-toned blush (like Pretty) to amp up the pearly pinks, without overdoing it

  • Skip the blush altogether for an extra-sheer tinge of pink in the cheeks

  • Swipe along cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge and tip of the nose for a glowing, sculpted look

Berry Naked
Illume: Pale, dusty pink highlighter with a pearly shimmer

  • Subtly contour and sculpt the face by swiping along your cheekbones and brow bones

  • Mix a small amount into your lip gloss for a soft, shimmery lip

  • Apply under the arch of the brows to highlight

Better Naked
Fox: Beige luminescent powder with pearly-gold shimmer

  • Create a golden, sun-kissed look by swiping this warm-toned highlighter across your highlight points

  • Use in the inner corners of the eyes for a subtly wide-eyed, more awake look

  • Wear with bronzer for extra summer vibes

Naked Palette Blushes

Pretty Naked

  • Combine with Pink Champagne for a subtle, romantic everyday look

  • Wear with bronzer for a sculpted, summer goddess look

  • Create the perfect nude lip by adding to some clear lip gloss

Berry Naked

  • Apply to the apples of the cheeks for a rosy, hyper-feminine look

  • Dust a tiny amount onto the bridge of the nose, creating the appearance of sun-kissed skin without the sunburn

  • Balance out with Illume for a simple, yet multidimensional look

Better Naked

  • For a contoured look without actually contouring, add to the cheekbones at a slight angle along with Fox, creating the illusion of extra bone structure

  • Apply to the apples of the cheeks for a warm, peachy glow

  • Wear with bronzer for a sun-kissed summer look

Naked Palette Eyeshadows

Pretty Naked

  • Deepen the creases of the eyes with a little bit of Chestnut, and apply Flax Seed to the inner area

  • Use Chestnut as an eyeliner, while highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with Flax Seed

  • Apply some Toffee to the inner crease of the eye, and add Chestnut to the outer corner, carefully blending in the middle

Berry Naked

  • Apply Splendor to the creases, and swipe the lids with Beam

  • Take the same look above, and add Vivid to the outer corners

  • Use Vivid as an eyeliner, while highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with Beam

Better Naked

  • With the shade Bear, gently apply into the crease of the eye, and blend with a fluffy brush, before going over the lids with a bit of Kitty

  • Apply Bear into the crease, and add some Butterfly to the outer corner

  • After priming the eyes, apply Kitty to the crease, and with an eyeliner brush, line the eyes with Butterfly or Bear. Butterfly tends to look best with blue and green eyes, while hazel and brown eyes look beautiful with the rich tones of Bear

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