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How To Get Flawless Nude Makeup

Amplify skin’s glow with 3 stunning natural makeup looks, custom picked nude products, and tips for how to do nude makeup!

Posted on October 13, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®
100% PURE products

What Is Nude Makeup?

Nude makeup, no-makeup-makeup, natural makeup… all of these über popular makeup trends share a common thread: simple, neutral, and stunning -- with room for customization. ‘Nude’ makeup is meant to capture your skin’s natural coloring, then amplify and draw attention to those shades. This is a guide for celebrating the nude trend, getting expert nude makeup advice from a green beauty expert, and to show you what products to use to customize your own nude makeup look!

Looking for a natural makeup look that enhances your natural beauty? Sounds like nude makeup is right up your alley! The versatility that comes with using a nude color palette is not to be underestimated: this color palette can easily be soft, sultry, or edgy. You can add smokiness to your gaze with deeper tones of brown eye shadow or eyeliner, add a dimension of natural shimmer to skin by using nude toned metallics, or play up the rosiness in your cheeks and lips by using nude pink tones. Nude, natural makeup is your outlet for experimenting with a more simplified palette, and making sure that your gorgeous complexion remains front and center.

Nude, Natural Makeup Looks by @veganbeautyreview

We tapped vegan beauty guru Sunny of @veganbeautyreview to get her take on the nude makeup trend, and she’s created 3 flawlessly natural makeup looks using only fruit pigmented® makeup! Get the scoop below!

100% PURE: What does it take to pull off a gorgeous nude makeup look?

A great nude look boils down to an effortless ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. It involves using basic neutral colors that complement your skin tone.

100% PURE: What is it about nude makeup that makes it a lasting trend?

Nude makeup is a timeless, classic makeup style. It's a great way to show off and celebrate natural beauty.

100% PURE: Any skin care or makeup tips for creating a flawless nude makeup look?

A perfect nude makeup look starts with a flawless complexion. You'll want to moisturize and prime your skin, before using a concealer under your eyes and over any blotchy spots. You can follow with foundation, but I personally love using a tinted BB cream because they're multitasking and provide light, natural coverage that doesn't look overdone.

Blush (can use bronzer instead) should have only a light tint, similar to your natural coloring. For eye shadows, stick with subtle, matte beiges, browns, earth tones, and blend well. Lightly line your eyes and then add a bit of dark brown mascara.

When it comes lips, go with either a neutral lip gloss or a natural-toned lipstick.

I like to finish off the look with a light dusting of transparent powder to minimize shine and kind of set everything in place.

100% PURE: At any given time, what skin care or makeup faves can be found in your purse?

I'm a lip balm fiend, so I always carry 1-3 lip moisturizers in my purse at all times! I also like to have a nude liquid lipstick and finishing powder on hand for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

100% PURE: If you could only live off 5 beauty staples (skin, hair, makeup) for the next year, what would they be?

If I had to live off of 5 beauty products, they would definitely be:

Dry shampoo: Obsessed with this stuff! In a pinch, I use a bit of arrowroot powder or cornstarch.

Tinted lip balm: I always have to have my lips moisturized, and tinted lip balm adds a perfect hint of natural color.

BB cream: I love how BB creams are so multitasking! They cover flaws and even out skin tone, they moisturize, provide SPF, fight wrinkles, etc. LOVE.

Mascara: Nothing makes eyes pop more than a great, defining mascara! It transforms the face, in my opinion.

Jojoba oil: I use this stuff to wash my face, remove makeup, moisturize - there are so many uses, and it's so good for the skin.

100% PURE: We'd love your feedback! What are your favorite 'nude' products that you've tried from 100% PURE?

I'm gaga over 100% PURE Pretty Naked Palette. It has the most flattering shades of shadows and a blush that’s perfect for a nude look. The luminizer is just to-die-for, too. Obsessed! I also adore 100% PURE’s Lip Caramel in Butterchew, a pinky brown nude. The color is ace, and the formula is mega moisturizing and feels amazing on the lips. Another favorite of mine is their Luminous BB Cream. It provides light to medium coverage that still looks natural. It gives skin a bit of a glow, and I love that it has SPF 15, too!

Sunny's Nude Makeup Look #1: Sandstone

Nude Color Focus: Brown Nude

Sunny focused this gorgeous natural makeup look around our ultra moisturizing matte lipstick, Sandstone: a warm, camel nude lip shade. This nude makeup look features luminous cheeks, a warm nude lip, and softly shimmery shades of brown eye shadows that compliment Sunny’s pretty brown peepers.

sandstone look

How to get Sunny's Sandstone look:

After applying Luminous Primer and foundation (Sunny is wearing BB Cream Shade 10 Luminous), grab your Pretty Naked Palette.

Using a rounded blush brush, softly dust apples of cheeks with Pretty Naked Blush (or your favorite nude shade of cheek color -- scroll down for our top blush picks!). Using an angled contour brush, gently swipe Naked Palette’s fruit pigmented® luminizer onto bridge of nose, high points of cheeks, and tip of nose.

For eyes, Sunny used all three eye shadows from the Naked Palette: Flax Seed (nude, dusty rose), Toffee (taupe grey with silver undertone), and Chestnut (rich, chocolate-bronze). For medium to deep skin tones, apply Toffee and Chestnut first, then use the lighter Flax Seed as a blending shade or for a pop of light highlight, as opposed to an all-over color.

PRO TIP: Using flat shader brush, start with the shadow that most closely matches your skin tone. Then, using a smudger brush, layer next darkest shade at outer corners of eyes and below the waterline. Use a small but fluffy brush to apply your darkest shade in your crease and outer corner. Finish by tapping that same brush back into the first color, then gently buff into the lid just above the crease.

Complete this look with a mascara that will enhance volume and give your lashes a natural, feathery finish, and of course, the stunning warm brown Sandstone lipstick.

Sunny's Nude Makeup Look #2: Calendula

Nude Color Focus: Rosy Nude

This second nude makeup look is centered around the gorgeous dusty pink nude shade, Calendula. Infused with anti-aging, sweet smelling pomegranate oil, this pinky nude offers a faint coral undertone and semi-gloss/ satin finish. Sunny used rosier tones on her lids to complement the soft pink in Calendula lipstick (and the gorgeous hue of her hair).

calendula look

How to get Sunny's Calendula look:

Apply Luminous Primer and your pick for foundation (not sure which one will be best for your customized nude look? Keep scrolling!). Using a soft, rounded blush brush, apply Pretty Naked blush from either Pretty Naked Palette or the blush tin itself to the apples of your cheeks.

On lids, start with Bahamas to get a truly nude, shimmery base. This creamy formula makes a great base for the pressed formula of Pretty Naked Palette blush, which is used here as an eye shadow (this will enhance your rosy glow, since it’s the same shade you used on your cheeks). Use a flat shader to apply the blush to lids, then a crease brush to buff color seamlessly into your crease. For added dimension, add the rich cocoa bronze of Chestnut into corners of eyes.

Complete this look with a volumizing natural mascara and a semi-gloss, rosy nude lipstick.

Sunny's Nude Makeup Look #3: Butterchew

Nude Color Focus: Pinky-Brown Nude

Sunny’s final look features the mega-luxurious Butterchew Lip Caramel: a pinky brown nude. This silky, glossy liquid lipstick is laced with natural vanilla flavor and nourishing vitamin E, making it a softening, delectable dessert for lips.

butterchew look

How to get Sunny’s Butterchew look:

Apply Luminous Primer and your favorite foundation (not sure which one will be best for your customized nude look? Keep scrolling!). To warm up the pink tones in this look, grab Cocoa Berry Lip & Cheek Tint, then swipe on the apple of each cheek. The clay red tone of this creamy, vitamin rich formula will give skin a tan glow and natural flush.

On lids, you’ll be using all 3 shades in your Pretty Naked Palette! Begin by grabbing a shader brush to apply the the lighter shades to lids, then a fluffy crease brush to buff darker shades seamlessly into your crease. To ensure your natural makeup looks is seamlessly blended, finish by using your crease brush to buff the lightest eye shadow above the edge of your crease; this will prevent a harsh line between where your darker shadow stops and your bare skin begins!

Finish with a lash strengthening, separating mascara formula, then dab and swipe the silky smooth Butterchew Lip Caramel onto your lips. Voila!

PRO TIP: Want a super refined application of your silky liquid lipstick? Remove Lip Caramel wand from tube, then dab your handy retractable lip brush into the puddle of liquid lipstick sitting on the tip of the wand sponge. Line lips and fill with the precision tip of this purse-friendly makeup brush.

Nude Makeup Tips

Start by understanding the color and tone of your skin. This will help you understand what exactly ‘nude’ means for your particular skin tone. For example, if your skin is a deep tan with yellow undertones, chances are you’ll want to stay away from cosmetics with cool or rosy undertones. Pick out the general color + undertones of your skin and complexion, then match with products that will blend seamlessly or gently pop on your skin.

Stay away from vibrant hues. While we all love a show-stopping bold lip or pop of color around the eyes, there’s no room for them in a nude makeup look. The goal here is strategic subtlety: keep your skin the star of the show, only accenting it with muted or earth tones that fall in line with your skin’s natural color wheel.

Look for shades of beige, pink, peach, and brown. These 4 undertones are present in every skin color, in some variation or another. Each can come in both a warm or cool version: for example, while most think of beige as yellowish (warm), there can in fact be pink beige, too! So since there are endless shades of beautiful human skin tones, it can help to start your search for nude makeup by narrowing it down to these 4 basic colors.

Use a facial primer to ensure nude shades won’t disappear on your skin. Picked the perfect eye shadow shade that subtly enhances your skin tone? Make sure it shines to its fullest potential with a good natural facial primer. If your skin is on the oily end, or you simply love a poreless matte finish, grab our Mattifying Primer: this silky smooth wonder is sans silicone and made with skin plumping seaweed collagen for more supple skin. Love luminous skin? Our Luminous Primer is vitamin infused, laced with anti-aging resveratrol from grapes, and gives your skin a radiant glow using responsibly sourced mica.

Best Nude Makeup for Fall

We’ve selected the best nude makeup products from 100% PURE: a carefully selected collection of fruit pigmented, naturally shimmery cosmetics to give you a natural glow that’s perfect for fall. Check out the breakdown by each makeup category!

100% PURE Facial products

Foundation for Nude Makeup

To give skin a healthy, radiant glow, prime face before your foundation with vitamin and antioxidant rich Luminous Primer, made with anti-aging resveratrol and soft shimmer from mica. For foundation, we love Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer for a natural makeup look: it has an impeccable balance of light, dewy weight and impressively opaque coverage. Your skin’s natural luminosity can still glow, but you get the benefit of balancing skin tone, covering redness, and blurring imperfections with light-refracting bamboo silica. Looking for a specific finish and coverage level for your personalized nude makeup/no makeup/natural makeup look? Check our fave picks below:

Sheer Coverage:

Water Foundation

Mostly sheer with a balanced tint of color and dewy finish

Light Coverage:

BB Cream

Semi-sheer with SPF 15 and a dewy finish

Medium Coverage:

Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer

Opaque coverage with luminous satin finish

Full Coverage:

Healthy Foundation

Opaque coverage with matte finish

Nude Blush Makeup

We chose variations of earth toned blushes in cool, neutral, and warm undertones to suit any skin tone. Earth tones and nudes go together like peas and carrots, so you’ll be sitting pretty with our fruit pigmented® blush picks for your personalized nude makeup look:


Pink Plum pressed blush

Earthy berry with cool, mauve undertone


Peach pressed blush

Peach nude with neutral undertone


Cocoa Berry Lip & Cheek Tint

Clay nude with tomato red undertone

Mascara for Nude Makeup

Lash-strengthening, cocoa and tea pigmented Maracuja Mascaras are ideal for nude looks! The silky maracuja oil in the formula evenly coats lashes for a soft, feathery finish. We’ve picked our top 2 mascaras for nude makeup looks -- match to your complexion for your personalized pick:

To give skin a healthy, radiant glow, prime face before your foundation with vitamin and antioxidant rich Luminous Primer, made with anti-aging resveratrol and soft shimmer from mica. For foundation, we love Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer for a natural makeup look: it has an impeccable balance of light, dewy weight and impressively opaque coverage. Your skin’s natural luminosity can still glow, but you get the benefit of balancing skin tone, covering redness, and blurring imperfections with light-refracting bamboo silica. Looking for a specific finish and coverage level for your personalized nude makeup/no makeup/natural makeup look? Check our fave picks below:


Maracuja Mascara: Dark Chocolate

Deep, cocoa brown


Maracuja Mascara: Black Tea

True midnight black

100% PURE Pretty Naked Palette

Nude Eye Shadows

We have SO many drop-dead-gorgeous nude eye shadows that we had to reign ourselves in when picking our favorite shades! Our Satin Eye Shadows are creamy formulas in glass screw-top pots, and our Fruit Pigmented® Eye Shadows are pressed powder formulas in clear clamshells. Tend to lean towards dewy finishes? Go for creamy! Prefer more matte? Go for pressed! Check out our top picks for nude eye shadows below:


Flaxseed (pressed)

Nude with dusty rose undertone


St. John (creamy)

Pale nude with rose undertone and ultra light shimmer


Jeju (creamy)

Apricot-peach nude with soft sparkle


(superfine sparkle throughout)

Java (creamy)

Creamy, warm coral-nude with gold undertone

Gilded (pressed)

Warm, true gold with tan undertone


(larger, scattered sparkle throughout)

Bahamas (creamy)

True, semi-sheer nude with warm sparkle

Vanilla Sugar (pressed)

Pearly beige nude with warm sparkle


Maui (creamy)

Deep copper-bronze with soft sparkle

Quartz (pressed)

Neutral, rosy brown metallic

PRO TIP: Want a more straight-forward approach to nude eye shadows? Pick up one of our fruit pigmented makeup palettes for a built-in trio of pressed, neutral shades. Our fave makeup palettes for nude looks? The original Pretty Naked Palette for softer nude looks, and Pretty Naked II Palette for deeper, more dramatic nude looks.

100% PURE Lipsticks

Nude Lip Colors

Nude Lip Colors

We’ve got more than a few favorites when it comes to fruit pigmented® nude lipstick shades, but we’ve narrowed down the list for your viewing pleasure! Instead of letting synthetic dyes and iron oxides near your precious lippies, we’ve used fruit pigments, fruit oils, and achiote seeds to pigment these luscious, lip softening beauties. Read on for a complete breakdown of our nude lip offerings, organized by finish:


Sandstone Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

Warm, camel nude

Satin: (opaque)

Calendula Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick

Dusty pink nude

Satin: (semi-sheer)

Fruit Pigmented® Lip Glaze Sultry

Warm, peachy brown

Glossy: (opaque)

Lip Caramel: Butterchew

Pinky brown nude

Glossy: (sheer)

Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss: Juicy Pink Grapefruit

Warm, pinky nude

PRO TIP: Already using Cocoa Berry Lip & Cheek Tint on your cheeks? Sneak this beauty onto your lips using fingers, or retractable lip brush for more precision. This will make matching your lips to your cheeks a no-brainer!

Obsessed with all things nude? We don’t blame you. Check out the 3 easy nude nail designs we came up with using 10-Free trio of Truffle, Velouria, and Pinkerton. Need help transitioning your makeup from summer to fall? We’ve got you covered! Stick with our blog feed to keep track of fruit pigmented® natural makeup tutorials, keep up with new product launches, and more!

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