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How to Add Volume to Lashes

Tips on keeping lashes healthier with the best volumizing mascara, and 3 mistakes you could be making with your lashes

Written by: 100% PURE®

What’s the best way to look flirty and fresh? It’s all in the eyes -- or in this case, the eyelashes. Batting a lush, fluttery lash is only possible when you’re using the best volumizing mascara. Much like the hair on our heads, eyelashes can grow and strengthen with proper care and conditioning. That’s why we infuse our lash products with vitamins and oils that keep the lashes long and strong. Below we’ll share key best practices for lash care, along with all the info about 100% PURE mascaras and why they’re way more than a hair above the competition.

100% Pure Maracuja Mascara application on eyes

3 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Lashes

Before complaining about short, sparse, or straight lashes, see if there’s anything you can improve in your daily routine. There are a few ways you can help improve your natural eye fringe. Your lashes will be more voluminous if you follow these tips!

Always Remove Makeup

First, always be sure to take your mascara off fully every night! This rule is so important and it’s alarming how many women do not follow it. Traditional mascaras have ingredients that can become harmful to the eye – parabens, aluminum and petroleum, to name a few. These can have severe side effects, not to mention that it causes lashes to dry and fall out much quicker. Using a strong but gentle eye makeup remover ensures not only that your mascara isn’t causing you harm while you sleep, but preps for a better lash application in the morning!

Avoid Chemical Lash Serums

One interesting way that many of us are harming our lashes is by trying to do just the opposite. There are so many products on the market now targeted towards healthy lash growth. They have outrageous claims, and while often they do stimulate lash growth, they also have some bad side effects including skin staining, eye staining, temporary or long-lasting vision impairment, and worse. Often times, if use of the product is discontinued, the lashes can all fall out, and may not grow back. If you’re set on using growth products for lashes, we recommend a non-comedogenic oil with natural growth stimulants, like the vitamins found in our mascaras.

Skip Damaging Lash Extensions

If you can help it, avoiding lash extensions, false lashes and harsh, toxic lash glue will go a long way in maintaining your lashes and improving your lash health. Some of the worst ingredients we’ve seen in lash glues include latex (a common allergen) and formaldehyde. Yes, as in body embalming fluid, formaldehyde. For lash extensions, the glue can linger in our lash line for weeks, deteriorating our natural lashes and irritating our eye area. Even for single use lashes, glue can clog up the hair follicles totally stunting our lash growth. We believe that all products we apply on our skin and hair should be healthy, which is why we felt a natural mascara would be the perfect alternative to the toxic lash options saturating the market.

100% Pure Maracuja Mascara

Find the Best Volumizing Mascara

Think about the mascara you’re currently using. Is there anything you would change about it? In our experience, the mascara we have tried in the past was missing a little something. The mascaras we used to use would leave our lashes brittle and our eye area stained with a muddy grey cast. Either the formula was a tad too wet, causing spots and smudges on the rest of our makeup, or the brush was a little too thick and didn’t allow us to define the lashes just right. Waterproof mascara would require rough scrubbing to remove, and usually resulted in leftover product on the lashes. Some formulas were so strong and scented that our eyes watered at the mere hint of a swipe.

When we began crafting the 100% PURE mascaras, we wanted to treat every style and length of lashes while utilizing ingredients that are actually good for the lashes and skin. Our mascaras are formulated without harsh, harmful ingredients. Once you get to know them, these babies will be the only mascaras in your beauty arsenal able to leave your lashes healthier than before.

passion fruit flower

Maracuja Mascara

Vitamins known for enhancing hair health, such as vitamins B and E, are found in our Maracuja Mascara. B vitamins, including biotin and niacin, are known to stimulate lash growth, meaning stronger and more voluminous lashes. They direct blood flow, and therefore nutrients, to the lash follicles for healthier lashes. Combined with vitamin E, which helps to keep lashes lubricated, strong and grow longer, our Maracuja Mascara is almost like a deep conditioning treatment disguised as a mascara.

Where a majority of mainstream mascaras contain ingredients that actually cause our lashes to fall out, our Maracuja mascara is designed to strengthen lashes. Take for example the namesake ingredient – maracuja oil. This miraculous oil introduces enriching fatty acids which help to prevent lash loss, lash breakage and stimulate lash growth. Also consider the aloe in this formula. Not only is aloe soothing for the skin around the lashes, but also it is hydrating for our eyelash hairs and conditioning. Within weeks of use of this vegan, all natural, fruit-pigmented formula, your lashes should be softer, shinier, longer and fuller. Select from three different shades: dark brown, blackberry and black tea, and nurture your lashes with a host of healthy ingredients.

Ultra Lengthening Mascara

If you like dramatic lashes, this next mascara option is for you. Our Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara has a slender wand for extreme definition and a fan-like flutter perfect for any eye shape. Cocoa butter in this product moisturize the lashes and provide a silky formula while rice powder gives the formula the perfect thickness allowing for volume without clump. Berries including raspberry, blackberry and black currant, contribute natural fruit dye to the formula as well as providing antioxidants that help to support healthy hair and hair growth in the lash area. The berries also help boost collagen production in the lashes for more lashes, thicker lashes and longer lashes over time. Along with the protein and fatty acids found in the seaweed included in this recipe, our Fruit Pigmented Mascara includes vitamin E, oat protein and coffee. If you are looking for the best natural mascara for lengthening lashes, this is certainly it.

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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