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5 Grapefruit Juice Benefits for Your Health

Grapefruit juice benefits are real – and your gut has something to do with it

Written by: 100% PURE ®

We all know that beauty begins from the inside. While we often tout the benefits of topical skin care products, keeping nutrient levels in balance is just as important. Sufficient nutrient and water intake leads to an improvement in overall health – and this extends to your skin, too!

An easy way to get more nutrients into your diet by drinking more grapefruit juice. Try it fresh squeezed in the morning, or eat whole sections of this bittersweet fruit to reap the benefits of its juice and flesh. The best part is that grapefruit juice benefits your skin, too – in a few ways you may not expect!

4 Grapefruit Juice Benefits for Your Health

This pink wonderfruit has many advantages, both directly and indirectly related to skin health. What goes into the body will inevitably show up on our skin; for example, more water means a more hydrated appearance. More sugar means more inflammation in our body and skin. The same goes with drinking grapefruit juice and experiencing its far-reaching benefits.

Delivers important nutrients Grapefruit juice benefits include its potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium content, among others. Its high levels of vitamin C are especially important to skin health; when ingested, this nutrient plays a role in helping your skin protect itself against UV rays. Enough vitamin C (both via food and beverages and topically) is also key for supporting collagen, and a brighter overall complexion.

Hydration is important to maintaining the appearance of your skin – and dry or dehydrated skin will mean more visible fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily, you can supplement your water intake with water-rich foods. Grapefruit is composed of mostly water, so it can help provide plenty of hydration for your system.

Promotes immune health
Vitamin C is synonymous with immune health: its antioxidant content means better protection from microbes. Research shows that vitamin C can help shorten sickness time for colds; grapefruit juice offers the same benefit. Keep juice in your lunch bag or a grapefruit in your purse to stay healthy on the go!

Helps improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Studies have shown that those who eat grapefruit regularly showed improvements in blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol levels. Grapefruit’s potassium and fiber content may be responsible for helping to lower cholesterol levels by 15%. Lowering these risk factors promotes good heart health and reduces the likelihood of heart disease.

While these advantages are wonderful, they only skim the surface of what grapefruit can do for you – and your skin.

Gut health
The Link Between Gut and Skin Health

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of grapefruit is its ability to help your gut microbiome. Recently, we’ve been learning more and more about how the gut affects the body – and how critical a healthy gut is for your overall health. As your largest organ, this relates to skin, too!

While poor gut health may not lead directly to poor skin health, it is a factor that can exacerbate skin conditions. An imbalance in your gut bacteria and poor digestion can lead to unwanted symptoms such as:

  • Skin sallowness

  • Dark circles

  • Congested pores

  • Acne

One study even suggests that people with acne have different gut bacteria than other healthy patients. Another discusses the prevalence of gastrointestinal issues in those who have acne. Bloating is up to 37% more common in those with acne and other skin conditions caused by excess sebum.

An imbalance of bad bacteria in your gut can lead to increased intestinal permeability. This can compromise your body’s absorption of nutrients, leading to constipation and bloating. Plus, it affects your ability to retain all of the vitamins and minerals you eat – and these nutrients are important to maintaining skin health.

Ultimately, your digestive issues and skin conditions might be caused by an overgrowth or lack of gut bacteria: both lead to poor skin health. Balancing your gut microbiome may lead to a clearer complexion, if that truly is the root of your issue.

Wondering how grapefruit juice benefits your gut and digestion? First, eating the juicy fruit raw means you’ll be consuming a fair amount of fiber. Fiber can help prevent constipation and keep your gut working smoothly.

Consuming healthier drinks and foods can influence your gut bacteria, too. Grapefruit is a wonderful choice because of its nutrient content, especially if you reduce other simple carbs and sugars from your diet.

Grape fruit juice
Is Grapefruit Right for You?

Before you add this fragrant citrus juice to your breakfast routine, understand that like all citrus juices, it contains citric acid. If you’re not careful, this can wear away at the enamel of your teeth. If you already have sensitivities, you might need to avoid grapefruit or take certain precautions. Here are some steps you can take to enjoy grapefruit juice benefits.

Avoid contact with your teeth; using a reusable or biodegradable straw while drinking grapefruit juice can help protect your teeth. The added plus is that these are environmentally friendly, and will help keep your lip color from smearing!

Rinse your mouth with water; this is to help wash away any citric acid that may be sitting on, behind, or between your teeth.

Brush after 30 minutes. The citric acid softens your enamel; brushing right away can damage it. Rinse your mouth after consuming grapefruit then wait at least 30 minutes to brush, giving your saliva time to neutralize the acid.

PRO TIP: Some medications you take may interact with grapefruit, too. Among them are immunosuppressants, benzodiazepines, and indinavir; talk to your primary care provider if you have any concerns.

How to Sneak Grapefruit Juice Benefits Into Your Diet

Since this tangy delight is so versatile, there are a number of ways to enjoy it. We’ve given you just a few tips to get your imagination going!

Choose a pink or red grapefruit to eat. Rather than reaching for a white grapefruit, the higher beta carotene and lycopene levels will be found in pink and red varieties. These antioxidants have numerous protective benefits for your skin.

Add grapefruit juice to your smoothies. If you don’t enjoy the tart taste, you can still enjoy grapefruit juice benefits by adding it to a smoothie. Try adding pineapple, coconut milk, and banana to mask the bitterness!

Drink grapefruit juice in the morning (or evening). A morning glass of grapefruit juice benefits your senses, salivary glands, and gets your digestive system going. The grapefruit scent can help wake you up, too. An evening glass of grapefruit juice benefits your sleep because it contains tryptophan, a naturally occurring, sleep-promoting chemical.

Use grapefruit in your salads. This fruit can provide a tasty contrast to your greens and other veggies. Try it with balsamic dressing, glazed pecans, and arugula!

PRO TIP: The aroma of grapefruit is ultra-refreshing and energizing, making pink grapefruit shower gel the perfect choice to revitalize your body and spirit in the shower. Pink grapefruit protects against sun damage and tones skin while hyaluronic acid, green tea, and rose hydrosol hydrate and nourish from head to toe.

If this wonderfruit isn’t already a part of your diet, we hope you’re convinced of grapefruit juice benefits! Choosing to incorporate nutrient-packed fruit into your everyday life means a more sound body and mind. These decisions can, in turn, inspire you to make other healthy choices throughout the day. Make grapefruit a part of your New Year’s resolutions!

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