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Difference between Eye Creams and Face Creams

When formulating a face / eye cream, there are 2 categories of ingredients.  Some ingredients, we want absorbed into the dermis (below the surface of your skin) and some ingredients we want left on the epidermis (surface) for topical moisturization.  A lot of cosmetic companies nanonize their active ingredients encased in polymers which acts as a delivery system to reach the dermis.  The issue with polymers is that most are made from plastic or other unhealthy petro-chemicals.  Instead of using plastic based polymers, 100% Pure has a proprietary technology to make our active ingredients get absorbed into the dermal level.  We customized a machine that spins and sucks in / out the active ingredients to change their molecular size for easy absorption into the dermis.  For ingredients left on the surface for topical moisturization, we alter the % based on what skin type the cream is for.

A question we get asked frequently is if you can use 1 product that serves as both face and eye cream.  The simple answer is that it’s ok to use an eye cream for both but we don’t recommend a face cream for the eye area.  The reason is because the pores around our eyes are approximately 10 times smaller than the pores on the rest of your face so if you use a face cream on the eye area, the active ingredient may not get absorbed easily.  Additionally,the eye area is a lot more delicate, sensitive and 3-5 times thinner than the rest of the face and is prone to show signs of aging faster so it has different needs.



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