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100% Pure devotees already know that 100% Pure products are absolutely the healthiest and always without synthetic chemicals, artificial colorants, perfumes, chemical preservatives or any other toxins.  But even the most passionate 100% Pure fans may not know that we even go a step further and don’t use fillers either.


Fillers don’t contain any nutritional value and are only used to fill space to cheapen formulas to maximize profits.  A commonly used filler is read on the ingredient list as PEG which is polyethylene glycol, a petro chemical (PEG is usually followed with numbers which represents the weight against the velocity of water).  100% Pure doesn’t even use water. Instead, we use skin soothing and hydrating organic aloe juice and organic rose hydrosol.  We don’t believe in fillers because we want every single ingredient used to have skin / hair nourishing benefits.


Because every ingredient used for 100% Pure is so healthy, we use unrefined, cold processed ingredients and never heat our formulas above 115 degrees. Although it takes a lot longer to cold process manufacture, we feel the extra time is worth it if it means retaining all the nutrients.  The more nutritious the formulas, the more healthy for your skin.


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