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The Best Nail Strengtheners for Natural Nails

How to keep nails healthy with cuticle oils and other treatments

Written by: 100% PURE®
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We’re all about health and beauty from head to toe – and that includes our nails! To be honest, it can be hard maintaining natural nails. One wrong move and a lovely, even manicure turns into a broken and chipped mess.

We’ve figured out that the key to keeping our hands looking nice is to focus on strong, manicured nails. And while it sounds too good to be true, we’ve got the download on the best nail strengtheners and how to make nails grow fast. Stay tuned for a quick guide on caring for natural nails.

Where Does Nail Strength Come From?

We can’t speak for everyone, but personally, we’ve pretty much always struggled to keep or achieve strong nails. Sure, there are times when some of our nails are strong, but they don’t tend to last long. That got us thinking, what determines nail strength? It can’t all be using the best nail strengtheners we can find.

Nails are partially made up of keratin, a protein natural to the body that’s native to our skin and hair as well. Keratin is made by the body and absorbed or synthesized through diet.

For example, foods rich in omegas, protein, and vitamin A – like eggs, mangoes, and sweet potatoes – are a natural way to boost keratin. Our body can also generate keratin for standard maintenance of our hair, skin, and nails and as an inflammatory response.

For the most part, our research determines the final word on the best nail strengthener is that a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of hydration for the nails can keep them long and strong. The question here is, if diet plays such a huge role in nail strength, why do so many of us struggle with weak, brittle, or uneven nails?

What Compromises Nail Strength?

It’s the case for many of us that it’s not just how we’re caring for our nails but also how we’re potentially damaging our nails that may have the most impact. There are a whole host of regular, everyday – even necessary – activities that can cause damage to the nails. Take a look at these simple actions that can hit our nails where it hurts.

We’ve all heard the taunting phrase, “scared you might break a nail,” but there are quite a few household chores that expose our nails to damage. Many cleaners like soap for dishes, scrubbing agents, and laundry detergent are designed to strip out oil and moisture.

Many of us are not realizing that we’re effectively soaking our nails in cleaning chemicals that are destroying nail strength. These types of activities can either leave our nails soggy and flimsy with no strength at all or super dry and brittle where they snap at even the slightest tap.

Beauty Treatments
We all knew this was coming. We love nail polish and nail extensions as much as anyone else, but no one can deny that they take a toll. Not only do many forms of nail styling and different types of toxic nail polish expose us to harmful chemicals, but the repeated scraping, filing, scratching, and soaking cause long-lasting damage that takes years to recover from. Enter the best nail strengthener to support the reversal of that damage!

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The Best Nail Strengtheners for Natural Nails

Though recovering or building nail strength can take some patience, luckily, it isn’t difficult to do. Here’s a simple 3-step guide that, along with the right products, is truly the best nail strengthener strategy out there.

Focus On Hydration and Health
We talked about how the right foods help to feed our body’s ability to produce keratin. Diets rich in protein and vitamin A, plentiful in foods like sunflower seeds, garlic, salmon, and carrots, feed the hair, nails, and skin.

Ensuring the hands are well moisturized with a vegan long-lasting hand cream will help protect the nails from drying out, keep our cuticles hydrated, and keep our nails moisturized and shiny.

Time to Edit the Nail Care Routine
Yes, yes, we have to say it…it is time to cut back on the damaging nail styling. Give the acrylics a break for a few months, and you’ll likely see amazing results. Swap toxic or gel polishes for one of our clean Zer0 nail polishes, and put down that crazy strong nail polish remover!

Experts advise using a gentler polish remover for those looking to recover nail strength. Establish good manicuring habits, like filing from the outside in. And, of course, avoid filing the bare surface of nails like the plague.

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Embrace the Best Nail Strengtheners

Nail & Cuticle Oil – 100% PURE
Cuticle oil is 1,000% necessary in keeping the nails healthy, and our Nail & Cuticle Oil is one of the best nail strengtheners. Not only does it feed the new growth area of the nail, but it keeps them soft and flexible. Not to be too dramatic, but no one likes a crusty cuticle.

Premo Hand, Nail, Foot Treatment – KHUS + KHUS
A hemp and coconut oil-infused treatment means the skin is going to quickly and happily soak in lots of loving moisture. This is another of the best nail strengthener treatments that create super-soft surfaces and nails perfectly primed to grow.

Rose Infusion Cuticle Oil – KURE BAZAAR
Yes, it looks as pretty and feels as luxurious as it sounds. This is a light oil that glides on. Our cuticles and nail beds adore it for keeping brittle nails and dry skin at bay.

Harmonic Healing Oil – INNERSENSE
We’re sensing a bit of a theme here…but it’s true. Oil is the fast track to getting long, strong nails. An oil like this is great for protecting, healing, and promoting strength without being greasy or synthetic.

Tips for Fake Nails/Cuticle Health

Though we can’t fully endorse nail extensions or press-on nails because of the chemical exposure that ultimately comes with them, a 100% natural nail lifestyle isn’t for everyone. So, what best nail strengthener tips can we apply to those of us that enjoy various forms of nail styling?

  • Protect the hands when doing chores and using household cleaners

  • Maintain outstanding hydration of the cuticle area

  • Limit time with nail files

  • Give the natural nails a break between nail sets

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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