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How to Pull Off Blue Eye Liner

Wondering how to apply pencil eye liner that’s, well, BLUE?! Peep our best tips for sporting sapphire liner!

Written by: 100% PURE®

Is your basic beauty routine giving you the blues? Mix it up with colored liner to add some pop to your peepers! Eye makeup colors in vibrant shades like neon green, vibrant pink, and varying shades of blue are trending for the spring season. We're seeing this trend play out with colored mascaras, bright washes of colorful shadow on the eyes, and striking, inventive liner looks that inspire us all to try something new.

Whether your go-to liner look is a sharp cat eye, a smoky grunge look, or a retro baby wing, this color can work for you! Keep reading to find out how to apply pencil eye liner that’s blue, using our Creamy Long Last Liner in the shade Royal. Time to make your eye makeup beauty dreams come true!

Finding the Perfect, Long Lasting Eye Liner

You might think that a blue liner isn’t for you, and we get it – trying new things can be scary, especially with beauty. Just remember: it all washes off at the end of the day, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new favorite look!

This eye liner is sure to become your newest obsession, with a silky feel that glides across the skin like butter. This is a vegan liner (yay!) with enriched ingredients that support skin and lash health. The jojoba base of this liner moisturizes the skin but helps decrease excess sebum production, which is great news for those of us that get oily lids. The mango seed oil also in this formula has also been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time.

This blue eyeliner is a rich, denim-navy blue that works with your fashion and beauty looks all year around. It’s the perfect pair to brown eyes, and equally as alluring on greens and hazels. It can help give your eyes amazing definition, or subtle sexiness with smokier looks. Blue isn’t your thing? Check out more pencil eye liner shades to find your long lost love!

How to Apply Pencil Liner: Best Practices
  • Always start with moisturized skin – this includes your eyelids! Our moisturizing Super Fruit Oil or de-puffing Coffee Bean Caffeine eye creams will work perfectly!

  • Try applying your eye makeup before any face makeup. This can prevent unsightly fall-out that can discolor your foundation later on.

  • For applying, you have two options: apply directly to your eyelid or use a liner brush to achieve your desired look.

  • Be sure to prime the lids beforehand, with an eye shadow base or concealer for the best pigmentation and the longest, smoothest, crease-free wear.

  • You can set your liner with either a translucent powder or eye shadow in a similar shade. This prevents the liner from getting greasy and smearing throughout the day, and also creates a mattified look.

Blue Eye Liner 3 Ways

How to apply a graphic eye liner look:

  1. Starting with moisturized skin and primed lids, apply your sharpened liner directly to the lid in a straight sweeping motion from the inner to outer corner.

  2. Retouch any skin peeking through behind the lash line, until you've achieved your desired color intensity.

How to apply a winged eye liner look:

  1. Following the steps above, extend the line outwards following the angle of your lower eyelid, upwards toward the tail of your brow.

  2. Get a razor-sharp edge with either a wipe, a straight liner brush and a little make up remover, or a Q-tip and our Blood Orange Cleansing Balm.

How to apply a smokey eye liner look:

  1. Start off with the graphic liner steps.

  2. From there, use a small, dense makeup brush or Q-tip to smudge out the liner. First use your tool with no product. When the edges are properly blended out, apply some of the liner directly onto the tip of your tool and press that as close to the lash line as possibly, for a smokey, gradient effect.

Still feeling blue? Check out our favorite tips for wearing blue mascara! For more eye makeup tips, start with our handy eye makeup guide, then head on over to our collection of step-by-step makeup tutorials!

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