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A Natural Lip Color Story

Experience stories and swatches of berry, red, pink, and nude lipsticks!

Written by: 100% PURE ®
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‘Tis the season for kisses, bright beauty looks, and wishes coming true. On our holiday wish list is a natural lip color that lasts through chilly days into twinkling light-filled nights. Join us for a lipstick journey through seasonal and year-round lip colors to make any makeup look an unforgettable one.

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mauve lip colors.jpg
The Mauves

Who doesn’t love a mauve lip? It is a universally flattering shade, meaning it brings out the warmth in brown and olive just as nicely as it pairs with porcelain and tan. It’s the perfect everyday shade, meaning our office lip can easily transition for date night. Soft and delicate – and sometimes a little edgy – mauve is our go-to anytime we’re feeling indecisive.

The lovechild of roses and caramel, this creamy Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick is what mauve lipstick dreams are made of. She takes inspiration from sweet holiday treats for a warm rich base that makes this an easy shade to wear day or night, with only a little (or even a lot) of makeup.

Plume Pink
This shade is the younger, hopeless romantic sister of Savanna. Plume Pink is rosier in hue and nude where Savanna is warm and rich. This true, fleshy pink paired with a flushed cheek and fluttery lash is utter perfection.

We started with a chocolatey brown and made it sweet with a hint of pink. A subtle malted milk chocolate shade, this is the perfect nude lip color for tan and medium skin tones. This mauve-tinted lipstick looks like a cool brown on fair complexions, and reads as a pale nude for darker skin.

Lighthearted yet sophisticated, Foxglove is a mature doll pink that combines mauve, peach, and berry for a color that satisfies the goal of “your lips but better”.

pink lip colors.jpg
The Pinks

Romantic and sweet, pink lips make for the perfect natural lip color. They easily complement a light, bare, or minimal face. What’s more is that there’s a perfect pink for everyone; from vibrant fuchsia to a pale blush. We love our pink lips most for daytime, and they pair perfectly with a shimmering, glittery eye.

Strawberry Cactus
A freshly ripened strawberry red, take a bite of this coral-inspired peachy pink.

If you can’t imagine the perfect muted, deepened neutral pink, take this irresistible shade for a spin. Since its launch, it has catapulted into the slot of our #1 best-selling pink lipstick.

Just a touch cool, just a hint of dusty rose, and all pink perfection. This antique pink shade looks irresistibly coquettish on darker skin tones, and adds a beestung tinge to fair complexions.

We love coral so much that we’ve made it in every depth and undertone. This time we’ve reimagined coral undertones in a nude, neutral pink lipstick.

This juicy shade reminds us of fruity bubblegum, and tastes just as good as it looks on the lips.

Almost mauve but not that simple, this super cool pink is deep, velvety, and mysterious. Try it with dramatic lashes and winged eyeliner for a sweet mod throwback.

Plume Pink
While this shade can appear mauve on some skin tones, lighter complexions and a softer application will transform this versatile shade into a daytime pink.

red lip colors.jpg
The Reds

When we think about go-to makeup for the holidays, a red lip is always the first thing to come to mind. It is classic yet exciting, feels celebratory, and can create a full makeup look all on its own.

Desert Rose
If all our favorite berries were blended together, that would create this deep and irresistible shade of blackberry jam red.

Ever seen a red so vibrant that it seems to glow from within? This is it: an orange infused, full-coverage, long-wearing matte lipstick.

Blood Orange
With just the right amount of rust, brick red, and dynamic berry, this fruity hue perfectly embodies the flesh of its namesake fruit.

This deep and dramatic shade of red is a seductive combination of true red and wine. Try this vampy red for your holiday Zoom call with the fam, or on a virtual first date.

This moisturizing satin lipstick flaunts hues of ripe tart cherry and fire engine red.

This rich berry wine red transports us to our own private oasis: curled in front of the fireplace with fluffy socks, our favorite show, and a glass of merlot.

Made for the bold, this totally opaque darkened maroon has tones of crimson and eggplant, perfect for lasting all day and well into the night.

berry lip colors.jpg
The Berries

Rich, vibrant, and daring, berry shades range from soft strawberry to deep plum. Amazing for any skin tone, berry lips not only make an excellent natural lip color, but can be layered up or worn glossy to intensify the look.

A deep rich wine that’s the heart hue between berry and red.

A fuchsia pink that conjures up dreams of days spent exploring the vibrant streets of this colorful city.

A warm and vivid berry-purple, this full-coverage shade is reminiscent of burgundy blossoms and sugar plums.

Married hues of rich, warm pink and juicy raspberry make this festive berry red perfect for holidays or nights.

We combined mauve, nude, and red for an utterly unique, cool toned shade that looks like the flush of a first kiss.

A warm, rich purple that looks incredible with just a single swipe or layered up to decadent perfection.

Pumped full of heat with the right touch of sweet, this berry-inspired red is flirty and striking. We won’t judge if you end up enraptured with your reflection while wearing, just like this shade’s namesake.

nude lip colors.jpg
The Nudes

We’re well aware this is everyone’s favorite category. Is there any occasion that isn’t suitable for a nude lip? Whether glossy or matte, a nude lip is a power move that exudes sex appeal and style through simplicity. While some prefer a nudes-only color palette and others like a mix of everything, we can all appreciate the range in tones that this natural lip color category has to offer.

Chocolatey and cool toned, with a kiss from a rose.

A sprinkle of spice warms up this camel brown-nude that compliments warm and olive undertones.

Neutral, luscious, and utterly effortless: that’s how we’d describe this particular nude shade. Soft pink and warm sand are just two undertones in this fruit pigmented® stunner.

Buttery and golden, this natural lip color brings out the warmth in any skin tone or makeup look.

This rich nude lipstick is a velvety, cool-toned sepia with strands of gold and butterscotch.

Bee Balm
This warm shade enlists tones of toasted peach deepened with hints of mauve and cocoa.

A lovely nude-pink with a squeeze of berry, suitable for any skin tone or occasion.

Pink Sand, Garnet.jpg
Brand New Holiday Shades

Let’s just say the holiday season couldn’t come soon enough this year. We’re so excited for everyone to celebrate near and far in some sweet new natural lip color shades! Available in a limited edition holiday gift set, this stunning duo of colors is sure to brighten your day.

Pink Sand
Quite possibly our most romantic pink shade yet, this moisturizing matte lipstick shade is sure to be an instant hit. With a blend between nude pink and dusty rose, this medium pink lipstick compliments any skin tone with ease.

Taking inspiration from seasonal shades like cranberry and hollyberry, this new matte lipstick shade is a classic red. Garnet is a deep brick red with zero pink or berry undertones, and does justice to its namesake gemstone.

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