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The 3 Best Natural Shower Gel Ingredients

Which ingredients to look for, which ones to dodge, and how to choose your perfect shower gel

Written by: 100% PURE ®

When you get out of the shower, how does your skin feel? Ideally, we should feel refreshed and moisturized with happy skin – itching and tightness are not normal after using body wash!

Are you lathering up with skin happy ingredients, or just using the same old soap that leaves your skin feeling stripped and squeaky? We’re spilling the bubbles on a little secret that makes our shower gel formula conditioning, more natural, and beneficial for your skin. We know you’ll feel inspired to make the switch to a better bathing routine!

Before You Wash: Have You Seen These Ingredients?

We’ve said it before – skin is our largest organ. As arguably one of the most important “organs” we have, what’s just as important as what we put on it is what we don’t. That’s why we’re creating cleaner products with a mission of celebrating natural ingredients and using them to our advantage.

Take for example fragrances in shower gel. We all love a product that smells nice, and it definitely adds to the experience when we're using it, but most of the time fragrances aren't included as a simple perk.

Some fragrances are alcohol-based meaning they're drying out our skin every time we apply that product. Furthermore, perfumes are usually included in products to mask the odors of other ingredients which when you think about it, is a bit alarming.

If a product is good for our skin, should it really be giving off an odor that then needs to be covered up? We didn't agree, which is why our products are scented with essential oils, real citrus peels, and food-grade essences.

Parabens have definitely become a mainstream dirty word, and we love the awareness spreading about how harmful they can be, but many of us still don't know or understand the risks.

Parabens are used as preservatives in many skin care products and while that sounds innocent enough, they're linked to skin inflammation, hormone disruption, and have been linked to certain cancers. Even with a relatively minimal risk like skin irritation, does using that fancy (probably overpriced product) seem worth it?

Sea weed
Get to Know Your Shower Gel

What’s in a name might smell as sweet, but what’s in our formula is even sweeter. We like to start our shower gel off with an aloe base for a few reasons; first, because it offers unparalleled healing and soothing properties for skin.

ALOE is anti-inflammatory meaning it helps relieve active irritation on the skin as well as itchiness, scarring and burns. Not only is the gel extracted from this plant calming for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, but the gel is also incredibly hydrating for skin.

Aloe juice makes an ideal base for our shower gels because our skin can absorb hydration as we’re cleansing, while also treating any irritation we might have, especially after shaving or rough seasonal weather.

Our next key ingredient comes from the sea, bringing with it beneficial minerals and vitamins for the skin. SEAWEED is naturally detoxifying, helping to purge surface collagen and moisture destroying toxins that have gathered on our skin’s surface.

Environmental stressors like toxins and temperatures can also lead to dry skin, flaking, dullness, and a loss of firmness. Luckily, humectant properties help to seal in our native moisture levels, while pulling in water from our environment (in this case, our steamy shower) for enhanced hydration.

The seaweed and algae used in our shower gel formulas contribute skin-plumping seaweed collagen, along with amino acids and anti-aging vitamins A, C, and E.

Rose water

We promised to spill the bubbles on our formula, and we can’t do that without touching on ROSE HYDROSOL. One of the longest running skin care ingredients in history, roses are linked to the lifestyles and routines of goddesses like Aphrodite and queens such as Cleopatra. Despite its modern reputation, roses are certainly not a basic skin care ingredient.

This delicate floral treats a plethora of skin issues. Great for calming redness and soothing for skin irritation, it’s one of the most sought after ingredients for sensitive skin. It’s an effective hydrator, while the tiny oil molecules present in rose hydrosol will also aid in moisturization. Not only does rose water help with the texture of our shower gel, it helps to create calming and harmony for a feeling of pure bliss.

Soft, Not Stripped – How Shower Gels Get You Clean

Instead of using harsh ingredients common in mainstream shower gels, we opt for clean alternatives like saponified coconut oil. This surfactant is derived from naturally antibacterial coconut oil. The cleanser brings with it conditioning and moisturizing elements of its mother coconut, without being heavy, greasy, or oily. We love how this cleansing agent is mild, unscented and compliments our hydration-first approach to skin care.

Saponified coconut oil is a cleansing agent that is both naturally derived and gentle for all skin types. The biggest reason this type of cleanser is worlds better for your skin than conventional alternatives: it gets you clean without over-stripping your natural lipids.

A Body Wash for Every Occasion

Not sure where to begin your shower gel journey? These are our favorite formulas for every mood!

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