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Natural Eyeshadow Guide

Discover new favorites from our collection of natural eyeshadows that are so nourishing for skin, they might as well be eye cream!

Written by: 100% PURE®
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If your makeup bag is packed with clamshells and palettes full of eyeshadow, you’re in good company here. Despite your exhaustive collection of shades, have you ever considered how safe they are to applied so CLOSE to your delicate eyes?

If you’ve ever wondered about the dangers of conventional makeup dyes and chemicals, perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative. For those of you looking for a healthier option, we’ll introduce dozens of eyeshadows colored from fruit — including matte, cream, metallic, and shimmer formulas. We’ve laid out an extensive eyeshadow guide for our fruit pigmented® formulas — with shade descriptions for all!

100% PURE Eye Shadow

What Colors Natural Eye Shadow?

Rather than using harsh synthetic dyes, our expertly pigmented natural eyeshadow shades are made from fruits and veggies. 100% PURE has the patent on this truly revolutionary beauty breakthrough — know any other brands who can say the same?

Our ingredient lists look more like a grocery list instead of an eye shadow ingredient list: peaches, apricots, tomatoes, strawberries, papayas, black tea, plums… We aren’t formulating our dyes out of C14499 or Red Dye #2, Yellow #5. Our dyes feature ingredients such as goji berries, carrots, and blackberries — good to eat, safer to wear than petrochemical dyes.

100% PURE has truly set the bar higher than ever with natural eyeshadows that you would swear were eye creams. We’re all about working smarter, not harder! We’ve formulated our natural eye makeup in a velvety base of avocado butter and vitamin-packed rosehip oil. Our gluten free eyeshadow formulas are produced with superfine rice starch for smooth, even application.

Now that you’re fired up over finding eye makeup that’s actually good for skin and safe for eyes, let’s help you pick a few shades of natural eyeshadow that are perfect for you!


Natural Powder Eyeshadow Guide

Vanille: matte light, nude apricot

Star Bright: soft gold sheen with yellow undertones

Vanilla Sugar: sheer peachy nude sheen

Flax Seed: soft neutral matte nude

Ginger: matte pink nude

Cinnaban: light shimmery copper with pink undertones

Gilded: warm, glittery true gold

Petal Tip: sheer matte pink with nude undertones

Sugared: medium brown with cool pink undertones

Gold Espresso: sheer golden light brown


Bronze Gold: metallic bronze with a golden sheen

Quartz: sparkly copper brown mauve

Fig: deep pewter shimmer with brown undertones

Mink: medium plum brown

Teddy: medium brown with golden sheen

Bronze: matte warm reddish brown

Cacao: matte espresso brown with cool undertones

Potatoe: matte deep cedar brown

Bamboo Charcoal: matte pewter gray with blue undertones

Black Platinum: shimmery pewter gray with blue undertones


Natural Cream Eyeshadow Guide

Java: neutral nude sheen with pink undertones

Maui: warm, deep plum-brown with golden shimmer

Caribbean: soft, light pink-nude with shimmery silver undertones

Bahamas: cool, medium pink nude sheen

Barbados: neutral, chocolate brown shimmer

Bora Bora: warm, honey-brown with golden shimmer

Fiji:: light, walnut brown with golden shimmer

Halo: true pearly white with cool-toned shimmer

Star: warm, yellow-gold shimmer

Tahiti: warm, peach sheen


Natural Eyeshadow Palette Guide

Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette

Luster: Warm bronze with plum undertone and shimmer

Gleam: Pale, rose nude with pink undertone and shimmer

Glimmer: Rose gold with metallized shimmer


Fruit Pigmented® Pretty Naked Palette

Flax Seed: Pale pink-nude with taupe undertone

Toffee: Taupe-grey with silver undertone

Chestnut: Rich, bronze-chocolate with rosy undertone


Fruit Pigmented® Pretty Naked II Palette

Beam: Nude gold with soft flecks of gold sparkle

Splendor: Deep, taupe-brown with charcoal undertone and bronze shimmer

Vivid: Deep, charcoal-purple with flecks of ruby sparkle


Fruit Pigmented® Better Naked Palette

Kitty: Rose gold with warm shimmer

Bear: Light milk chocolate with rosy undertones

Butterfly: Medium taupe with charcoal undertone and rosy sheen


Fruit Pigmented® Mermaid Palette

Shell: Warm gold with moss-green undertone

Sea Glass: Light forest green with subtle gold undertone

Star Fish: Charcoal-purple with chocolate undertone


Fruit Pigmented® Punk Princess Palette

Boyfriend's Band: Pure white with pearlescent finish

Private Show: Bronze, milk chocolate with rosy undertone

Unplugged: Matte black with flecks of superfine silver glitter


Fruit Pigmented® Sex Kitten Palette

Risque: Peachy-beige with pearlescent shimmer

Provocateur: Pale purple with silver undertone

Cat Eyes: Midnight purple with charcoal undertone and flecks of silver sparkle

almond eyes

Eyeshadow Brush Guide

Did you know that our cruelty free brushes were specifically made for easy eyeshadow and makeup application? These are our top 3 eye shadow brushes, but you can read more about cruelty free makeup brushes in our ultimate guide. Your makeup bag, your skin, and all animals thank you!

E40 Brush

Cruelty Free Crease Brush E40

Slim brush perfect for application of natural eyeshadows on the crease of the eyelid. Our vegan makeup brush was designed to fit its small, bulb-shaped tip effortlessly into your inner corner, crease, or brow bone.

E30 Brush

Cruelty Free Flat Shader Brush E30

Small makeup brush crucial for applying eye shadows with intense pigmentation. The flat and tapered top, made of soft vegan bristles, is perfect for precise shadow application. Our Shader Brush is great for applying eye shadow without fallout, and can double as a concealer applicator.

E20 Brush

Cruelty Free Smudger Brush E20

For those of you who love a good smokey eye, you’ll definitely want to add this vegan makeup brush to your toolkit. Our Smudger Brush has soft, dense bristles to perfectly apply and blend eye shadows for a variety of makeup looks. The short, dense bristle head can blend and smudge cream or powder eye formulas.

Have you figured out your eye shape yet? If not, hop on over to the ultimate eye makeup guide where we’ll match you to the appropriate eye shape. Are you living for our makeup and skin care guides, makeup tutorials, and tailored-to-you advice? Check out our makeup and guide pages for more!

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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