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With natural makeup from 100% PURE™ you’ll never compromise your skin’s health while accentuating your natural, gorgeous features. From our award winning, vitamin-rich eye makeup to our stunning natural mascara and eyebrow makeup, our selection of cruelty-free fruit dyed natural makeup is ripe for the picking.

What Makes Our Pigmented Eyeshadow Different?

Did you know that while more than 1,300 chemicals are banned from cosmetics in Europe, only 11 are banned in the United States? Yep, you read that right. When conventional beauty products use chemicals like formaldehyde, carbon black, benzalkonium chloride and ethanolamine compounds (just to name a few), it not only leaves the wearer at risk for dry, irritated eyes and skin, but possible serious long-term health conditions like organ system toxicity and even cancer. We’ll pass.

At 100% PURE™, we’re committed to providing our customers with the naturally pigmented eyeshadow and beauty products that benefit your skin while accentuating your features. Made from ingredients like antioxidant rich black and green teas, avocado, resveratrol, vitamin E, cocoa butter and a variety of fruits for gorgeous color only mother nature can provide. Our nutrient-dense pigmented eyeshadow delivers a look that’s as beautiful as it is clean. What’s more, all of our natural makeup products are cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

Fruit Pigmented® Eyeshadow Products

Find the perfect pigmented eyeshadows and palettes in one place when you shop at 100% PURE™. Choose from a gorgeous selection of perfectly pressed eyeshadows from light vanille to dark cacao and every hue in between. Accentuate the eyes and cheeks with a face palette containing a highlighter, blush and three eye shadows!

Your Clean Beauty Routine Starts Here

When you adopt a clean beauty routine, you’re not only giving your skin the non-toxic products it needs to thrive, but minimizing the demand for cruel, unethical and downright dangerous beauty products.

We carry absolutely everything you need for a clean beauty routine, including a natural skin care finder tool tailored to finding the perfect beauty products to fit your needs. Is dry, sensitive, or acne prone skin an issue? We can help! Is it time to add anti-aging products to your beauty regimen? We can help with that, too! From our Fruit Pigmented® eyeshadow and makeup to the hair & body and skincare, 100% PURE™ is your one stop shop for all things clean beauty.


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