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How to Get a “Yoga Skin” Glow

A breakdown of this trending look, plus a natural makeup tutorial for a healthy flush of color and glowing, luminous skin

Written by: 100% PURE®

Is that the sun coming out, or is it just your glow? If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, it’s that rosy warmth to your skin with a golden, pearlescent shift. We see you shining, girl — and we think we know what your secret is.

Enter, “yoga skin”: a new makeup trend popping up all over the world of beauty (and definitely on our radar for spring). We’ve had strobing and curtain blush and all sorts of wild trends that incorporate blush and highlight over the years, but this one is certainly unique:

It’s diverse

With any trend, there will be some who love it and some who hate it, probably because it just doesn’t flatter them. Yoga skin is different because it simply can’t be unflattering. We’ll get into this more below, but since this look is based on your skin’s natural appearance, it’s all about enhancing the best parts of your face with glow. We also love anything inclusive, and this trend flatters young and mature, dewy and dry, daytime and nighttime, and all occasions in between.

It’s subtle

While there is a certain amount of buildability with any trend, the yoga skin technique stands apart from the Instagram brows and Youtuber lips. This trend is less in-your-face , and more of a natural look — with a boost!

It’s natural

Most of the time when we’re talking about a popular trend, we’re providing tips on ways we can all replicate the fun without the toxicity. This time is different – the cosmetic world finally brought a trend to our turf! You’ll see what we mean below.

So — What Is Yoga Skin?

In the simplest terms possible, yoga skin refers to a pearly-rosy look that replicates our flushed, dewy skin after a workout (or a few minutes flipped into downward dog). The idea is to give the skin a healthy, all-day flush that’s less obvious than pink blush popped right onto the apples of the cheeks. It’s something between a blusher and highlighter, in terms of luminosity and sheen.

How to Get Yoga Skin… Without Actually Going to Yoga

For this look to work, you don’t have to change much about which products you use. In fact, you might continue using all the same everyday makeup products. With this technique, it’s all about how you use the products in your arsenal.

To start you off, here are a few basic tips for attempting the yoga skin trend:

  • Instead of using your liquid, cream, or powder highlighter towards the end of your routine, apply it straight onto your freshly moisturized skin or mix it in with a liquid foundation and blend well into the skin.

  • Keep your skin type in mind (more on this below). If you lean towards dry and know that your skin sips up the moisture in your foundation during the day, prep with a primer or adjust where you apply your glow. Our aloe juice and vitamin E-based Luminous Primer is more than up for the challenge!

  • Remember that the purpose of this trend is to appear natural. Use a lighter or more sheer foundation, don’t use much powder, and go with colors and finishes that compliment or mimic your natural skin tone.

Yoga Skin Natural Makeup Tutorial

This look is super easy to accomplish! We like to create natural makeup tutorials where we’re all considered experts — so don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to pull this one off!

  1. Start with prepped skin. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and prime with your Luminous Primer to prepare for namaste-all-day wear with this lightweight, radiant spring makeup look.

  2. Next, you’ll want to have your base product (foundation) in front of you; we recommend our Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer for the job. Not only does it incorporate real fruits (does it get more natural than that?), but it’s also lightweight and semi-sheer on the skin, with the ability to build to soft, medium coverage.

    If you like the idea of a lightweight foundation but need a bit more in terms of coverage, go with the 2nd Skin Foundation (medium-to-full coverage) or Water Foundation (full coverage). Both will work seamlessly with this technique of creating a radiant complexion, with the former offering a satin finish and the latter a semi-dewy finish.

  3. No yoga skin look is complete without that GLOW! Our liquid All Over Glow infuses skin with a flush of bronze and natural warmth, using superfine mineral mica powder in an aloe juice and pomegranate oil base, to create a your-skin-but-better glow.

  4. To get the application started, pump foundation either onto your palette, onto the back of your hands, or directly into your palms. Add your All Over Glow and a facial oil to the mix. One of the most pure, lightweight options is our silky and soothing Argan Oil.

    This trend works best if all liquid elements are mixed together using hands, and then pressed gently into the skin. You can also use a damp, clean facial sponge and bounce the liquid mixture onto your skin until fully blended.

  5. Continue the rest of the routine by keeping these things as natural and light as possible. You’ll want to lightly set any crease-prone areas with a translucent setting powder.

  6. Finish up with a light wash of color using our Lip & Cheek Tints. Shades like neutral Shimmery Strawberry and warm Peach Glow will mimic skin’s post-yoga flush.

  7. Be sure to spritz your face with a setting spray and voila, you’ve locked in your yoga flushed look!

PRO TIP: Looking for even MORE glow? Hit the high points of your face with our Luminating Crème in Starlight or Moonlight.

Edit for dry skin:

You may need to beef up what you’re using to get that glow, without risking poor results long-term. Add a richer oil to the skin, something with an olive or jojoba base. Over time, you may see more balanced behavior.

Edit for oily skin:

Lots of oil and blush can be a challenge for this skin type. Use a powder to set risk areas and try skipping the facial oil. You can also try applying the Luminating Crème more strategically, to draw the eye to highlight rather than shine.

Super simple, very natural, and just the look we want to wear all spring long. Where are you glowing next with your brand new yoga skin?

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The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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