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Design a Look That’s All About the Eyes

Enhance color and shape with easy eye makeup looks!

Written by: 100% PURE ®
Closeup of woman’s eyes

The eyes have it! Now more than ever, we’re focusing on makeup that enhances the natural beauty of our eyes. But eye looks can be intimidating – rather than a simple swipe of color, eye looks take brushes and blending to create something magical.

We’re embracing natural eyeshadows, mascara, and eye liner to bring your gorgeous eyes front and center. Standby for tips for every eye color and shape, suited to your personal style!

Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow
Color Story

Want a fool-proof way to make your eyes sing? Play up your eye color with complementary or contrasting shades, using natural eyeshadows in satin or shimmer finishes. Reference the guide below for the shade that will fit your eye color best!

Since brown eyes are such a grounding color, they’re able to pull off just about any shade! Royal and navy blues along with vibrant purples are the best duos. Try Fruit Pigmented® Eyeshadow in shades Mink (warm plum purple) or Black Platinum (seductive blue-black shimmer).

Golds or purples bring out the complex hues in hazel eyes, boosting their ethereal nature. Gold Espresso is a sparkling olive-gold that can be blended out or intensified for day to night looks.

Rare and daring, green eyes vary in tone and depth. But no matter the shade, natural eyeshadow in Bronze creates the perfect warming contrast.

Baby blues have never looked sweeter than with a touch of shimmer to bring out your depth. Rose gold natural eyeshadow in Cinnaban makes for a flawless touch. Warm, shimmery, and buildable copper pigment draws mega attention to the eyes.


  1. Start with clean, dry eyelids. You can also prep using your favorite concealer to enhance pigment and stretch the wear of your eyeshadow.

  2. Take a flat shader brush packed with color and press onto the mobile lid of the eye until fully covered.

  3. Using a fluffy blending brush, sweep the same shade into the crease until you create a smooth transition.

  4. You can repeat these steps on the lower lid for a smoked out look, or keep things soft and sweet with eyeshadow on the upper lid only.

  5. Finish off the look with as much mascara as your heart desires, and a defined brow using the Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder.

Eye Shape

It isn’t just the color of our eyes that makes them unique; the shape of the eye is just as impactful. Sometimes we lean into our natural eye shape, and other times we like to transform it – we’ll show you how!

These eyes look naturally more alert and have a seductive edge. Amplify that with Creamy Long Last Liner in Royal or Dark Cacao on the inner rim of the eyes. Deeper shades can pump up the intensity and create that iconic modelesque smize.

Deep and expressive, almond eyes can take the weight of almost any eyeshadow look. For a doe-eyed effect, opt for a thick retro-inspired wing using a long lasting liquid liner. This is the type of look that wears well day or night. A halo eye with Potatoe on the inner and outer corners highlighted by Sugared in the center brings drama while keeping things simple. This color duo looks great on any skin tone and eye color.

Universally seen as kind and endearing, downturned eyes look sweet any way you dress them. For a bold lift, we suggest a long cat-eye flick. Apply our black tea-infused vegan liquid liner to draw the eye upward and outward. A thinner wing with lots of lashes is just the ticket.

We celebrate how any eyeshadow look appears more intense and magnetic on hooded eyes. Balance the eye with smoked-out upper and lower lid in brown, gray, or purple hues. Make the eyes bigger and brighter with a swipe of vegan eyeliner in white on the upper and lower water lines.

These lovely eyelids have a larger surface area, and can handle a wide range of soft and subtle to ultra bold. For a softer look on monolid eyes, apply a peachy pink cream pigment to lids with dry fingers. Buff the color out with a small fluffy brush, then feather the lashes with a volumizing mascara.

For a bolder nighttime look, bring pigment from the lashline to the top of the orbital bone, creating a metallic sheen with plum-bronze Luster. To brighten the eye, add Gleam to the inner corner and diffuse below the lash line.

The bigger the better – and round eyes have size in spades. Add to the doe-eyed look with multiple layers of natural lengthening mascara, or create an elongated shape with a simple wing at the outer corner.

Using a long-lasting eyeliner, start the wing at the outer third of the lash line, drawing straight (towards the temples) rather than following the shape of the eye. Complete the “triangle” by drawing a line to meet the tip of the wing from the outer corner of the lower lash line. Fill in and watch as sweet Bambi eyes transform into a seductive stare.

Natural & Neutral Eye Makeup Looks

Nothing can ever take away our love of neutrals, so we decided to combine two of our favorite things: natural eyeshadows and neutral tones.

Topping the list of product picks is our Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow, best known for winning both the Allure Readers’ Choice and Best in Beauty awards in both 2019 and 2020. This award-winning eyeshadow features ingredients like vitamin E, avocado butter, papaya, and coffee rather than toxic fillers like talc and silica.

Here are the wholesome beauty looks for our neutral lovers out there:

#1: Satin Smoke
Pewter doesn’t get enough shine as a neutral, so make it the star of the show by draping it all over the lid. Dust Vanilla from the brow down to the crease, then combine the two just above the crease for a seamless smoky blend.

#2: 3-Step Eye
We start with a neutral mid-toned shade all over the lid; in this case we’re using Petal Tip. Add depth into the outer third of the crease using a tapered blending brush and shade Mink. Finally, highlight the brow bone and tear duct with Vanilla Sugar for a plush, soft pink eye that hits the tone trifecta.

For the finishing touch, add the Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Dark Chocolate or Black Tea. Paired with a sexy nude lip or a creamy gloss, this eye look never fails to stun.

#3: Lash Blast
One of our favorite go-to looks is the simplest of all. It’s a full eyelid of Gilded blended up to the brow bone, with our miracle Maracuja Mascara layered on for the ultimate volume. The contrast of gold and black draws attention to the eyes, and adds a glamorous intensity without being extreme.

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