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Can Green Tea Oil Save Acne Prone Skin?

How this antioxidant-packed oil helps banish breakouts

Written by: 100% PURE ®
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Anyone who has ever struggled with acne knows how incredible it feels to have a clear skin day. Smooth, glowing skin that’s free of pesky red bumps – what if everyday could be a clear skin day?

Green tea oil is a key ingredient that can help turn clear skin days into a regular thing. Whether you’re struggling with hormonal acne or pimples caused by excess oil and bacteria, green tea oil can help. This is one of the more potent natural ingredients for keeping our breakouts under control – and yes, it’s even safe for oily and acne-prone skin!

Green Tea Oil Benefits

You probably already know how much we love green tea oil. We use it in a few natural skin care favorites you already know and love, like our Green Tea EGCG Concentrate Cream.

We’ll dive deeper into product faves later; for now, let’s focus on all the benefits of green tea oil. What exactly makes this ingredient so helpful for acne-prone skin?

This antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient is the boss of acne-causing bacteria. She comes in and makes sure none of the bad stuff is running amuck by keeping our skin cool, calm and collected. Because of the soothing nature of this powerful ingredient, it’s sensitive skin-friendly, too.

Green tea oil is rated low on the comedogenic scale, meaning it has a low capacity for clogging pores. Of all the face oils you have to choose from, green tea oil is one of the best for avoiding a breakout. Even oily and acne-prone skin types can use it!

Green tea oil sweeps in and saves the day by contributing three big acts of defense. First, it acts as a shield against sun damage. Naturally hydrating, green tea oil keeps skin nourished and balanced with vitamin E. This contributes to our last act of defense: creating balance and harmony with the oils in our skin.

Too little oil leaves skin tight and uncomfortable, while excess oil feels greasy and can cause acne. Green tea makes the perfect mate to our own native oils for keeping sebum levels satisfied.

There are a couple power-packed nutrients naturally occurring in green tea oil that support youthful looking skin, while also providing acne-busting benefits.

First, there’s vitamin A: it works to encourage cellular turnover, support collagen, and improve the look and texture of sun damaged skin. Along with a host of omegas, green tea oil can be like a youth elixir for the skin.

We also get vitamin B in green tea oil, and where there’s vitamin B there’s sure to be smooth skin. Vitamin B works hard to create new, healthy skin cells. It’s the foundation of other known anti-aging agents like niacinamide, which is a known friend of oily skin types.

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Isn’t Oil Bad for Acne?

Many of us – especially those of us that struggle with acne – hear the word “oil” and run. We’re conditioned to think that oil = oily skin, but that isn’t always the case.

Oily skin can be genetic, but it can also be a sign of imbalance. By feeding our skin with the right kind of oils, we can help guide our skin to a more neutral state and diminish our oil-based breakouts in the process.

So what’s the right kind of oil for acne-prone skin? The right kind of oil has nutrients that our skin can use, and it needs to be compatible with our unique skin type. Start with a low comedogenic rating, which rates how similar an oil is to our skin’s natural sebum. So on the non-comedogenic oil scale, how does green tea oil stack up?

Green tea oil rates as a low “1” on the comedogenic scale. It also offers helpful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are needed to reduce the intensity of a pimple. That makes this plant-based oil one of the best face oils for acne-prone skin, joined by grapeseed oil, emu oil, and olive squalane.

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Acne-Friendly Treatments with Green Tea Oil

This oil can be transformative – for acne, for imbalanced and inflamed skin, or anyone who wants an anti-aging boost. Here are the green tea oil products worth checking out!

Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer
This super lightweight moisturizer is designed to soothe and nurture the skin. Aloe and green tea oil bring skin to a harmonious state, with a backup of anti-acne ingredients that keep breakouts at bay. An instantly cooling effect and immediate hydration are just two big benefits of this moisturizer for oily or acne-prone skin.

Green Tea EGCG Concentrate Cream
Softening and protective, this medium weight cream is a favorite amongst combo skin types. A step up in moisture levels from our Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer, this formula is made with both green tea oil and squalane. It’s perfect for daytime, or layering under a light facial oil at bedtime.

Biophile Bio Barrier Nourishing Oil
This formula is made with not one, but two acne-friendly oils: squalane and green tea oil. The green tea oil in this formula is fermented, and joined by both vitamin C and sacha inchi seed oil. This nourishing oil delivers a balm-like finish, intended to soften the skin and achieve moisture balance for more even texture and less bothersome breakouts.

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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