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Earth Day: We are planting one tree per purchase during the month of April

We’re partnering with Trees for the Future.

Posted on April 5, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®
100% PURE products and earth day trees

100% PURE is planting a tree for every product sold. Yes, per product. Here at 100% PURE, every day is Earth Day, and for the month of April we couldn’t help but up the ante when it came to giving back to our dear Mother Earth and the people who care for it.

We were more than excited to be partner with Trees for the Future (TREES). They’re a non-profit organization that helps plant trees in Sub-Saharan Africa. This program provides education and resources to farmers by helping them grow more food and build a sustainable future. Not only does planting trees help communities, but helps reverse environmental degradation and removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We believe a tree anywhere is the world is helping everyone. Did you know that a single tree can absorb 26 pounds of CO2 a year? With moving tradewinds and a rapidly growing globally connected world, clean air should be on everyone’s priority list. No matter where a tree is planted, the benefits will be felt everywhere.

How do the Trees for the Future Program actually work?

Great question! They plant all sorts of trees and plants, and nearly all of the trees are either native or naturalized in the environments where they are planted. TREES partners with local farmers to understand their specific needs and matches them with species that will suit their environment.

The farmers will then learn to grow a variety of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and vegetables. The fast-growing trees are necessary to secure and stabilize degraded lands. Then farmer are helped diversify their fields with fruit trees and hardwoods. Farmers also intercrop vegetables and field crops among the trees to help maximize their space.


How exactly do trees help people?

There are many ways that trees are beneficial to the global population.
We love trees because:

  • They’re the perfect habitat for biodiversity.
  • They create much of the planet’s oxygen.
  • They help combat climate change.
  • They provide fruits, berries, and nuts for all to eat.
  • They can improve the fertility of degraded soils, prevent wind and soil erosion.
  • They help to lessen wind on growing crops and provide shade from the scorching hot sun.
  • They can help reduce stress.
planting trees
What are some of the types of trees that are planted?

Whenever you thinking of planting trees, the classic Oak or Pine comes to mind. TREES has carefully selected particular characteristics such as fast-growing, thorny, fruit and hardwood trees to be included in their Forest Garden.

They plant thorny trees, such as Acacia species, in living fences to protect their fields. The plant fast-growing, multipurpose trees such as: Acacia, Sesbania, Calliandra, Albizia, Leucaena and Cassia species. They plant fruit trees for food to eat and sell, including: mangoes, citrus, cashew, avocado, and jujube. For longer term investment, farmers often want to plant hardwoods such as mahogany, gmelina, and grevillea.

tree areas

Why do we need more trees?

Despite their obvious benefits and global value, humans have cut down nearly half of the world’s trees. That’s the depressing conclusion of a massive ecological study published in the journal Nature, which offers the very first data-driven global tree census. According to the study, there are 3.04 trillion trees planet Earth today, which is roughly 422 per person. Our 3.04 trillion tree estimate is actually seven times more trees than had been previously estimated. While that is some bad news, having an open conversation about it and being proactive brings better news through action for change.

How can I lower my carbon footprint?

There are so many little changes you can make to help the larger goal of helping our Earth.
We’ve gathered a few posts that are worth a second read:

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