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10 Ways to Help the Earth

Unexpected ways to help the environment with natural makeup and skin care

Posted on April 1, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®
  1. Switch to natural cosmetics! You’ll reduce the demand for synthetic, conventional products that have harmful side effects and toxicity dangers.
  2. Avoid cosmetics that use petrochemicals (i.e. paraffin wax, benzene, butyls, ethyls, propyls, methyls). This will increase demand for sustainable ingredient sourcing, and decrease demand for industrial grade ingredients that deplete precious, non-renewable resources (petroleum/ crude oil, coal).
  3. Use products with natural pigments. You’ll reduce demand for, and in turn reduce production of: chemical and synthetic dyes that cause toxic runoff into bodies of water and affect local ecosystems.
  4. Purchase only cruelty-free products, and refuse to support animal testing! One of the most prevalent legal practices of animal suffering and death (100 million per year in the U.S. alone).
  5. Pick safely, naturally formulated cosmetics that won’t harm the environment as they degrade: all 100% PURE formulas are biodegradable in 180 days.
  6. Choose organic whenever possible. You’ll increase the demand for cosmetic ingredients, forcing more suppliers to gain organic certifications for their goods-- leading to higher availability of organic cosmetics.
  7. Find creative ways of reusing empty cosmetic packaging: i.e. blush tins as jewelry trays, foundation bottles as travel containers, and eyeshadow compacts as on-the-go vitamin organizers.
  8. If you return 10 full size bottles tb one of our stores to be recycled, you get one free mini-size product of your choice for your help in reducing waste!
  9. Buy packaging that’s renewable: our blush, powder, cream foundation, bronzer and luminizer tins are all made from recycled aluminum!
  10. By choosing natural and organic cosmetics, you set an example for all who know you, and perpetuate a meaningful awareness of safety and sustainability!

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