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Mascara Secret Ingredients

This makeup staple can level-up any beauty look - but what’s mascara made of? The answers aren’t pretty!

Posted on December 16, 2018
Written by: 100% PURE®
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Bold lashes, with any eye shape or color, add texture and dimension to the face. It helps us to look younger, more awake, and creates the illusion of bigger eyes. Each morning, we can literally feel our hearts expanding in our chests as we layer on coat after coat of inky black, volumizing mascara. But all of this loveliness comes with a catch: most drugstore and non-natural mascaras aren’t made with your health in mind.

So, what’s in mascara? Do you really want to know? Keep reading to find out, and to discover why our natural mascaras are better for your eye health

Aluminum Powder Mascara Ingredients On Our Naughty List

As we mentioned above, not all mascaras are made equal. Many mascaras lure us in with shiny packaging, innovative wands that promise the world – in terms of longer, thicker lashes, of course – and formulas which claim to be new and improved. But have you noticed that most mascaras have only a tiny, little blurb on the outer packaging (in fine print) about what’s in the product? It’s almost as if they don’t want us to know what’s in it… does that sit well with you?

Here’s the bad news: most mascaras have harmful, downright frightening ingredients. WebMD states that some of the original ingredients of early 1900’s mascara included lead and turpentine! These ingredients can cause eye irritation, headaches and dizziness, and results potentially as severe as blindness after long term exposure.

Coal Tar

One commonality between modern mascaras is that they include a variety of parabens used as preservatives, especially in non-waterproof mascaras. The super small pores around our eyes and the vessels within our eyeballs can actually absorb parabens. One of the reasons parabens are so dangerous is because they cause irritation to the skin, mimic estrogen in the body, and disrupt normal hormone function. Parabens have been linked to cancer, with breast cancer being the top result.

Mascara Blog Irritated Eyes

Other common ingredients in today’s mascara include formaldehyde, coal tar dyes, synthetic dyes, and aluminum powder. These names alone sound as though they couldn’t possibly be good for our eyes and body! All have been proven carcinogenic, meaning that by including them in their formulas, mascara brands are fully aware of their cancer-causing potential. These ingredients can also cause mild to severe irritation and allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness, nervousness, asthma attacks, and even organ malfunction. Aluminum powder specifically can have very negative reactions with mercury in our body, creating a toxic environment for our blood and organs. As one of the most common mascara ingredients of them all, coal tar dyes have been linked to Hodgkin’s Disease.

Alternative Mascara Formulas

With ingredients like this, it’s a wonder we’re not falling down ill on a day to day basis. Turn to alternative formulas that have your health in mind, and discover how the journey from leaf to lash makes our mascara a cut above the rest. They make our peepers feel healthy and look fabulous - minus the questionable ingredients.

Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara

This mascara comes in four rich shades with natural pigments of black tea, blackberries, black currant – basically every natural and healthy dark fruit or plant that we could find! This formula includes cocoa butter for conditioning the lashes, rice powder, honey, and beeswax for giving our lashes body and lift. Plus provitamin B5 for strengthening lashes and encouraging healthy lash growth.

Maracuja Mascara

Want lusciously thick, dark, vixen lashes? This is the mascara for you! Maracuja oil rich in fatty acids conditions our eyelashes and moisturizes our eyelid skin for better eye feels all around. Vitamins E and B5 support thick lashes and lash growth without causing eye or eyelid discoloration like lash growth products on the market. Antioxidant green tea and anti-aging seaweed make this mascara not just a healthier alternative, but the one to beat.

Mascara doesn’t have to be harmful – in fact, it shouldn’t be. Stick to options that condition eyelashes, help improve eyelash growth, and use the resources in nature to get rich colors and amazing volume instead of the toxic, harmful ingredients most mascaras expose us to.

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