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How to Make Eyes Brighter

Puffy eyes, dark circles, oh my! We’ll show you how to combat them and brighten your eyes with natural beauty products.

Posted on Feburary, 2 2018
Written by: 100% PURE®

From cucumber slices to color correcting concealers, most of us will try just about anything to brighten our eye area. Besides having a bright smile, our eyes show how happy and youthful we truly are. Living a happy life is all about smiling, laughing and spending time in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, that can also cause us crow’s feet, age spots and dark circles in our eye area. Even with a skin care routine straight out of a magazine, it’s just hard to maintain youthful eyes. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and go back to basics when it comes to health and beauty, which is why we make natural, wholesome and organic skin care to make you feel and look your best. In the interest of being 100% PURE, let’s chat about how to make eyes brighter the easier and smarter way with natural cosmetic products.

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream and Bright Eyes Mask

Day at the Spa with Cucumber

There’s a reason why we associate cucumber slices to a day spent in heaven at the spa. Much like Oprah, cucumbers are rich – in nutrients, of course! And wow, do these watery veggies mean business. These green powerhouses are high in vitamin C that helps with water retention, so if you wake up with puffy eyes just apply a chilled cucumber slice and watch the puff poof away. Cucumbers are also a great source of vitamin E. This vitamin is considered a building block of the skin and is great for moisturizing the eye area to keep the skin bouncy, hydrated and luminous. Pop some cucumber slices while you enjoy a DIY spa at home. Want to extend all this health and pampering beyond only skin care? Throw some cucumber into your makeup mix with our Fruit Pigmented® Tinted Moisturizer. The cucumber within will help soothe, hydrate and tone skin for a healthy, lasting result.

How to Make Eyes Brighter with Caffeine

What’s the one thing that gets most of us up in the morning? We rely on caffeine to get us up and slaying the day and without it we simply don’t feel like ourselves. On top of the energy it gives us to be the superwoman we all are, coffee and the caffeine within can provide a great boost to our skin as well.

In terms of the eye area, coffee can actually help fight bacteria and then redirect blood flow and swelling, which are some of the villains behind dark, puffy eyes. Another perk is its high antioxidant power, which can help fight off wrinkles and blemishes. Once our favorite coffee-infused eye products are applied, our eye bags go from a Celine tote to a petite Chanel clutch.

How to Make Eyes Brighter with Skin Care and Makeup

If you love coffee, the next few products are going to be right up your alley. Want to know how to make eyes brighter with minimal effort? One of our favorite caffeine packed products for brightening the eyes is our Bright Eyes Mask (there’s a reason why we named it that!). Two little eye masks never packed a more powerful punch. These strips feel cool and gelatinous to the touch and go on the eyes like a silky sleep mask. Simply apply, relax, and let these masks do the work for you. This product is high in organic aloe juice, which is naturally anti-inflammatory and healing, and helps to soothe dry under eyes and also helps to plump up fine lines in the eye area. The next top ingredient - matcha - helps to tighten the eye area for that Tyra Banks smize. Finally, organic green coffee creates a trifecta of de-puffing, brightening and tightening power that lasts longer than your morning latte.

Bringing the focus back to beauty, our Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer is infused with green coffee extract. Not only does this concealer use pigments to cancel out undesired darkness, but the coffee inside helps to banish it permanently. Imagine putting on makeup that’s good for you as well as making you look good. We literally cannot ask for anything better than that. P.S. – this is a great little gift for the Galentine in your life.

Finally, probably our most buzzed about coffee product is our Coffee Bean Caffeine Cream. One thing we know is we wouldn’t say no to drinking a coffee while applying coffee-based cream for double the energizing power. This cream has a silky texture that sinks into the skin while keeping the top layer of our skin protected using aloe, rose and vitamin E. The coffee inside helps to redirect blood flow, banish puffiness and give a subtle tightening effect to our pretty peepers. Use this cream in the morning or apply a slightly thicker layer as a DIY eye mask before a long night out dancing and showing off our cute bags (only the kind that can be carried on a strap).

Is it safe to say that eye pampering is in your near future? We say it’s the perfect way to spend any day or night. While it’s fun to experiment with new products and try fun things, ultimately our investments are best applied to what works and contain only healthful natural ingredients. As part of our efforts to get back to basics, we’re revisiting some of our must have, holy grail products that not only provide natural cosmetic options that actually work but have changed the beauty game. Which eye product will you be trying first?

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