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How Can Rice Water Help Your Skin?

Tips for using rice water to improve skin, hair, and body

Written by: 100% PURE®
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Sugar, spice and everything rice: that’s what’s on our wishlist this year! Rice water might seem like a simple ingredient, but a single grain of rice holds beauty power far greater than its size. Rice water is perfect for skin, and should become a daily part of your beauty routine -- but its benefits don’t stop there. If you’ve got dull skin, dryness, or dark spots, try using rice in your regimen to see what this little grain can do. Below we’ll list five key ways rice water can truly help your skin, hair, and body (and all the 100% PURE products to make your product search quick and painless).

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What Kind of Rice Water?

Wait a minute – maybe we haven’t been 100% clear. Rice water is amazing for your skin and hair, but you can’t just use any old rice water. If you want to do a healthy hair rinse, then by all means use homemade chilled rice water on your hair to strengthen, restore elasticity and improve shine. For the skin? Homemade or fresh rice water does work well to shrink pores, create a luminous inner glow and reset the skin, but fermented rice water (aka sake) is like the fresh stuff on steroids. The antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins in rice water are increased in the fermentation process, which is why we prefer fermented rice water for the skin.

Rice Fields Nutrients in Rice Water

We bet you’re just itching to know what nutrients and vitamins this underutilized beauty elixir contains, and we can’t wait to share them! The allantoin in rice water helps to calm skin and promote healing, which is why rice water is perfect for all skin types. Rice water is rich in vitamin A which plays an important role in skin cell production, skin health and firmness. It is one of the key nutrients we look to for anti-aging power in our skin care products.

When fermented, rice water also develops a nutrient called pitera, which is another age blasting component. It helps to increase skin cell regeneration for that ageless, timeless beauty – or as close as we can get without magic. Rice water contains ferulic acid. Besides being useful for helping to eliminate damaging free radicals on the skin, it also boosts the effectiveness of vitamins C and E. We know that vitamin E is essential for healthy, supple skin, but vitamin C – also found in rice water – is great for toning and enhancing brightened skin and a move even complexion.

DIY Rice Water Tips for Beautiful Skin and Hair

So how do we recommend using homemade rice water for skin and hair health? Luckily this is one beauty mystery that’s easy to solve. For hair, you can use it as a daily or frequent hair rinse. Notice after consistent use that your scalp with feel more hydrated and soothe, your split ends will look smoother and your hair will feel silky and shiny.

Use rice water for a quick hand and foot soak, too! Because of all the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, rice water would be an excellent soak to revive aging, dry or uneven complexion on the hands. Try it on the feet for soothing common cold weather foot itch, dry skin and aging skin around the heels of the feet.

We saved the best for last with using rice water on the face. Dip in a cotton ball or pad and use it twice daily as a skin toner. Spritz or splash onto the skin before applying your serums and moisturizers for an enhanced effect. Or even use it as a DIY skin essence and apply layers of rice water in the evening and enjoy waking up to brighter, tighter skin.

100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Lineup Skin Care Made with Rice Water

We have a full range of products utilizing this miracle ingredient, because if it’s good for skin, why wouldn’t we? We love how naturally powerful rice water is for the skin and hair and we are happy to share it with all of our pure beauty lovers. Here are our top (5) products that fully utilize the power of rice water:

Fermented Rice Water Cleanser

Vegan and rich in brightening and anti-aging enzymes, use the power of rice water to eat away any lingering dirt and debris deep within the powers. Rinse refreshed to youthful skin with a subtle, tightened feeling.

Fermented Rice Water Toner

After cleansing, most of us would tone our skin – but don’t go another day without incorporating this lovely product into your regimen. Niacinamide, white mulberry and natural extracts calm the skin, brighten the complexion and totally cleanse the pores for dark spots blasted away and skin perfectly prepped to absorb serums and moisturizers.

Fermented Rice Water Serum

Follow your rice-packed toner with the Fermented Rice Water Serum. Also vegan and packed with super hydrating components, including organic aloe and glycerin, this serum is great for dry to normal skin and those with sensitive or reactive skin types. This serum is great to use day and night and has calming, brightening essential oils including lavender, bergamot and blood orange, which help with long-term skin clarity and calmness.

Dark Spot Remover + Brightening Serum

Brightening Serum

This powerhouse serum uses lemon juice, kojic acid and sake to create rapidly renewing cells so that unsightly blemish quickly becomes a thing of the past. While all the brightening components are natural, the effects are supernaturally good.

Dark Spot Remover

If you thought that last formula was great, this one is the royal flush. Enhanced with nutrient rich papaya for skin cell generation, mushroom for protein and firming the skin and lime extract for undoubted glow, this dark spot remover helps us fight back against all our untimely monthly visitors.

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