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Halloween Look: Botanical Babe

Halloween Look: Botanical Babe

Nature and the flower child inside all inspired us to create our Botanical Babe Halloween beauty look.

1. Apply Luminous Primer.

2. Apply 2nd Skin Foundation with Makeup Blender.

3. Set foundation with Bamboo Blur Powder.

4. Use our Fruit Pigmented Gilded Eyeshadow across entire lid and underneath your water line. (You are aiming for a simple bronze eyed look)

5. Apply a light coat of our Fruit Pigmented Dark Chocolate Mascara.

6. Using our Pink Melon Pot Rouge apply to apple of cheeks and blend out with finger tips.

7. Using real pressed flower petals apply to desired place on face and neck with all natural lash glue. Apply the flower petals from the top of the inner eyebrow all the way down to the apple of the cheek. Apply a few leaves to the neck.

8. Finish the Botanical Babe look with our Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in Sugar Plum Sheer.

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Credits: Makeup: Kelly McCreery, Art Direction: Katie Sarna, Illustration: Brittany McCall

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