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2021 Summer Eyeliner Trends

Easy eye makeup trends to try this summer

Written by: 100% PURE ®
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Nude and neutral tones are timeless, and often occupy our go-to eye makeup looks. But the latest makeup trends of 2021 are all about pops of color, bold textures, and fluttery lashes.

These trends are almost expected after the events of the last year. After so much time spent indoors and in isolation, we’re ready to spread our wings – and what better way to do it than with winged eyeliner?

Oh, and let’s be real: masks are still going to be a fact of life for a little while longer. That gives us even more reason to draw attention to the eyes!

5 Eye Makeup Trends for Summer

After the reign of neutrals, it’s easy to feel like these colorful makeup trends aren’t for you. But we promise that there’s something out there for everyone!

Here are five looks that combine familiar methods with contemporary colors and finishes.

Trend #1: Floating Eyeliner
This floating eyeliner is a lighthearted throwback to the mod makeup trends of the 60s in which eyeliner was added to the crease for a bold, dramatic look. In 2021, replacing the traditional black eyeliner with a chic silver gives this trend a modern, minimal twist.

  • After priming your lids, apply a nude shade of eyeshadow to create a base. This base will help your eyeliner grab hold, and prevent skin’s natural oils from making it slide.

  • To gauge where your crease is, close your eyes one at a time and watch where your eyelid folds. With The Best Pencil in shade Silver by Jones Road, create an arc just above your highest crease, following along from the inner corner outward.

  • If desired, create some extra definition with a winged eyeliner look, either with the same pencil or with black eyeliner.

Trend #2: Color Winged Eyeliner
If you’re used to subtle looks but still want to experiment with color, this is a great place to start!

To make this look even more approachable, we used a powder-based deep blue eyeliner. This allows you to keep your look more subdued while you get comfortable with it.

  • Prime your lids and add a base eyeshadow in a shade close to your natural skin tone.

  • With an angled eyeliner brush, apply a blue powder liner like the Ecco Bella Eyeliner in shade Eggplant (purple) or Mystic (cobalt blue) to draw your wing. Start at the outer corners and wing out the liner, before tracing the inner part of the lid.

  • If you’d like to add more depth and definition to your winged eyeliner, add a deeper shade to the inner half of your lash line. The result will appear as an ombre effect from your tear duct to your wing.

  • If desired, add a touch of highlighter to your inner corners and brow bones for an extra pop of drama.

  • Finish off by curling the lashes and adding mascara, and your look is complete!

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Trend #3: Soft & Blurred Colored Liner
We know that colorful makeup trends can be intimidating not just because they’re bold, but because they seem to demand precision. But that’s not always true!

In the case of this intentionally blurred look, you don’t have to worry about creating picture-perfect winged eyeliner.

For this look, we went with Honest Beauty’s Vibeliner in the shade Electric: a deep matte plum. Don’t dig purple? Go ahead and swap it out for your signature shade – just make sure you use a pencil eyeliner.

  • Prime your eyes and add a neutral base eyeshadow to the lids.

  • Apply your eyeliner by working along the lash line from the inner corner outward. While this doesn’t have to be perfect, try to keep the liner even and flush against the lashes.

  • Once your eyeliner’s been applied, it’s time for the smudging! To complete this step, you can use your finger or a smudger brush – but one perk of using the Vibeliner is its built-in smudger!

    PRO TIP: While smudging, just be gentle with the delicate skin on your lids. If you make a mistake, use a q-tip dipped in a bit of cleansing balm or micellar water for a quick correction.

  • If desired, set the eyeliner with a coordinating shade of eyeshadow by applying with whatever you used to blend it.

  • Once you’ve created your smudged look, finish off by curling your lashes and adding mascara.

Trend #4: Waterline Accents
Whether you’re looking for something extra subtle or just hoping to look more awake, adding a pop of white to your waterline is a classic makeup hack. It helps to widen your peepers, and it’s perfect for mornings after a late night. All in just two steps!

  • To line your waterline, we recommend a creamy, flexible formula that stays in place all day like our Creamy Long Last Liner in shade Bright Eyes. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, smudge the liner across the waterline in short, generous strokes until you reach your tear duct.

    PRO TIP: To access your waterline, use your ring fingertip to gently press the skin on your cheek just below your orbital socket. Don’t pull directly on your eyelid. If you recently sharpened your pencil, be sure there are no slivers or splinters of wood on your eyeliner tip.

  • Finish off by curling the lashes and adding mascara. For a dramatic, Twiggy-inspired look, add mascara to your bottom lashes to create uniform clumps, or add sparse bottom false lashes.

Trend #5: Glitter Liner
Who says glitter is just for the holidays? This year, we say add a little sparkle whenever you can! Adding a neutral, pewter-colored glitter can create a subdued look that works for any occasion.

  • After priming your lids, add a neutral matte shade (close to your natural skin tone) to the lid. This will give your glitter and eyeliner staying power throughout the day.

  • With a black pencil eyeliner, create a wing at the outer corner. Allow it to dry.

  • Finish your winged eyeliner by lining the lash line with our Creamy Long Last Liner in shade Pewter. Gently sketch the silver liner into the black of your wing for a seamless blend.

  • For the glitter step, you have a few options. You can try a metallic eyeshadow over your eyeliner, or a biodegradable glitter. Use a small liner brush to apply your desired metallic shade over the eyeliner.

    PRO TIP: The Pewter eyeliner will make the glitter pop even more, while the weight of the black eyeliner in the wing will anchor and give definition to your eye makeup look.

  • For enhanced sparkle, add white eyeliner to the waterline.

  • Finish off by curling lashes and applying black mascara.

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