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Susie's Makeup Breakdown

Posted by Susie Wang on

Susie Wang

You've asked and here it is! Our founder, @susiepwang's makeup breakdown:

      √  Luminous Primer

      √  BB Cream Shade 10 Luminous SPF 15

      √  Fruit Pigmented Long Lasting Concealer: White Peach

      √  Long Last Brows: Soft Brown

      √  Fruit Pigmented Chiffon Blush

      √  Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in Peach Glow

      (Susie's tip: Use on top of the blush, for a glowy look on cheeks)

      √  Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea (Lots of it)

      √  Long Last Liquid Eye Liner in Black Tea

      √  Fruit Pigmented Shadow in Petal Tip Eye (Lower Lid)

      √  Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow in Tahiti (Used as a Luminizer)

    √  Lip Caramel in Sorbetto (Susie's tip: Wear it very lightly and blott after applying!)

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