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Is Brown Mascara Better for Your Eye Color?

Elevate your eye shadows and make your eye color pop!

Written by: 100% PURE®
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Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed the rapid comings and goings of certain trends, whether it’s watercolor eyeshadow, curtain bangs, or mascara in a color other than black.

Now when it comes to mascara, there are plenty of individuals who would reach straight for the standard carbon black mascara, and nothing else. And yet, there really is a certain kind of quality in a look you get with brown mascara. Even more, it’s a simple way to make a subtle change in your look, even if it's the same staple mascara you’ve used for years, like our Maracuja Mascara.

Ready to experience new depths and new horizons with a product you already know and love? Here’s what you need to know about brown mascara for every eye color, and how to elevate it with eye shadows.

Ultra Lengthening Dark Chocolate Maracuja Dark Chocolate
Brown Mascara for Brown eyes

(for these short sections, pair brown mascara with an eye shadow shade or eyeliner)

Brown eyes are the most common eye color on the planet, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Brown mascara can add some serious definition to brown eyes, especially when you use a bold, defining formula like the ALIMA PURE Natural Definition Mascara.

As for eyeshadow, a great trick among makeup artists is to smudge a warm brown eyeshadow with a coppery undertone on the lash line, which will bring out those hidden intricacies in brown eyes.

And for an even more dramatic look, hints of a warm rusty shimmer with some gilded gold will look especially polished. For this look, we recommend combining the shades “Afterglow” from our Berry Naked Palette, and our Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow in the shade “Star Bright”. The hints of red in the shadow will contrast with any green or gold, making them look extra dramatic. For an even stronger look, we recommend following the eyeshadow with jet black liner on the waterline to add depth.

Brown Mascara for Hazel Eyes

Brown mascara can look especially beautiful with hazel eyes, since they have such multifaceted tones, which can look especially beautiful when you use a mascara that promotes longer lashes, like our Ultra Lengthening Mascara, which is featured in The Good Trade!

To bring out any greens in your eyes, try throwing in a pop of army green. But for a more “true neutral” look to pair with your brown mascara, we recommend warm browns to enhance the natural richness of your eyes, like the ones in our Better Naked Palette.

Brown Mascara for Blue Eyes

Let’s be real: blue eyes are stunning no matter what, but you can make even more of a statement by using brown mascara. That being said, blue eyes are also notoriously sensitive, so make sure to use an extra gentle mascara. We especially love the ERE PEREZ Natural Almond Mascara for sensitive eyes.

As for shadows, it’s tough to beat a brown-toned smokey look, no matter your eye color. Additionally, some reddish undertones of chocolate brown can be the perfect shade for making blue eyes pop, while still creating a subtle, natural look.

Meanwhile, a rich, warm copper makes blue eyes pierce, especially against bronzed skin we especially love our Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow in either “Gilded” or “Cinnaban,” combined with bronzed skin, dewy highlight, and a glossy lip.

large-brown mascara swatches
Brown Mascara for Green Eyes

While all eyes are beautiful, we must admit that emerald-green irises are undeniably striking, and a touch of brown mascara is enough to leave your orbs looking truly ethereal. Why not make even more of a statement, then, with a bold mascara, like the Expressionist Mascara from W3ll People?

Now, for eye shadow: we typically associate copper tones as flattering for blue eyes, but they’re just as gorgeous on green peepers.

Generally though, purple is the most flattering eyeshadow color for green eyes, since it is opposite on the wheel, offering more contrast than any other shade. For green-eyed beauties everywhere, we recommend our Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadows in the shades “Petal Tip” and “Mink.”

Brown Mascara for Dark Eyes

With dark eyes, highlighting becomes key–this is why it’s generally best to stick with deep shades like dark grays, blues, browns, and blacks.

That being said, brown mascara can actually create an interesting contrast with dark eyes, especially when you’re using a clean formula, like the Clean Mascara from HAN Skincare Cosmetics.

And if you’re looking for a natural look for your black eyes, you can utilize neutral colors with the utmost ease. On top of that, some eyeliner can highlight the eyes even more.

As for the finishing touch, the mascara makes a huge difference, not only for the eye color but for the time of day. But for an everyday look, a touch of shimmer, like our Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow in the shade “Vanilla Sugar” is perfect!

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