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Biggest Brow Trends of 2017

We’ll review the hottest looks of the year and the best eyebrow makeup to help you achieve the perfect natural eyebrows!

Posted on December 18, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®
Organic Eyebrows

Remember when styling your eyebrows was as simple as choosing between pencil-thin arches and bushy brows? Not so for this year. What would 2017 be without Huda Kattan’s crazy McDonald’s brows, or the latest Christmas tree brows? Today we’ll give you the scoop on the biggest brow looks of the year, from the out-of-this-world designs to the basic essentials that are setting trends worldwide. To help you round out your brow routine for the year, we’ll also analyze your brow aesthetic and give you short and sweet eyebrow makeup tutorials on 3 looks for every occasion. Yes, we’re brow-obsessed, and we won’t lie!

Organic Brow Girls

Biggest 2017 Brow Trends

Full, Natural Brows

You better put that tweezer down, because 2017 has been about attaining the most natural-looking full brows. No, we aren’t talking about the famous bushy Cara Delevingne brows that brought the bold brow back into style. There’s another trend that’s taking the world by storm: microblading.

There have been so many kinds of brow treatments floating around this year: from taming your wild brows with waxing and threading, to tattoo sessions that promise to perfectly fill in your sparse brows. But microblading has won the vote of the crowd because of the incredible natural end result. A microblading specialist hand draws each hair right under the surface of your skin, producing a smooth natural finish that’s shaped to your heart’s desire. It’s the dream solution for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time staring at the mirror every morning to shape, fill, and tint their brows. If microblading isn’t your thing, though, the perfect natural brow look is also within your reach, thanks to our collection of Fruit Pigmented natural eyebrow makeup (keep on scrolling for a guide on how to use them).

Crazy Shapes (Not for the Faint-hearted!)

On the other side of the spectrum, there are trendsetters who DO want to spend hours crafting the newest brow look to drive Instagram nuts. 2017 was graced by the infamous McDonald’s brows, which, of course, isn’t quite your everyday look, unless it happens to be Halloween. There are more practical options, like the squiggle brows, which still involve using glue and concealer to flatten and hide your natural brows, and finally - the fun part - drawing on the squiggly madness with a gel liner. If you aren’t a fan of taking the effort to fully conceal your own brows, you might feel more comfortable with the feather brow or braided brow. Regardless, you’ll need to pair our Long Last Concealer or Brightening Concealer with our long-lasting eyebrow gel to line those edges for the perfect on-fleek brows.

Colors and All That Jazz

Brightly colored eyebrows are an absolute essential for the magical unicorn and mermaid looks that everyone’s been dying to rock this year. Don’t be afraid to throw on some sparkly glitter, too! You can be a unicorn too by using our Bright Eyes Creamy Long Last Liner to first coat your eyebrow hairs, and then layer on one of our fruit pigmented® eyeshadows or tints for out-of-this-world color.

What’s Your Brow Aesthetic?

So how much have you been keeping up with the latest brow trends? Fear not, there’s still plenty of wiggle room to express the depths of your soul with your eyebrow makeup habits. Your eyebrows can express a lot to others, but do you ever wonder what your favorite brow products say about you?

100% Pure Grean Tea Fiber Brow Builder

Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder: You’re all about working with what you have to achieve the perfect natural eyebrows. You love a handy little tool that will immediately add natural-looking definition and pigmentation to your precious brows with the flick of a wand. Our brow applicator is designed to help boost sparse eyebrows into lush heaven.

100% Pure Brunette and Taupe Powder

Fruit Pigmented Eye Brow Powder Gel: You love an all-in-one solution that will tackle all of your brow woes. This gorgeous, naturally-pigmented brow powder works as a formidable brow filler that will fix up your sparse brows in no time. A smooth natural finish to your brows makes you feel ‘put together’ and ready to tackle the long day.

Long last Brows

Long Last Brows: Your phone camera better be within arm’s reach so you can snap a selfie and show off those Instagram-worthy brows! Strong brows are your forte, and this rich, creamy eyebrow gel is your best friend for achieving a look with that extra oomf. Armed with our Cruelty Free Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush and Long Last Concealer, you’re capable of creating the perfectly sculpted brows with that dreamy arch and sleek tail. You love to be in full control and our Long Last Brows collection won’t fail you

100% Pure Eye Liner Lip Brush

Brows for Every Occasion

Ready to be a brow guru yet? Here are 3 brow looks you can easily create with our extensive Natural Eyebrow Makeup collection.

Everyday Natural Brow Look

A look for when you’re low on time in the morning, but still won’t leave the house without flawless brows. This soft brow look focuses on filling your brows to bring out your natural, beautiful features. Did you accidentally over-pluck your eyebrows? Don’t go crying to a microblader just yet. If you have sparse eyebrows or patches that need a little extra work, our Fruit Pigmented Eye Brow Powder Gel works great as a brow filler to nourish your brows for a full, natural look. It’s versatile enough to fulfill all your brow needs solo.

100% Pure Eye Brow Brush

First prep your clean brows by combing them out with the spoolie end of our Cruelty Free Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush. Flip the brush over to the angled tip, then dip into pigment to create short, quick strokes in the direction of hair growth where you want to fill. Voila: smooth, easy-to-apply coverage! Brush over again with the spoolie to distribute pigment for a natural finish. Our powder is perfect for achieving that no-makeup look, but you can also easily build up the layers for more pigment.

Refined Brows for Getting Things Done

Those fuzzy caterpillars above your eyes may look harmless, but your eyebrows can say a lot more than you think! Got an important work interview or meeting coming up? A strong, refined brow can go a long way in helping you get what you want.

Prepare your eyebrows by combing out your hairs with the spoolie end of our Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush. Flip the brush over to the angled tip and use it to fill your brows with short, quick strokes in the direction of hair growth. After creating a smooth first layer, focus on building more definition, especially at the bottom edge of your brow. For that sleek, refined look, create a soft outline under your arch and along the tail of your brow. Finally, grab our Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder to seal the look and add some next-level definition. This lightweight fiber gel is ideal for achieving a natural eyebrow look with minimal effort. Just lightly brush the soft spoolie in the direction of brow growth and let our green tea fiber work its magic! Green tea leaf fibers add volume, while pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E help to strengthen your brows, so you won’t have to stress over your sparse eyebrows.

Glam Instagram Brows

Is the natural full brow look too tame for you? Nothing says diva more than a set of glam brows that show you’re way ahead of the brow game. Also known as “Instagram brows,” this polished look has an ombre and extra dimensional effect to it that will certainly raise brows everywhere you go.

Start by filling in your brow with our Fruit Pigmented Eye Brow Powder Gel by creating short, quick strokes throughout the entire brow. Gently spoolie away with our Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush to create a smooth finish. Next, dip the angled brush end into our Long Last Brows eyebrow gel and line along the bottom of your arch (not from the inner corner if you want to get the dreamy airbrushed look!) in short strokes and create a sharp, defined tail. Gently layer from the bottom up, taking care to still avoid the inner quarter of your brows. Again, brush pigment through with your spoolie.

100% Pure Concealers

Next, enlist the aid of concealer for the perfectly contoured look: dip your brush into our ultra opaque Long Lasting Concealer and dab from the lower inner corner all the way out to the tail. Then, gently brush in downward strokes to blend. For the top of your brow, create short upward strokes beginning a quarter away from your nose bridge. You can go over the areas around the tail with our Brightening Concealer for an even more luminous and accentuated look.

Going to miss the 2017 brow craze? Fear not, because we predict that Instagrammers will be more creative than ever to churn out the latest showstopping looks in the year to come. One of our brow predictions for next year? We’re sure the full, natural brow will return stronger than ever as one of the biggest eyebrow trends of 2018. We’ll also start to see more natural-looking arches, too - or what’s been called the “straight brows” or famed “boy brows.” No matter what brow trends crop up in the new year, our natural eyebrow makeup will help your brows grow more healthily than ever so they’ll be ready to tackle the hottest 2018 brow trends.

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