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6 Ways to Get the Most from Your Eyebrow Brush

Dishing on the best uses for the most underestimated brush in your beauty kit

Written by: 100% PURE®

We all know that eyes are the center of attention – but let’s face it, eyebrows really wear the crown. Some of us are after a pristinely coiffed pair, while others of us may want those thick, unruly Brooke Shields brows. We’ve all got our signature look – but are you using your brow tools to their full advantage?

Your eyebrow brush is already helping to give you defined strokes, fullness and your ideal shape, but did you know that there are at least 6 different ways to use your cruelty-free eyebrow brush? Yaaasss makeup lovers, you heard it here first – now reach those brow goals STAT with these wand tips for the win!

Brow Brush Collage
6 Ways to Use Your Cruelty-Free Eyebrow Brush

Achieve a sleek, smarter stroke with our cruelty-free take on the classic dual-ended eyebrow brush. This beauty tool features a double dose of power right at your brush tips, featuring both a precision angled brush and a tapered spoolie wand. The spoolie brush has feathery but firm bristles for taming the perfect arch every time. Keep reading below to hear all of the amazing uses we’ve found for this extra special vegan makeup brush!

#1: Use your brush to condition your brows
One of the most important brow rules to remember: good looking brows start with healthy hair. We can’t just load them up with powder and pomade and think they’ll behave. Brows require regular TLC to grow healthy, shiny, and strong.

We’ve got an easy tip for deep conditioning brows – and it only takes a few seconds! Start off with the spoolie end of your eyebrow brush, and add a few drops of pure, undiluted Argan Oil to the bristles. Roll your brush lightly against a clean, dry towel to stop any oil drippage before you bring it near your eye area. Brush gently through your brows, being sure to change directions to coat every strand. This tip won’t just condition your brows; it will promote thicker, glossier strands and fuller brow growth.

Brow Brushing

#2: Brush and detangle your brow hair
Are your brows grown to be wild? Thick brows, textured brows, or spiky brow hairs can make it difficult to style them into submission. Instead of attacking rogue brows with brow product, first try going in with your brow spoolie.

Using the spoolie tip (making sure it’s clean and dry), brush through brow strands to detangle and direct hair in the direction you desire. Diving in first with brow gel can result in clumps, uneven brows, and unsightly smudges. By taking a few seconds to prep with your eyebrow brush, your brows will look even more enviable than before.

#3: Build and define your unique brow shape
Using a brow pomade will result in crisp lines, deep color payoff, and precision shaping – but the tool you use could make or break the end result. Our dual ended brow wand delivers here once again with its firm, angled tip. Its ultra thin, pointed edge allows you to draw fine strokes that mimic natural brow hairs.

You can also use the brush to get a sharp tail, crisp borders, and use the flat side of the brush to do a light sweep through the brows to quickly distribute product. Use this technique to apply powders as well, if you prefer a softer finish to your brows.

#4: De-clump heavy product
Do you use a combo of powders, brow tint, and pomade to enhance your eyebrows? If so, clumping, gaps, and uneven application might be haunting your finished makeup look. Nip those no-no’s in the bud with a tiny tip that’ll bring your busted brow status to next-level natural.

Once you’ve gone in with the angled brush to apply your desired product, flip to the spoolie end. Use light brushing strokes to sweep away excess product, redistribute excess powder or wax, and make the brow look slightly subtler for a natural, ‘are those her natural brows?’ look. If you like a bold brow – or if you apply your face products after your brows are complete – we recommend touching up right before you set your makeup. This ensures that there isn’t one strand out of place.

Concealer Brush

#5: Clean up with concealer
After applying your brow product of choice, are your brows still falling short of your brow fantasies? Not as clean or as crisp as you’d hoped? Give your brows a mini makeover with a pro makeup artist tip for getting red carpet brows: take your concealer and your clean dual ended eyebrow brush, and get ready to make(up) magic!

Start by adding a tiny bit of cream concealer to the end of your angled brush. Use that very precise tip to carve out the edges of your brows, pulling the product down towards the outer corner of your eyelid. Above the brow, pull the concealer up towards your hairline for a crisp outer arch. Be sure to blend any excess product into your foundation using your beauty sponge or foundation brush and voila! Instantly crisp, clean brows.

PRO TIP: Running out the door but want a little more than a no-makeup look? Take your brow wand and spritz a bit of eco-friendly (aerosol-free) hairspray right onto the brush. While it’s still wet, swipe through your brows in an up-and-out motion. This will give you fluffy, defined brows in seconds – without sacrificing that no-makeup look.

#6: Use your eyebrow brush to measure brow placement
Not quite sure how to shape your brows? Start with your dominant side: using your eyebrow brush, match the spoolie end to the outside corner of your nostril. Angle the wand so that the brush crosses over your pupil. Where the brush lands in your brow should match the highest arch point.

Keeping your spoolie pressed along your nostril tip, angle the brush so that the wand hits the outer point of your eye – that’s where the tail end of your brow should be. Now repeat the same steps on your opposite side, and you’ve literally decoded the most flattering brow shape for your face in seconds. Anastasia Beverly who?

We get it – it’s easy to get obsessed with your brows. That’s why we’ve dabbled in the top eyebrow topics, like our eyebrow shape breakdown and basic eyebrow brush shaping guide. Don’t worry, you can thank us later – happy shaping!

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