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Happy Mother’s Day To...

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On Mother’s Day, we tend to celebrate motherhood and give special recognition to traditional mothers. But before we get too focused on lavishing our moms with beautiful bouquets and mother-daughter jewelry (which we wholeheartedly support), let’s reflect on the mother types in our lives who have helped us become the women we are today.

From birth moms to foster moms – and every maternal role in between – the world is blessed with many forms of motherly figures! This post is dedicated to all women (and a few men!) out there on Mother’s Day who make a huge impact in the lives of so many.

Happy Mother’s Day To…

Birth Moms!

There’s nothing greater than having a nurturer, caregiver, and best friend all wrapped up in one magnificent Mom package. She’s survived sleepless nights with screaming infants, weathered the toddler years with impressive battle scars, and ushered teens into the turbulent world of adulthood. She is the matriarch of unconditional love, worry-wart of every little thing, and more familiar with selflessness than you may ever know.

As one of these birth moms, you may question everything you do (or don’t do), but it’s all part of motherhood – so stay strong and know you’re not alone. No matter what kind of mom you are – mom of one, or ten – we see you.

Mother child

New Moms!

Life can get overwhelming between baby books, doctor’s visits, and full-on nesting mode. Making sure the nursery was decorated within an inch of Pinterest perfection, stocking so many diapers that your dresser might explode, and padding, plugging, and strapping down every potential hazard. Temporary insanity is not unfamiliar to new moms – but it’s all worth it for your highly-anticipated bundle of joy.

We appreciate the magic of being a new mom, and welcome the yet-to-unravel mysteries of motherhood. Not even the entire collection of What To Expect books can prepare you for what lies ahead – and that’s OK.

Through sleepless nights and showerless days, to total enamorment over your wiggly bundle of joy, you’re celebrated for all that you do. This is your amazing first bat at motherhood – and we know you’ll knock it out of the park!


We appreciate you opening your hearts and homes, and stepping into a role that may have mostly calm skies but with some high winds now and again. You see to it your poise and understanding can work through any turbulence – rain or shine! You embrace the journey and raise kids as if they were your own, in true Mama Bear fashion.

You’re a master collaborator, and can create a seamless union between two families while keeping the best interests of the children at heart – something that takes lots of courage and an even bigger heart.

Foster Moms!

We appreciate you for caring for other mothers’ children when they are unable. Whether it’s for a few days or a few years, you open your heart and welcome children into your home – even if your heart aches every time they leave.

You’re a source of comfort and stability to children who may not have known it before. Through the highs and lows, you’re honored for your ability to parent in different styles to each child’s needs, with totally pro skills that would make most heads spin!

Thank you for making each child feel like an equal member of the family, and as if they were your own. You have to do some of the hardest “mothering” of all.



We appreciate grandmas for their remarkable combination of parent, teacher, best friend – and master spoiler! Your well-seasoned skills show your parenting prowess, to help lead younger generations and inspire us with your own experiences. You’re a beacon of love and kindness, an irreplaceable role model, and are an integral part of grandkids’ lives. You’re a patchwork of everything great in mothering!

Pet Moms!

Moms of dogs, cats, and other four-legged friends are every inch the loving mother. They go through many of the same challenges as your typical mom: teething, tummy aches, bad behavior, and potting training. These moms love snuggling with their fur babies on the couch, and show their unconditional love by planning playdates or showering their kids with treats and toys. Here’s two paws up for our fellow Fur Moms!

Friend Moms!

There’s nothing like having a best girlfriend, but when she comes complete with a Mother Hen mom, that’s something to be truly thankful for! Your friend’s mom shares her house and family meals with you, and offers the same genuine caring that she reserves for her own kids. You spent every day after school and weekends at her house, where some of your fondest memories unfolded. To her, you’re an unofficially official +1!

Office Moms!

We appreciate everything you do for the office – especially during those extra long video conference calls. You keep the morale up and the number of frowns down. Whether it’s in the form of a sympathetic ear, homemade treats, or tidying up, you help make the office a home away from home.

We understand the variety of hats you wear from party planner to therapist, and ask for nothing in return – except maybe some extra boxes of tissues. Whether you’re bringing coworkers food when the free breakfast arrives in the breakroom - even if we're in a meeting – or reminding them to take breaks, you have a heart of gold and make work days that much brighter.

Dad Moms!

If anyone should be appreciated for wearing many hats, it’s this guy. As much as you rock in being the family protector, we know how often you have to change gears to become nurturer and caregiver. Though the task is not easy, you do your best to be both mom and dad.

We understand you may be a suit by day and a dress-up princess by late afternoon, but you embrace each of these moments with pride. You’re honored for being two pivotal roles at once for your kids, and for helping to shape their lives. Kudos, Mr. Dad!

Though there may be more types of moms than space to cover, we appreciate all you do! Motherhood certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. We understand that families are built in many ways, and sometimes it’s not the tribe but the mother-type who makes this all come and thrive together.

No matter where you are on the journey of motherhood, you are to be celebrated – so Happy Mother’s Day to moms of all shapes and sizes!

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