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Developing Healthy Habits

Ideas for healthy daily and nightly activities to keep becoming our best selves

Written by: 100% PURE®

We’ve got a bit of a hot take. Self-care is not complicated. Nowhere near as complicated as social media might lead us to believe. In fact, most of us are already doing it every day. Though our hectic daily lives may be evidence to the contrary, a few simple calming rituals added to our morning and evening routines can benefit us like a rejuvenating mental retreat. While self-care is personal, and individual to each of us, there are some pretty universal methods to get started on an improved self-care routine. We can use this as a starting point for our healthy habits, then add and adjust to create the perfect self-care routine.


There are two types of people in this world. Those of us that greatly look forward to our morning routines, and the rest of us who can barely get fully ready before having to scramble out of the door. One of the easiest hacks to a more peaceful mind and spirit is to wholly dedicate time to ourselves every morning. The relationship we have with ourselves is our top priority, and so an hour or even a half-hour of dedicated time just as we wake up sets the tone for a great mindset and healthy day.

Gentle Waking

We don’t know about you but how we wake up can seriously impact our day. Disturbances like loud neighbors or excited pets may be hard to avoid, but we can create a gentle, calming atmosphere by staying away from our phones and trying some of the following:

  • Select an alarm tone that sparks joy so each morning feels a tad more fun

  • Sleep in a favorite cozy item


Once we’re awake, we’re on a short schedule before it’s time to get moving. What’s the best approach to a healthy habits skincare routine? We’re so glad you asked! Since our skincare and grooming habits are already an essential part of our routines, we can make them more mindful and nurturing by:

  • Creating a skincare routine that fits our own maintenance levels

  • Hitting the full spectrum of needs with all the appropriate products or ingredients

  • Being consistent so that we see steady and gradual skincare improvements

The advised order for skincare always starts with a cleanser. In the morning when the skin has likely been quite thoroughly washed and cared for, a light and simple cleanser can often do the trick. Silky or gel formulas like the Rose Water Gel Cleanser are good options to prep the skin with needed hydration. In this case, the pure rose infusion acts like skin self-care, calming redness and creating a harmonious skincare foundation to build on.

From there we like to follow up with a toner or toning product, like the aloe, chamomile, and hyaluronic acid-infused Rose Water Mist; again, for creating sustainable hydration through light, healthy layers. With or without toner in our morning routine, we’ll layer on a protective serum before we finish with moisturizer and SPF.


Many of us struggle to eat breakfast, either due to time constraints or lack of appetite in the morning; but a daily ritual of feeding ourselves something - even something small - is a great way to help regulate our body. Here are some ideas:

  • For those with virtually no appetite, create a drinking ritual that feels relaxing. Some options might include ginger honey lemon tea, a green smoothie, matcha, coffee, or even spa water.

  • We can’t overlook the quick and healthy option of simply having a piece of fruit or a small bowl of berries. They can provide necessary energy and fiber to ward off being hangry in a few hours when our real appetite wakes up.

  • When we have almost no time to make just about anything, pre-prepped chia pudding or overnight oats can go a long way.

  • And for days off when we want to go all out, trying a new recipe with preferred ingredients makes us feel taken care of (even if we are doing all of the work).


When we’re not motivated to work out, we have to change the connotation of exercise from chore to activity - something to look forward to and enjoy as a healthy habit that supports our body. For those of us starting off, or even for those of us well into our Hot Girl Walk routines, try out these tips:

  • Spend 5 minutes stretching before eating or getting dressed, focusing on a different area of the body each day

  • Inject some natural energy into the morning with a quick burst of cardio via jumping jacks, burpees, or lunges across the floor.

  • Pick up a fun active healthy habit like hula hooping, roller skating, or short photography-focused walks that take the pressure off of exercising and put the focus on joy.


We love the creative outlet of journaling and enjoy how it helps us to better articulate our thoughts and feelings. A few minutes in the morning or throughout the day can help us with:

  • Centering ourselves

  • Reviewing goals

  • Taking our mind off of anxieties or worries


Evening routines are a bit different in that we have collected a whole day of experiences that are possibly contributing to our mindset and mood. As we return home, it’s important to leave concerns behind. Remember that home is a sanctuary and our time is sacred.

Wind Down

Our evening routine starts as soon as we enter the door. The “wind-down” is how we re-center our energy after a long day full of activities. Some of our relaxing healthy habits include:

  • Change into something comfortable. Though it may sound silly, tight or uncomfortable clothing can be a subtle trigger for stress!

  • Light a candle for warmth, glow, and subtle aromatherapy benefits like the Summer Sunset candle - rosemary and lavender-infused slice of heaven!

  • Try a steamy shower or long, relaxing bath infused with calming, softening Organic Bath Salts.


Healthy habits start with how we care for ourselves, so of course we had to start with our evening skincare self-care routine.

  • Thoroughly remove makeup and cleanse so that skin is ready to receive all the rejuvenating and reparative ingredients in our evening skincare routines.

  • Use affirmations while cleansing and caring for skin to support a positive state of mind.

  • Use a product every evening that addresses a skincare concern. The type of product will vary by concern, but we’ve found that one of our other stress triggers is being worried about an outcome without a solution. Going to bed knowing that we’re taking care of our skin can only set us up for the best skin and sleep possible.


The older we’ve gotten, the more we’ve learned to look forward to this magical time of the day. Now that we’re clean and cozy, heading to our horizontal throne feels like a reward! Want more healthy habits to keep the self-care ball rolling?

  • Before hopping in bed, prime the pillows and bedding with a Tranquility Pillow Spray.

    The positive, herbaceous scent will wrap around us as we relax into the sheets (and hopefully fall easily to sleep).

  • We recommend logging off of social media and news apps at least half an hour before bed. It’s great mood hygiene and prevents us from scrolling online way past our bedtimes.

  • Instead of scrolling, find a book to read. From self-help to fiction, reading will keep our minds sharp and not focused on our own worries so that we can get quality rest and redo our healthy habits and routines again tomorrow.

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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