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Dessert Body Care Combos

Create delectable combos with your favorite natural body care

Posted on August 17, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®

Summer’s winding down, and as that bikini-diet fades into the rearview mirror, we’ve got desserts on the brain. We’re treating ourselves to a lavish spread of dessert-inspired, natural body care combos -- you can enjoy all the fun of sweet treats, sans the sugar crash. Instead of using harsh detergents and paraben-packed perfumes, we pair non toxic, plant based bath and body formulas with delectable natural fragrances and essential oils. We’ve concocted a few dessert-inspired bath and body combos that will leave you pampered, nourished, and itching to visit your local bakery.

Read on to get inspired (and maybe a bit hungry): we’re serving up yummy summer scents to feed your bod’s sweet tooth.

100% Pure Products
Our Creamsicle combo will take you back to summers as a kid. Fudgesicles were fine, but we were chasing the ice cream truck for those melt-in-your-mouth orange creamsicles. Our duo of Blood Orange and Vanilla Bean Shower gel is a winning combo, for an ultra-therapeutic and detergent-free everyday cleanse. Both formulas boast a combination of rose hydrosol and red algae for absorbable skin nutrition and hydration, plus green tea for a dose of antioxidants and skin-tightening caffeine. And unlike the creamsicles you ate a kid, this natural body care combo is free of pesky chemical preservatives. So. Delish.
Candied Ginger
If candied ginger isn’t already a pantry staple of yours, wait no longer. It’s our go-to natural treat on weeknights when the chocolate stash has dwindled; bonus that ginger helps stimulate digestion, so it’s a super beneficial after-dinner-mint stand in. Our Gingerade Hand Buttercream is chock full of anti-aging vitamins and the powerful antioxidant resveratrol; a collagen promoting ingredient that will leave you with supple, nourished skin. Combined with our Vanilla Bean Whipped Body Butter, a thick and decadent cocoa, shea, and avocado butter formula scented with Vanilla Bean, this combo is a truly refreshing bodycare indulgence.
Lavender Sugar Cookie
Maybe you’re in the mood for something small – a guilt-free nibble or a bite size dessert to share. Enter the lavender sugar cookie. This super delicate duo features famously soothing lavender: a fragrant and floral aromatic with proven anti-anxiety properties. It shines in our soothing, sulfate-free French Lavender Shower Gel. This lathering natural body wash touts restorative and antimicrobial properties – perfect for dullness or acne that might be plaguing your body (and putting a damper on swimsuit season). Add our Vanilla Bean Whipped Body Butter to the recipe for deep moisture and targeted skin healing, thanks to an ultra nourishing shea and cocoa butter base. French Lavender + Vanilla Bean = five star dessert for your skin.
Sugar Cookies
Flourless Honey Almond Cake with Blood Orange Compote
It’s the kind of dessert you eat at eleven PM under string lights on a terrace; before saying au revoir to a late summer night, sweet treats are in order. Time to wave down the waiter. We’ll take the Almond Cake. Thank you. This ambrosial scenario is conjured up by our Honey Almond Whipped Body Butter and Blood Orange Body Scrub duo - it’s a match-made-in-heaven, and we’re tempted to go hunting for the actual recipe. Our cult fave Honey Almond Body Butter combines avocado, shea, and argan oil for essential fatty acids and a serious Vitamin E boost for skin, mixed with our Blood Orange Body Scrub for achieving a smooth, youthful glow. So next time you’re on a candlelit terrace, you’ll be more than radiant.
Tropical Sherbet
Nothing beats a tropical sherbet that’s a little sweet and a lot tangy (it’s a shoo-in crowd pleaser at BBQs). This frozen dessert inspired combo spotlights our Mangosteen Nourishing Body Cream, a powerful anti-aging formula with black currant seed oil (rich in anti-inflammatory gamma linolenic acid) and mangosteen peel extracts (a vitamin C powerhouse). It pairs deliciously with our Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel: a bright and invigorating natural body wash made with the zesty peels of lemon and pink grapefruit, both of which are fantastic for reducing skin discoloration and balancing tone. Used together, these products will leave you with dreams of hot summer days, tropical fruits, and best of all healthy, renewed skin.
Coconut Pound Cake
This coconut pound cake bodycare duo is as rich and yummy as it sounds. The combo features our Vanilla Bean Nourishing Body Cream, a luxurious and ultra concentrated blend of cocoa and avocado butters fortified with organic vanilla and green coffee extract for an all-over smoothing and toning treatment. It pairs like a dream with our Coconut Shower Gel, a natural shower gel featuring a rich coconut oil base and enriched with lavender honey (for some serious antibacterial action). The result is a luscious scent combo and ultra pampering DIY spa treatment that will satisfy all cravings.
Try these body care combos for serious pampering and super yummy self care. Keep up with us for more 100% Pure skin-food inspo and down-time guides.

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